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Jacob Grimm - A bátor szabólegény
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Tiermärchen der Brüder Grimm
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Fairy ​Tales from the Brothers Grimm
From ​the land of fantastical castles, vast lakes and deep forests, the Brothers Grimm collected a treasury of enchanting folk and fairy stories full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses, magical beasts and cunning children. From classics such as "The Frog Prince" and "Hansel and Grettel" to the delights of "Ashputtel" - the original "Cinderella" - all hold a timeless magic which has enthralled children for generations. Illustrators Quentin Blake, Raymond Briggs, Axel Scheffler, Helen Oxenbury, Oliver Jeffers and Emma Chichester Clark have each chosen their personal favourite fairytale to illustrate, and their individual styles make this a unique treasury for everyone to enjoy.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Complete Illustrated Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Jacob ​Grimm (1785-1863) and his brother Wilhelm (1786-1859) were philologists and folklorists. The brothers rediscovered a host of fairy tales, telling of princes and princesses in their castles, witches in their towers and forests, of giants and dwarfs, of fabulous animals and dark deeds. Together with the well-known tales of 'Rapunzel', 'The Goose Girl', Sleeping Beauty', 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Snow White', there are the darker tales such as 'Death's Messengers' which deserve to be better known, and which will appeal not only to all who are interested in the history of folklore, but also to all those who simply love good story-telling.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Snow-White ​and the Seven Dwarfs
Retells ​the tale of the beautiful princess whose lips were red as blood, skin was white as snow, and hair was as black as ebony.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Gris ​Grimly's Tales from the Brothers Grimm
The ​Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales are brought to life for a new generation of readers in their original, uncut form by the modern master of gothic horror, Gris Grimly. Grimm. The name alone is enough to call to mind any number of the timeless fairy tales collected by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm in the early nineteenth century. These folktales have been told and retold in many forms for over two centuries, and while the particular mix of fantasy, adventure, and wonder that defined their seven-volume collection has endured, the terror, violence, and darkness of the original stories has often been lost in translation. Enter Gris Grimly, who has faithfully reproduced the original text of a selection of tales and adorned them with his own inimitable artwork. The result is a Grimm collection unlike any other, set in a world that is whimsically sinister, darkly vivid, and completely unforgettable.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Grimms ​Marchen
Die ​von den Brüdern Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm gesammelten Kinder- und Hausmärchen sind seit über 170 Jahren ein fester und nicht mehr wegzudenkender Bestandteil der deutschsprachigen Literatur. Wer kennt sie nicht, Hänsel und Gretel, Frau Holle, Rotkäppchen, Rumpelstilzchen, König Drosselbart und die vielen anderen unvergänglichen alten Märchen. Diese prachtvolle Gesamtausgabe mit vielen Illustrationen von Ludwig Richter gehört in jede Familie.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
The ​Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm Perhaps no other stories possess as much power to enchant, delight, and surprise as those penned by the immortal Brothers Grimm. Now, in the new, expanded third edition, renowned scholar and folklorist Jack Zipes has translated all 250 tales collected and published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, plus twenty-nine rare tales omitted from the original German edition, as well as narratives uncovered in the brothers' letters and papers. Truly the most comprehensive translation to date, this critically acclaimed edition recaptures the fairy tales as the Brothers Grimm intended them to be: rich, stark, spiced with humor and violence, resonant with folklore and song. One of the world's experts on children's literature, Jack Zipes is a professor of German at the University of Minnesota and is the author of numerous books on folklore and fairy tales.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Sleeping ​Beauty and other fairy tales
Magic ​spells, evil witches, handsome princes and beautiful maidens abound in this entertaining collection of beloved stories.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Robber Bridegroom
'Then ​she began to run, and she ran over the sharp stones and through the thorns, and the wild animals bounded past her ...' Seven weird, dark and enchanting fairy-tales from the Brothers Grimm. Introducing Little Black Classics: 80 books for Penguin's 80th birthday. Little Black Classics celebrate the huge range and diversity of Penguin Classics, with books from around the world and across many centuries. They take us from a balloon ride over Victorian London to a garden of blossom in Japan, from Tierra del Fuego to 16th-century California and the Russian steppe. Here are stories lyrical and savage; poems epic and intimate; essays satirical and inspirational; and ideas that have shaped the lives of millions. Jacob Ludwig Karl (1785-1863) and Wilhelm Karl (1786-1859) are the Brothers Grimm. Their Selected Tales are also available in Penguin Classics.

