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Laurell K. Hamilton - Árnyak ​csókja
Meredith ​Gentry az Amerikai Tündér Hercegnő. Jelenleg azonban Los Angelesben dolgozik természetfeletti ügyekre specializálódott magándetektívként. Nagynénje, a Levegő és Sötétség Királynője egy napon érte küldet, és Merry akarata ellenére hirtelen ismét az események sűrűjében találja magát. A feladat egyszerű: élveznie kell a leggyönyörűbb, halhatatlan férfiak társaságát. Siker esetén jutalma a korona és az élete. Kudarc esetén a halál...

Laurell K. Hamilton - Laughing Corpse
Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300-year-old zombie. Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary, Anita turns him down. But when dead bodies start turning up, she realizes that someone else has raised Harold's zombie--and that the zombie is a killer. Anita pits her power against the zombie and the voodoo priestess who controls it. Notice to Hollywood: forget Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Anita Blake is the real thing.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Rafael
A ​new book in the Anita Blake series featuring Rafael, a powerful rat shifter and trusted ally of the renowned vampire hunter. Rafael is the king of the Dark Crown Clan and leader of the St. Louis wererats. One of Anita Blake’s closest allies, he is no stranger to darkness and danger, and now he has a new mission to complete.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Stacie Ritchie - Anita ​Blake Vampire Hunter - Guilty Pleasures 7.
Guilty ​Pleasures is back! After a short hiatus, the hit adaptation of Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series continues! What price will Anita pay in order to save her friend's life and solve the Vampire Murders? Will she actually kiss Phillip? How far will Edward go in order to find out where the daytime resting place of the Master Vampires truly is? Where is Jean-Claude? And most importantly, who is behind the Vampire Murders? What's next for Anita Blake, you ask? The answers to all of those questions begin here!

Laurell K. Hamilton - Mortelle ​séduction
À ​ma gauche, Richard. Le type le plus adorable du monde : brun aux yeux chocolat, prof de sciences et passionné de randonnée. Nous sommes fiancés. Seul problème : une fois par mois, il se couvre de poils et hurle à la lune. À ma droite, Jean-Claude. Le type le plus horripilant du monde : un regard bleu marine hypnotique, un statut social qui en ferait rêver plus d'une et un magnétisme sexuel démentiel. Il me fait du chantage pour que je sorte avec lui. Et ça ne m'ennuie pas autant que je le voudrais. Seul problème : il a plus de deux siècles. Face à moi, un immortel atteint par une mystérieuse maladie qui le liquéfie sur pattes. Et quelque part derrière moi, un assassin à qui un commanditaire inconnu a promis un demi-million de dollars s'il réussissait à m'abattre sous vingt-quatre heures. Bref, je suis cernée par les ennuis. Il y a des jours comme ça où on ferait bien de rester au lit... Seule. Cette fois, c'est sûr, je ne m'en sortirai pas indemne.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Swallowing ​Darkness
I ​am Meredith, princess of faerie, wielder of the hands of Flesh and Blood, and at long last, I am with child–twins, fathered by my royal guard. Though my uncle, Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, claims that he is the true father since he abducted me from my home, betrayed, and defiled me. And now he has branded my guards as a threat to my unborn children. Bearing an heir has placed me halfway to my aunt’s throne, that much closer to my reign over the Unseelie Court–and well ahead of her son, my cousin Cel, in this race. Now I must stay alive to see my children born and claim my place as queen. But not all in faerie are pleased with the news, and conspirators from every court in the realm plot against me and mine. They seek to strip my guards, my lovers, from me by poisoned word or cold steel. But I still have supporters, and even friends, among the goblins and the sluagh, who will stand by me. I am Meredith Nic Essus, and those who would defy and destroy me are destined to pay a terrible price–for I am truly my father’s daughter. To protect what is mine, I will sacrifice anything–even if it means waging a great battle against my darkest enemies and making the most momentous decision ever made as princess of faerie.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Jessica Ruffner - Anita ​Blake, Vampire Hunter – Circus of the Damned Book 2 – The Ingenue
BEST-SELLING ​AUTHOR LAURELL K. HAMILTON'S HEROINE IS BACK! Morgues, by a rule, are pretty quiet places. But in a world of vamps and the rising dead, they can be positively hopping. Join animator Anita Blake as her search for a serial killer takes her to the most dangerous after-hours joint in St. Louis! Collecting ANITA BLAKE: CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED - THE INGENUE #1-5.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Egy ​sötét úr halála
Egy ​mágiától rettegő világban egy lány ráébred varázserejére. De megbízhat-e az ajándékában az árulások földjén?

