Mike Carden könyvei a rukkolán

Mike Carden - A ​Bit Scott-ish
"In ​A Bit Scott-ish", his follow-up to "The Full English", Mike Carden rediscovers Scotland with the same wry sense of humour as his first book. "A Bit Scott-ish" is the tale of a journey through Scotland, chance encounters with locals and fellow travellers, delving into Scotland's tumultuous history, surviving storm and wind, and discovering just how hopeless it is possible to be at Nature. And at finding the way. And at quite a few other things as well. The author pedals via the Orkney Islands, the flow country of Sutherland, the Cairngorm mountains, rolling Perthshire, historic Stirling, the rocky coast of Fife, the romantic city of Edinburgh and the Borders, bringing his own descriptive style to a beautiful land.

Mike Carden - The ​Full English
Pedalling ​from one end of England to the other, the author struggles with mid-life crisis, man-flu and a bike with a serious attitude problem.