Jacob Grimm - Teutonic ​Mythology 1-4.
n ​this work, Jacob Grimm attempted to explore the worldview of the ancient Germanic peoples. The book is ostensibly about the mythology, but Grimm fleshes out the understanding of the mythology with etymology, philology, and folklore. This is an impressive work in its own right and a classic in the field which has not yet entirely lost its relevance. Grimm's methodology in this work is not always clear. At first glance he seems to be mixing various Germanic peoples with Greek, Celtic, and Vedic thought, and some elements seem to be disorganized. However, to the trained eye, the methodology is sound. Grimm for the most part sticks with comparable structures and relies on other Indo-European branches for secondary comparison only. This work is also extremely comprehensive. The only down side is that the work is well over a hundred years old at this point, and some areas show strong influence of 19th century intellectual trends. These however are easy to filter out. On the whole, this is a one of the most important contributions to the field and is still relevant.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Grimms' ​Fairy Tales
The ​Brothers Grimm rediscovered a host of fairy tales, telling of princes and princesses in their castles, witches in their towers and forests, of giants and dwarves, of fabulous animals and dark deeds. This selection of their folk tales was made and translated by Lucy Crane, and includes firm favourites such as _Rapunzel, The Goose Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel_ and _Snow White._ It is illustrated throughout by Walter Crane's charming line drawings.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Complete Illustrated Stories of The Brothers Grimm
The ​delightful book contains almost 200 traditional stories, translated from the great fairy tale collection which Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm compiled at the beginning of the last century. Such well-loved favourites as 'The Frog Prince', 'Hansel and Grethel', 'Cinderella', 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', 'Rumplestiltskin' and 'Snow White' appear in their original versions in these pages, alongside a wealth of less well-known stories like 'Simeli-Mountain', King Thrushbeard' and 'Clever Alice'. These tales of adventure and enchantment are as humorous, exciting and magical now as when this collection first appeared in print over 130 years ago. More than 220 charming line drawings and a clear, readable text make this a most attractive edition of one of the classics of children's literature.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Hans Christian Andersen - Die ​schönsten Märchen zur Weihnachtszeit von Grimm und Andersen
Drei ​der schönsten Märchen zur Weihnachtszeit finden Kinder in diesem liebevoll illustrierten Buch: Es erzählt von _Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot_ , die im kalten Winter einem großen Bären Unterschlupf gewähren und ihn am warmen Kamin schlafen lassen. Außerdem von _Frau Holle_ , die kräftig ihre Betten ausschüttelt, damit es auf der Erde ordentlich schneit. Und schließlich erzählt es das _Märchen von der Schneekönigin_ , die den kleinen Kay in ihr eisiges Reich entführt. Da macht sich Kays Freundin Gerda auf die Suche nach dem verschwundenen Jungen. Ihr abenteuerlicher Weg führt sie in einen bunten Blumengarten, in ein prächtiges Schloss und in eine unheimliche Räuberburg. Immer wieder trifft das Mädchen auf Menschen und Tiere, die ihr unterwegs helfen. Immer wieder trifft das Mädchen auf Menschen und Tiere, die ihr unterwegs helfen. Ob Gerda ihren Freund Kay am Ende finden wird? Ein Märchenbuch zum Vorlesen und Anschauen.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Grimm's ​Complete Fairy Tales
With ​the words “Once upon a time,” the Brothers Grimm transport readers to a timeless realm where witches, giants, princesses, kings, fairies, goblins, and wizards fall in love, try to get rich, quarrel with their neighbors, and have magical adventures of all kinds—and in the process reveal essential truths about human nature. When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm set out to collect stories in the early 1800s, their goal was not to entertain children but to preserve Germanic folklore—and the hard life of European peasants was reflected in the tales they discovered. However, once the brothers saw how the stories entranced young readers, they began softening some of the harsher aspects to make them more suitable for children. A cornerstone of Western culture since the early 1800s, Grimm’s Fairy Tales is now beloved the world over. This collection of more than 120 of the Grimms’ best tales includes such classics as “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Hansel and Grethel,” “Rapunzel,” “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “The Frog Prince,” as well as others that are no less delightful.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - 50 ​Grimms Märchen
Die ​bekannten und beliebten Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm neu nacherzählt in moderner und kindgerechter Sprache. Jedes Märchen ansprechend und üppig illustriert.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Sara Torrico - A ​széttáncolt cipellők
Új ​sorozatunkban négy fokozatban könnyű olvasmányokat kínálunk: az olvasással még csak most ismerkedő gyerekeknek szóló könyvektől egészen a már szívesen olvasó gyerekek szintjéig, akik a klasszikus történetek olvasmányos változataival barátkozhatnak meg, mielőtt kézbe vennék az eredetit.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Story of Little Red Riding Hood
"Once ​upon a time there was a charming little girl. Everyone who set eyes on her adored her. The person who loved her most of all was her grandmother, and she was always giving her presents. Once she made her a little hood of red velvet. It was so becoming that the girl wanted to wear it all the time, and so she came to be called Little Red Riding Hood."