Laurell K. Hamilton - Blue ​Moon
When ​she chose master vampire Jean- Claude over her ex-fiancé, alpha werewolf Richard Zeeman, Anita learned that sometimes love is not enough. But though she and Richard won’t be walking down any aisles, she can’t turn her back on him when he’s arrested on a rape charge in Tennessee. Anita knows firsthand that Richard has the morals of a saint—or at least a boy scout. But his guilt or innocence is not the issue. He’s behind bars, and in five days a full moon will rise…

Laurell K. Hamilton - Égő ​áldozatok
Anita ​Blake napjai eddig sem voltak eseménytelenek, de mióta kifejezetten szoros szálak fűzik Jean-Claude-hoz - St. Louis vámpírmesteréhez -, az élete bonyolultabb és veszélyesebb, mint valaha. Anitának rá kell döbbennie, hogy vannak dolgok, melyektől még Jean-Claude is fél. Ilyen például az öreg és hatalmas vámpírokból álló Tanács, melynek tagjai most eljöttek, hogy kielégítő magyarázatot kapjanak társuk halálára. Amikor egy romantikus vacsorát a Jean-Claude titokzatos múltjából felbukkanó vámpírok zavarnak meg, Anita már sejti, hogy a dolgok hamarosan még rosszabbra fordulnak. Miközben a vámpírvadász a vérfarkasok falkájával is összetűzésbe keveredik, a város vérszívóit egy paranormális képességekkel rendelkező gyújtogató veszi célba, és ha Anita nem vigyáz, ez a tűz mindent elemészthet, ami fontos az életében.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Stacie Ritchie - Anita ​Blake Vampire Hunter - Guilty Pleasures 12.
This ​is it! The comic series adapting Laurell K. Hamilton’s bestselling novel Guilty Pleasures comes to its pulse pounding conclusion! The first startling book of the Anita Blake series ends here! Who has been slaughtering the vampires? Can Anita stop them? Who will live? Who will die? Who will remain undead? It all comes to a head here, as the titular vampire hunter and her dangerous ally Edward face off against the forces of evil. Don’t miss it!

Laurell K. Hamilton - Divine ​Misdemeanors
You ​may know me best as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Or perhaps as Merry Gentry, Los Angeles private eye. In the fey and mortal realms alike, my life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Among my own, I have confronted horrendous enemies, endured my noble kin’s treachery and malevolence, and honored my duty to conceive a royal heir—all for the right to claim the throne. But I turned my back on court and crown, choosing exile in the human world—and in the arms of my beloved Frost and Darkness. While I may have rejected the monarchy, I cannot abandon my people. Someone is killing the fey, which has left the LAPD baffled and my guardsmen and me deeply disturbed. My kind are not easily captured or killed. At least not by mortals. I must get to the bottom of these horrendous murders, even if that means going up against Gilda, the Fairy Godmother, my rival for fey loyalties in Los Angeles. But even stranger things are happening. Mortals I once healed with magic are suddenly performing miracles, a shocking phenomenon wreaking havoc on human/faerie relations. Though I am innocent, dark suspicions of banned magical activities swirl around me. I thought I’d left the blood and politics behind in my own turbulent realm. I had dreamed of an idyllic life in sunny L.A. with my beloved ones beside me. But it becomes time to wake up and realize that evil knows no borders, and that nobody lives forever—even if they’re magical.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Le ​Cirque des damnés
Je ​vous le dis franchement : je stresse! Nous vivons vraiment clans un univers IM-PI-TOYABLE ! Prenez par exemple Jean-Claude, propriétaire, entre autres, du Cirque des Damnés, une boîte branchée des plus rentables. Eh bien, il n'est entouré que de gens qui veulent soit lui faire la peau, soit prendre sa place, voire les deux. Tous des vampires, bien sûr, avec des dents qui rayent le parquet. Vous me direz que, même s'il ale sens de l'humour, J.-C., lui aussi est un vampire et que sa principale ambition semble être de faire de moi son esclave. Peut-être finalement devrais-je laisser les loups-garous et autres se dévorer entre eux. Et plutôt me consacrer à empêcher mes chers zombies de nuire...

