M. S. Murdock könyvei a rukkolán

Flint Dille - Robert Sheckley - Jerry Oltion - Abigail Irvine - Ulrike O'Reilly - M. S. Murdock - Arrival
AD ​1995: An American pilot flies a suicide mission against an enemy space defense platform to save the world from nuclear war. Anthony 'Buck' Rogers blasts his target and vanishes in a fiery blaze of glory. AD 2456: The legend of Buck Rogers lives on in a colonized solar system where Earth is a polluted ruin whose meager resources are exploited by an evil corporation from Mars. Now all that stands between Earth and destruction is a small band of freedom fighters. Some call them terrorists. They call themselves NEO, the New Earth Organization. In the midst of this 25th century battlefield an artifact is discovered in the asteroid belt - one that is valuable enough to ignite a revolution, be a bargaining chip in solar diplomacy, or bring a fortune to its owner. The artifact is none other than the perfectly preserved body of the 20th century hero, Buck Rogers. Everyone wants it. But no one knows its secret.

M. S. Murdock - Prime ​Squared
Amid ​his royal family on Mercury Prime, Kemal Gavilan relays a message to Earth: The laser project NEO discovered is his own family's plot to rule the solar system. Kemal must destroy the weapon without blowing his cover for his power hungry uncle, the reigning Sun King, would kill him instantly. When Kemal learns that Aldala Valmar has a prototype, the prince comes up with a plan.