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales
We ​all know the stories--or do we? We know who Snow White is, but what about Rapunzel? And what happens to an all-too willful child? Enjoy intriguing stories about “The Frog Prince,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “Little Red Cap”--to name a few. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were well-known nineteenth-century German storytellers, academics, linguists, and cultural researchers who did not hold back in their telling of terrifying tales, including parables and fables designed to teach and entertain readers of all ages. And now, with specially designed pop-ups, each story comes to life!

Aleksander Chodźko - Andrew Lang - Hans Christian Andersen - James Stephens - Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - 500 ​Eternal Masterpieces Of Fairy Tales
This ​Golden Deer Classics compilation contains over 500 classic fairy tales. CONTENTS: Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen by Aleksander Chodźko Fairy Books (Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Orange) by Andrew Lang Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens Grimm's Fairy Tales by Grimm Brothers The Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Cinderella
"Once ​upon a time there was a rich man who lived happily for a long time with his wife. Together they had a single daughter. Then the woman became ill, and when she was lying on her deathbed, she called her daughter to her side, and said, "Dear child, I must leave you now, but I will look down on you from heaven. Plant a little tree on my grave, and when you want something, just shake the tree, and you shall get what you want. I will help you in time of need. Just remain pious and good." Then she closed her eyes and died. The child cried, and planted a little tree on her mother's grave. She did not need to carry any water to it, because her tears provided all the water that it needed."

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Grimm-mesék ​kincsestára - A rettenthetetlen királyfi és más történetek
A ​Grimm-testvérek világhírű gyűjteményéből ezúttal olyan meséket adunk közre, amelyek történetében valamilyen csodálatos átváltozás vagy újjászületés esik meg a hősökkel. A mesék most új fordításban és a nyolc-tizenkét éves korosztály számára átdolgozott változatban olvashatóak. A válogatásban találkozhatunk azokkal az ismerős népmesei fordulatokkal, amikor a rút békából jóképű királyfi válik, vagy a szegény legény kiállja a próbát, s övé lesz a király leánya és legalább a fele királysága, vagy amikor a vén banya gonosz bűbája szertefoszlik, s áldozatai visszaváltoznak eredeti alakjukba, és amikor a szeretet ereje holtából is képes feltámasztani a hitvest vagy épp a gyermeket. A rettenthetetlen királyfi válogatása tartalmaz ismertebb Grimm-meséket, mint a Békakirály és Vas Henrik, Az aranymadár, A libapásztorlány a kútnál, de számos olyan történetet is, amelyek a korábbi népszerű magyar kiadásokban nem szerepeltek. Ilyen a kötet címadó meséje a minden próbát félelem nélkül kiálló királyfiról, vagy a gonosz boszorkány édes- és mostohalányáról szóló Vakító menyasszony, kormos menyasszony, vagy a szamártestbe született legény története... - és még sorolhatnánk a negyven mese mindegyikének emlékezetes szereplőit, ám a kedves olvasó is akkor nyeri el méltó jutalmát, ha elmerül a mesék varázslatos világában.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Sleeping ​Beauty
A ​wicked witch curses a beautiful princess and she pricks her finger on a spindle stick. The princess fall into a deep sleep, together with everyone else in the palace. However, a handsome prince arrives to save the day... See how things have a happy ending in this classic fairy tale.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Der ​Feuerberg
In ​den Tiefen des Feuerberges, wo der Teufel sein Wesen treibt, soll alles in hellen Flammen brennen, und vom Kyffhauser berichtet die Sage, dass in seinen Gewölben Friedrich Rotbart, den Kopf in die Hand gestützt, an einem steinernen Tisch sitzt und schlaft. Voller Phantasie werden wundersame Begebenheiten geschildert, die sich vor vielen, vielen Jahren zugetragen haben sollen, immer weitererzahlt wurden und von den Brüdern Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm gesammelt und aufgezeichnet worden sind.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
When ​Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their Children's and Household Tales in 1812, followed by a second volume in 1815, they had no idea that such stories as "Rapunzel," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Cinderella" would become the most celebrated in the world. Yet few people today are familiar with the majority of tales from the two early volumes, since in the next four decades the Grimms would publish six other editions, each extensively revised in content and style. For the very first time, The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm makes available in English all 156 stories from the 1812 and 1815 editions. These narrative gems, newly translated and brought together in one beautiful book, are accompanied by sumptuous new illustrations from award-winning artist Andrea Dezsö. From "The Frog King" to "The Golden Key," wondrous worlds unfold--heroes and heroines are rewarded, weaker animals triumph over the strong, and simple bumpkins prove themselves not so simple after all. Esteemed fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes offers accessible translations that retain the spare description and engaging storytelling style of the originals. Indeed, this is what makes the tales from the 1812 and 1815 editions unique--they reflect diverse voices, rooted in oral traditions, that are absent from the Grimms' later, more embellished collections of tales. Zipes's introduction gives important historical context, and the book includes the Grimms' prefaces and notes. A delight to read, The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm presents these peerless stories to a whole new generation of readers.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Blancanieves