Laurell K. Hamilton - Stacie Ritchie - Anita ​Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures 1.
New ​York Times Best-Selling author Laurell K. Hamilton offers readers a brand new experience in the world of Anita Blake! Fusing mythology, werewolves and vampires with a story loaded with mystery, action and romance, the Anita Blake novels take place in a world where vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of nightmare have been declared legal citizens of the United States. Anita Blake is an "animator" - a profession that involves raising the dead for a living. Anita Blake is also known as a fearsome hunter of criminal vampires, and she moonlights by investigating cases that are far too much for "conventional" police. But as Anita gains the attention of the vampire masters in her hometown of St. Louis, she also risks revealing an intriguing secret about herself - the source of her unusual strength and power. As a special treat, Anita Blake fans will also discover an original side story featuring Anita and Dolph, written specially for the hardcover edition by Laurell K. Hamilton. Collects Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #1-6.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Kiss ​the Dead
When ​a fifteen-year-old girl is abducted by vampires, it’s up to U.S. Marshal Anita Blake to find her. And when she does, she’s faced with something she’s never seen before: a terrifyingly ordinary group of people—kids, grandparents, soccer moms—all recently turned and willing to die to avoid serving a master. And where there’s one martyr, there will be more. But even vampires have monsters that they’re afraid of. And Anita is one of them...

Laurell K. Hamilton - Guilty ​Pleasures
Anita ​Blake may be small and young, but vampires call her the Executioner. Anita is a necromancer and vampire hunter in a time when vampires are protected by law--as long as they don't get too nasty. Now someone's killing innocent vampires and Anita agrees--with a bit of vampiric arm-twisting--to help figure out who and why. Trust is a luxury Anita can't afford when her allies aren't human. The city's most powerful vampire, Nikolaos, is 1,000 years old and looks like a 10-year-old girl. The second most powerful vampire, Jean-Claude, is interested in more than just Anita's professional talents, but the feisty necromancer isn't playing along--yet. This popular series has a wild energy and humor, and some very appealing characters--both dead and alive.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Mistral's ​kiss
The ​time has come for Meredith Gentry to put aside her detective work and fulfill her ultimate obligation to the world of Faerie - where her efforts to conceive an heir to the throne of the Unseelie Court are crucial to restoring magic, and life itself, to the fey kingdom. And though her quest may be rife with pleasures, the shadows of intrigue continue to suffuse the royal court…and sabotage may lurk at any turn. While the Unseelie Mound reawakens in the dead gardens, powerful curses are at work. Merry's uncle, the King of Light and Illusion, schemes to accuse her immortal guardsmen of heinous crimes. And Merry's own command of magic has turned wildly and dangerously unpredictable. As plots and counterplots are hatched, and strategies and subterfuges played out, the destiny of an entire world turns upon the fortunes of Merry Gentry: object of obsession, target of treachery, pawn of uncertain fate.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Halálcsók
Ismeretlen, ​magukat függetlennek valló vámpírok csoportja bukkan fel a városban. Gyilkosságok történnek, rendőrök halnak meg. Anita megtudja, hogy vámpír-terrorista csoporttal áll szemben, akik akár az életük árán is bebizonyítják, hogy a vámpír is lehet szabad lény, hogy nem kell felesküdnie egyetlen vámpírmesternek sem, anélkül is civilizált lényként élhet. Eszközeik azonban megengedhetetlenek, ezért Anita harcba száll ellenük. Ugyanakkor házon belül is indulatos napokat él meg: valahogy meg kell emésztenie, hogy egyik legújabb szeretője még a tizennyolcat se töltötte be, és Asher is egyre több konfliktust és indulatot szít a szeretők között. Anitának és Jean-Claude-nak fel van adva a lecke, hogyan kezeljék a lassan veszélyessé váló helyzetet. A kötet tartalmazza a _Szépség_ című novellát is.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Blood ​Noir
Jason ​is a werewolf. He's also one of Anita Blake's best friends and sometimes her lover. And right now he needs her - not to be a vampire hunter, or a federal marshal, or a necromancer, but because his father is dying. Anita can make him look like an everyday guy, helping him say good-bye to the abusive father he never loved. The fact that Jason is not 'everyday' and Anita is far from being just a pretty woman is something they figure they can keep under wraps for a couple of days in a small town. How hard can that be? Really, by now, Anita Blake should know better. And this is the weekend that Marmee Noir, ancient mother of all vampires, picks to make a move. Somehow she has cut the connection that binds Anita and vampire Master of the City Jean-Claude, leaving them vulnerable. Dangerous even as she sleeps, buried in darkness for a thousand years beneath the old country of Europe, Marmee Noir reaches out toward power - she has attacked Anita before, but never like this. Anita has what she wants - and now she's going to take it.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Stacie Ritchie - Anita ​Blake Vampire Hunter - Guilty Pleasures 10.
Things ​keep getting worse for Laurell K. Hamilton’s deadly vampire hunter as one of her allies in the hunt for the vampire killer is murdered! But vampire bites, ominous dreams, and persistent sociopaths won’t slow Anita down as she takes matters into her own hands and learns the truth about the mystery that’s been plaguing her: the identity of the perpetrator of the brutal and unlicensed slayings of “innocent” vampire citizens! Of course, having that knowledge doesn’t mean she’ll live long enough to share it! The adaptation of the best-selling novel continues here!

