Edward St. Aubyn könyvei a rukkolán

Edward St. Aubyn - Nincs ​baj / Baj van / Van remény
A ​legfelsőbb körökhöz tartozó, mesés gazdagságban élő David Melrose kegyetlenül uralkodik boldogtalan feleségén és ötéves fián, Patricken. A szadista apa mellett felnövő fiúból heroinista lesz, aki a második kisregény elején apja hamvaiért indul New Yorkba. Patrick apja emlékével együtt függőségétől is megszabadul, majd maga is családot alapít.

Edward St. Aubyn - Ami ​kell / Végül
A ​Booker-shortlistjére is felkerült negyedik elbeszélés, az Ami kell, és a Végül ismét a családi kastélyban játszódik, ahol Patricknek szembe kell néznie a gyermeknevelés nehézségeivel, felesége hűtlenségével, miközben anyja eutanáziát fontolgat, és elveszítik családi otthonukat. Edward St Aubyn megmutatja a hanyatló brit arisztokrácia, a tökéletes dekadencia, erkölcstelenség, kapzsiság, sznobizmus és kegyetlenség világát.

Edward St. Aubyn - At ​Last
As ​friends, relatives and foes trickle in to pay their final respects to his mother Eleanor, Patrick Melrose finds himself questioning whether a life without parents will be the liberation he has so long imagined. Yet as the memorial service ends and the family gathers one last time, amidst the social niceties and the social horrors, the calms and the rapids, Patrick begins to sense a new current: the chance of some form of safety – at last.

Edward St. Aubyn - Patrick ​Melrose 2.
Patrick ​Melrose Volume 2 contains the final two novels in Edward St Aubyn's Emmy nominated semi-autobiographical series, filmed for Sky Atlantic and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as aristocratic Patrick. The once illustrious, once wealthy Melroses are in peril, and Patrick Melrose, now a husband and father, is trying to gather together the pieces of his life. Caught up in the turmoil of broken promises, assisted suicide, adultery and - most tender and terrifying of all - fatherhood, Patrick is still a long way from salvation, but even as the family struggles against the pull of its dark past, a new generation promises new light, new hope and - perhaps - the promise of a brighter future. Deeply moving, hilarious and heartbreaking, Patrick Melrose Volume 2 contains the final two novels in the Patrick Melrose series: Mother's Milk and At Last. Patrick Melrose Volume 1 is also available, containing the first three novels in the series, Never Mind, Bad News and Some Hope.

Edward St. Aubyn - Dunbar
Henry ​Dunbar, the once all-powerful head of a global media corporation, is not having a good day. In his dotage he hands over care of the corporation to his two eldest daughters, Abby and Megan, but as relations sour he starts to doubt the wisdom of past decisions. Now imprisoned in Meadowmeade, an upscale sanatorium in rural England, with only a demented alcoholic comedian as company, Dunbar starts planning his escape. As he flees into the hills, his family is hot on his heels. But who will find him first, his beloved youngest daughter, Florence, or the tigresses Abby and Megan, so keen to divest him of his estate? Edward St Aubyn is renowned for his masterwork, the five Melrose novels, which dissect with savage and beautiful precision the agonies of family life. His take on King Lear, Shakespeare’s most devastating family story, is an excoriating novel for and of our times – an examination of power, money and the value of forgiveness.

Edward St. Aubyn - Never ​Mind
In ​the first Patrick Melrose novel, five-year-old Patrick encounters the volatile lives of adults. His father rules with considered cruelty and his mother has retreated into drink. They are expecting guests for dinner. But this afternoon is unlike the chain of summer days before, and the shocking events that precede the guests' arrival tear Patrick's world in two.

Edward St. Aubyn - Some ​Hope
THE ​THIRD PATRICK MELROSE NOVEL Patrick Melrose, cleaned-up and world-weary, is a reluctant guest at a glittering party deep in the English countryside. Amid a crowd of flitting social dragonflies, he finds his search for redemption and capacity for forgiveness challenged by his observation of the cruelties around him. Armed with his biting wit and a newly fashioned openness, can Patrick, who has been to the furthest limits of experience and back again, find release from the savageries of his childhood?

Edward St. Aubyn - Mother's ​Milk
Writing ​with the scathing wit and bright perceptiveness for which he has become known, celebrated English author Edward St. Aubyn creates a complex family portrait that examines the shifting allegiances between mothers, sons, and husbands. The novel’s perspective ricochets among all members of the Melrose family - the family featured in St. Aubyn’s widely praised trilogy, Some Hope - starting with Robert, who provides an exceptionally droll and convincing account of being born; to Patrick, a hilariously churlish husband who has been sexually abandoned by his wife in favor of his sons; to Mary, who’s consumed by her children and overwhelming desire not to repeat the mistakes of her own mother. All the while, St. Aubyn examines the web of false promises that entangle this once illustrious family - whose last vestige of wealth, an old house in the south of France - is about to be donated by Patrick’s mother to a New Age foundation. An up-to-the-minute dissection of the mores of child-rearing, marriage, adultery, and assisted suicide, Mother’s Milk showcases St. Aubyn’s luminous and acidic prose - and his masterful ability to combine the most excruciating emotional pain with the driest comedy.

Edward St. Aubyn - Patrick ​Melrose 1.
Patrick ​Melrose Volume 1 contains the first three novels in Edward St Aubyn's semi-autobiographical series, filmed for Sky Atlantic and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as aristocratic Patrick. Moving from Provence to New York to Gloucestershire, from the savageries of a childhood with a cruel father and an alcoholic mother to an adulthood fraught with addiction, Patrick Melrose is on a mission to escape himself. But the drugs don’t make him forget his past, and the glittering parties offer him no redemption . . . Searingly funny and deeply humane, Patrick Melrose Volume 1 contains the first three novels in the Patrick Melrose series, Never Mind, Bad News and Some Hope. Patrick Melrose Volume 2 is also available, containing the final two novels in the series, Mother’s Milk and At Last.

Edward St. Aubyn - On ​the Edge
Peter, ​a disaffected merchant banker in his mid-thirties, suffers a coup de foudre when he lays eyes on the delectable Sabine, and sets out on a reckless mission to track her down. His search takes him to some of the outposts of New Age culture, and there he finds something he wasn't looking for.

Edward St. Aubyn - Bad ​News
'Bad ​News' takes Patrick into his early 20s. Constrained to fly to New York to collect his monstrous father's ashes, fully in the grip of massive addiction, he endures a weekend hunting for drugs and attempting to avoid figures from David Melrose's life.