Érase ​una vez una hermosa y buena reina que, cosiendo junto a su ventana, se pinchó en el dedo y vio cómo la sangre cayó en la nieve. Fue entonces cuando la reina deseó tener una hija con la piel tan blanca como la nieve, los labios rojos como la sangre y el pelo negro como la noche. Y su deseo se cumplió, naciendo una preciosa y encantadora princesa a quien la reina junto a su esposo, el rey, decidieron llamarla Blancanieves. Sin embargo, la madre de Blancanieves murió después de dar a luz y el rey se casó posteriormente con una mujer muy bella pero malvada. La segunda esposa del rey era una bruja muy poderosa, celosa y vanidosa que tenía un espejo mágico.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Grimm's ​Fairy Stories
This ​book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. Contains stories such as "The Goose Girl", "Hansel and Grethel", "Cinderella", "The Golden Goose", "The Frog Prince" and many more.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - Once ​Upon a Time
This ​beautifully illustrated collection of 30 tales from far and wide includes... Snow White Hansel and Grethel Cinderella The Frog Prince Rumpelstiltskin The Bremen Town Musicians The Elves Little Red Cap The Fisherman and His Wife The Sleeping Beauty Tom Thumb Rapunzel. . . and many more. "Once upon a time . . ." Four simple words that, after more than two centuries, still have the ability to transport readers to lands of mystery, intrigue, and betrayal, life and death, love and abandon. Timeless are the tales of the Brothers Grimm who, in an effort to preserve native folklore, unwittingly crafted a cornerstone of Western literature. With this book of fairy tales, beautifully illustrated by artist Kevin Tong, reacquaint yourself with the stories and characters you know and love. Run through the forest with Little Red Cap. Attend the ball with Cinderella. Eat an apple with Snow White. From witches to fairies, evil queens to kindly kings, frog princes and sleeping beauties, the Grimm tales are classics that are truly meant to be shared with young and old alike. With a foreword written by the creators of ABC's show Once Upon a Time, we see that these classic tales continue to endure and inspire more storytelling. The series brings some of these classic characters to life in a bold reimagination of the fairy tale world. We invite you to reacquaint yourself with these magical stories and be transported once again with Once Upon a Time.

Jacob Grimm - Wilhelm Grimm - The ​Sleeping Beauty
The ​story of the beautiful princess who sleeps for a hundred years has captured the imaginations of children for an even longer period of time. How could everyone in a castle - even the flies on the walls - sleep for a century and then wake up? This magical, beautifully illustrated tale begins when the king excludes the most difficult fairy of the kingdom from a feast celebrating the birth of his beautiful daughter Briar Rose. Furious, the fairy storms in and curses the baby, pronouncing that on her fifteenth birthday she will be pricked by a distaff (from a spinning wheel) and fall down dead. The youngest fairy softens the curse to a century-long sleep. Despite the fact that the king burns all the spinning wheels in the kingdom, 15-year-old Briar Rose finds herself in the tower where the evil fairy and her fate await her. The drama of the spell unfurls as she and the other inhabitants of the castle fall instantly asleep, from courtiers to kitchen maids. Thorny briars - moodily captured by Trina Schart Hyman's masterful paintbrush - grow up around the castle. Hyman depicts those who died attempting to break through the maze of thorns to reach the legendary sleeping beauty in a nightmarish illustration. But goodness and true love prevail when the perfect prince does finally find his way through the thick vines. Hyman won a Caldecott Medal for her work in Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges, and her version of The Sleeping Beauty makes us believe in the magic of the spell. The scenes inside the castle are alive with color and movement and rich with details that children will devour eagerly. Moods and expressions are rendered exquisitely, especially those of the wild, red-haired beauty Briar Rose. This wonderful read-aloud classic is one of Hyman's best

Wilhelm Grimm - Jacob Grimm - Az ​aranyhajú leány
Raponcot, ​az aranyhajú lányt magas toronyba zárja mostohája, ahová csak a leány hosszú hajfonatán felmászva lehet feljutni. Egy nap a szépséges hangú fiatal lányt meglátogatja a herceg és egymásba szeretnek. A gonosz ördöngös asszony azonban túljár a fiatal szerelmesek eszén, és sok szenvedést kell kibírniuk, mire végül újra egymáséi lehetnek. A mesekönyv csodálatos illusztrációit Szegedi Katalin készítette.