Laurell K. Hamilton - A ​Stroke of Midnight
I ​am Meredith Gentry, P.I. and Princess Merry, heir to the throne of Fairie. Now there are those among me who whisper I am more. They fear me even as they protect me. And who can blame them? I’ve awakened the dazzling magic that’s slumbered in them for thousands of years. But the thing is, I can’t figure out why. I am Meredith Gentry, P.I., solving cases in Los Angeles, far from the peril and deception of my real home–because I am also Princess Meredith, heir to the darkest throne faerie has to offer. The Unseelie Court infuses me with its power. But at what price does such magic come? How much of my human side will I have to give up, and how much of the sinister side of faerie will I have to embrace? To sit on a throne that has ruled through bloodshed and violence for centuries, I might have to become that which I dread the most. Enemies watch my every move. My cousin Cel strives to have me killed even now from his prison cell. But not all the assassination attempts are his. Some Unseelie nobles have waited centuries for my aunt Andais, Queen of Air and Darkness, to become weak enough that she might be toppled from her throne. Enemies unforeseen move against us–enemies who would murder the least among us. The threat will drive us to allow human police into faerie for the first time in our history. I need my allies now more than ever, especially since fate will lead me into the arm of Mistral, Master of Storms, the queen’s new captain of her guard. Our passion will reawaken powers long forgotten among the warriors of the sidhe. Pain and pleasure await me–and danger, as well, for some at that court seek only death. I will find new joys with the butterfly-winged demi-fey. My guards and I will show all of faerie that violence and sex are as popular among the sidhe as they are among the lesser fey of our court. The Darkness will weep, and Frost will comfort him. The gentlest of my guards will find new strength and break my heart. Passions undreamed of await us–and my enemies gather, for the future of both courts of faerie begins to unravel.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Seduced ​by Moonlight
The ​third novel in Laurell K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series, Seduced by Moonlight continues the story of Merry Gentry, a mortal Faerie princess hiding in L.A. Her aunt, the immortal and insane Queen of Air and Darkness, has ordered her to compete with her cousin, Prince Cel, in making a baby. Whoever produces a child first wins the throne of the Unseelie Court. But Merry still hasn't conceived--and that's not her only problem. Unknown assassins seek her life; her magical powers are becoming potent and uncontrollable; and her sadistic aunt has just commanded her to return to Faerie. Readers tired of mild modern fairy-tales about nice, polite elves may want to explore the Meredith Gentry series, which remembers that Faerie was originally a dark, dangerous realm of sex and violence. Hamilton's Queen of Air and Darkness is a vicious killer and torturer, and many of her fay drink blood or practice kinky sex (or both). Under royal orders to bed many males, Merry is far from averse; she and several lovers hit the bedroom on page 8 of Seduced by Moonlight and don't emerge until page 175. There's no shortage of sex, but not as much as the page count may indicate; the characters like to talk and sulk even more than they like to fornicate. The large cast and complicated backstory make this book the wrong starting point; newcomers should begin with the first novel, A Kiss of Shadows. --Cynthia Ward

