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J. E. Bright - America's ​Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life
America’s ​Next Top Model is a runaway runway series and must-see television for millions of teens and tweens. Young women of various backgrounds, shapes, and sizes are mentored by today’s top fashion stylists and industry experts. With chapters that focus on beauty, health, and education, and filled with tips on hair, makeup, nutrition, and fashion dos and dont’s, this is the first and only book that empowers girls to be themselves while pursuing their dreams. Girls will learn the fits that work for their body type, how to take calculated risks with their style, and how to take advantage of their natural qualities. By instructing readers on how to highlight and enhance their own individual features, America’s Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life also serves as a resource on how to use those assets to become a successful model, including the right way to find an agent, how to put together a winning portfolio, and designers and photographers everyone should know. America’s Next Top Model is seen, in its original and localized versions, in more than 120 countries. Published to coincide with Cycle 12 of the show, this is the perfect book for anyone who dreams of being a supermodel.

J. E. Bright - Jégkorszak
Ismerd ​meg minden idők legfurcsább állattrióját! Köztük van Manfred, a mogorva mammut, Sid, a magát mindenkinél eszesebbnek tartó lajhár, és Diego, a félelmetes kardfogú tigris. Ők azok, akik elhatározták, hogy akár az életük árán is visszajuttatják családjához az elveszett emberkölyköt. Most pedig menj velük a jégmezőn, és meglátod, még a legnagyobb hidegben is létezik valami, ami mindent és mindenkit felmelegít. Valami, amit úgy hívnak: BARÁTSÁG.