Laurell K. Hamilton - Vérvörös ​végzet
Írországról ​mindenki úgy tudja, hogy az egyetlen olyan hely, ahol nem élnek vámpírok. Az anyaföld élettel teli, ezért semmilyen halhatatlan nem szakadhat ki a halálból, ha egyszer a halandó test porrá lett. Sem vámpírok, sem zombik nem teremtődnek arrafelé. Legalábbis eddig mindenki így hitte. Most azonban egyre több vámpír garázdálkodik Dublin utcáin, éjszakáról éjszakára szaporodnak, szedik áldozataikat. Az ír hatóságok minden ellenérzésük dacára kénytelenek megbékélni Anita Blake erőszakos módszereivel, és Edward mellett az ő szakértelmét hívják segítségül. Anita, Nathaniel és Damian triumvirátusa így új életre kap, ráadásul az is kiderül, hogy Damian régebben Írországban élt kegyetlen úrnője, Moroven fogságában. Ezért Anita őket is magával viszi a smaragd szigetre más testőrei és szeretői társaságában, hogy valami olyasmivel nézzenek szembe, amivel eddig soha nem volt dolguk. A kötet tartalmazza a _Megsebezve_ című novellát is.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Stacie Ritchie - Anita ​Blake Vampire Hunter - Guilty Pleasures 8.
ANITA ​BLAKE VH GUILTY PLEASURES #8 (Of 12) Written by LAURELL K. HAMILTON Adapted by JESS RUFFNER Pencils and Cover by BRETT BOOTH Anita and Phillip recover from the Freak Party only to come face-to-face with Master Vampire Nikolaos. What will she think of the Executioner's newest findings in the Vampire Murders? Will the information Anita has save her life or endanger it? Meanwhile, the vampire murderer strikes again! Who is the latest victim of this mysterious killer?

Laurell K. Hamilton - Skin ​Trade
When ​a vampire serial killer sends Anita Blake a grisly souvenir from Las Vegas, she has to warn Sin City's authorities what they're dealing with. Only it's worse than she thinks, in the latest work in the bestselling Vampire Hunter series. Laurell K Hamilton has contributed to Skin Trade as an author. Laurell K. Hamilton is the New York Times bestselling author of the Meredith Gentry novels: A Kiss of Shadows, A Caress of Twilight, Seduced by Moonlight, A Stroke of Midnight, Mistrala (TM)s Kiss, as well as fifteen acclaimed Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novels. She is a full-time writer; she lives in a suburb of St. Louis with her family.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Misztrál ​csókja
Merry ​Gentry, azaz Meredith NicEssus Hercegnő, a hús és vér kezének hordozója folytatja a faeire fölvirágoztatását. Miközben élet-halál - és persze a hatalom megszerzésének - kérdése, hogy megtermékenyüljön valamelyik testőrétől, a tündérdombok évszázadok óta holt kertjeit, tavait ő maga termékenyíti meg mágiával. Új életet és méltóságot lehel Sholtóba is, a sluagh királyába, aki újonnan szerzett hatalmától megittasulva mágiája segítségével idézi meg a vad falkát, amit senki nem tud megállítani… Merrynek újabb kihívásokkal és fájdalmakkal kell szembenéznie, miközben folyamatosan küzd az őrült Cel herceggel, a levegő és sötétség királynőjének fiával.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Resti ​mortali
Resuscitare ​i morti (per un breve periodo) era considerato magia nera. Ma ormai è diventata un'operazione di routine, almeno per Anita Blake: tracciare un cerchio, uccidere una capra o un gallo e... voilà! Il caro estinto può finalmente chiarire a chi intendeva "davvero" lasciare il suo castello oppure testimoniare contro il suo assassino. Ma se il defunto in questione è tale da qualche centinaio di anni, la faccenda si complica. Non basta più un animale; ci vuole un sacrificio umano. E Anita non è disposta a uccidere nessuno, neppure per un milione di dollari. Tanto infatti le è stato offerto e tanto lei ha rifiutato, per la disperazione del suo capo all'Animators' Inc. Faccenda chiusa? Niente affatto.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Ragály
Egyes ​zombikat felélesztenek, másokat meg elpusztítanak. Csak kérdezd meg erről a szakma legjobbját, Anita Blake-et, aki mostanáig inkább puszta kellemetlenségként tekintett rájuk, semmint potenciális veszélyforrásként. Persze, mert egészen eddig egyikőjük sem próbálta meg kegyetlenül elpusztítani az embereket. De most valami furcsa dolog történt velük. Micah apja haldoklik, feltehetőleg egy húsevő zombi marta meg, és talán már csak napjai vannak hátra, mielőtt élve elrohad. Anita, Micah és Nathaniel a coloradói Boulderbe utazik, hogy Micah – közel húsz év után – újra találkozzon a családjával, és elbúcsúzhasson az apjától. A látogatásból azonban gyorsan nyomozás lesz, mert kiderül, hogy a zombik eddig sosem látott módon, tömegesen járnak a hegyekben, ráadásul halálos ragályt terjesztenek. A kötet tartalmazza a _Tánc_ című novellát is.

Laurell K. Hamilton - A ​Shiver of Light
Merry ​Gentry pretends to be human. She moved to Los Angeles and began working as a private investigator at Grey's Detective Agency. But all of this is just a disguise; in fact she is a princess of faerie, her real name is Meredith Nic Essus, and she had to flee the Dark Court of Faerie because of attempts on her life. In order to inherit her rightful crown, Merry needed to conceive an heir, a notoriously difficult task for the slow-reproducing Fey. In the 2009 novel Divine Misdemeanors, Merry had finally achieved that goal—and fans have been kept waiting all this time to find out what happens!

Laurell K. Hamilton - Lidérces ​álmok
St. ​Louis-ban sorra halnak meg a sztriptíztáncosnők, a bizonyítékok pedig nem egy, hanem hét sorozatgyilkos felé mutatnak, egészen pontosan hét vámpír felé, akik élén egy renegát vámpírúr áll. Anitát is bevonják a nyomozásba, és neki is lát a tettesek kézrekerítésének, ám egyre inkább úgy tűnik, hogy egyedül nem fog boldogulni. Könynyen lehet, hogy Jean-Claude, a város vámpírura és a vérleopárd Micah mellett még keserű exszeretője, Richard segítségét is igénybe kell vennie. Anita nyomozását állandó gyanakvás kíséri, ráadásul közben meg kell küzdenie erőteljes, pusztító vágyaival, valamint vámpírokkal, vérfarkasokkal és alakváltókkal, aminek eredményeként a vámpírvadász új és eleddig saját maga előtt is ismeretlen magasságokat és mélységeket fedez fel.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Égkék ​bűnök
Hogy ​változik a világ. Anita Blake egykoron minden vámpír esküdt ellensége volt, most azonban társa Jean-Claude-nak, a vámpírúrnak és Micah-nak, az alakváltó leopárdnak. A szerelmi élete azonban nem áll meg itt. Nem is állhat. Anitát ugyanis – aki már korántsem annyira emberi, mint régen – egyszerre emészti a vámpírok vágya és a vérleopárdok éhsége. A vágyakat pedig ki kell elégíteni. Újra és újra. Most viszont Jean-Claude-nak van szüksége rá. Legősibb leszármazottja elküldte gonosz és hatalmas követét St. Louis-ba, így Jean-Claude-nak és a klánjának védekeznie kell. Anita nem tudja, hogyan viszonyuljon a betolakodóhoz, ám hamarosan olyan próbákat kell kiállnia, amilyenekről nem is álmodott. Szenvedélye minden sötét erejére szüksége van ahhoz, hogy megmentse azokat, akiket szeret.

Laurell K. Hamilton - The ​Killing Dance
Anita ​Blake, vampire hunter, is now herself a hunted woman. Who put the $500,000 price on her head--a man or a monster? It's not just her own skin she needs to save; the rivalry between her werewolf boyfriend, Richard, and Marcus, the other alpha werewolf in his pack, has come to full boil. And there's always Jean-Claude, the vampire who's been waiting for just the right moment to slip inside Anita's head and heart. Don't assume anything, though--Hamilton's probably got a few more surprises in store.