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Lauren Blakely - Most ​Irresistible Guy
When ​he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close at my brother’s wedding, my heart beat faster. When we danced into the night, my mind raced far ahead, entertaining all the possibilities I’d longed for. And later, when Cooper told me he’d won the starting quarterback job before he shared the news with anyone else, I started to believe we could be more. But I didn’t want to lose him as a friend, so I chose to focus on him solely as my buddy. That worked well enough for a while. Until that night, in front of everyone, when he shocked my world to its core. Most Irresistible Guy is a prequel novella to Most Valuable Playboy!

Lauren Blakely - Come ​As You Are
I ​couldn’t have scripted a more perfect night. For one fantastic evening, at a masquerade party in the heart of Manhattan, I’m not the millionaire everyone wants a piece of. Fine—multimillionaire. But who’s counting all those commas? Not me, and not the most intriguing woman I've ever met, who happens to like dancing, witty banter, and hot, passionate up-against-the-wall sex as much as I do. There's no need for names or business cards. And that’s why I’m eager to get to know her more, since my mystery woman seems to like me for me, rather than for my huge…bank account. Everything’s coming up aces. Until the next day when things get a little complicated. (Newsflash — a lot complicated.) *** He's charming, brilliant, an incredible lover, and right now I want to stab fate in the eyeballs. I've had one goal I've been working toward, and lo and behold, my mystery man is the very person who stands between me and my dream job. A job I desperately need since my hard-knock life has nothing in common with his star-kissed one. But it’s time to put that fairytale night behind me, and focus on learning what makes him tick. Too bad it turns out his quirks are my quirks, and his love affair with New York matches mine. And as we spend our days together, I discover something else that feels like a cruel twist of fate — I’m falling for this naughty prince charming, and that’s not an ending I can write to our story.

Lauren Blakely - Winning ​With Him
Resisting ​the shortstop has never been my strong suit. I failed at it during my first spring training. It sure as hell looks like I'm about to fail at it again.The sport I love playing with my very soul hangs in the balance. But everything my heart craves lies with the guy I've got to resist.A guy who's asking me to make the toughest choice ever. But how do I become the man I want to be...with him or without him? Trouble is, I can't seem to get Declan out of my head, even if I stand to lose everything I've worked for my entire life...

Lauren Blakely - The ​Only One
Let's ​say there was this guy. And he gave you the most mind-blowing night of sex in your life. And you never saw him again. Until ten years later. Now, it turns out he's the ONLY ONE in all of Manhattan whose restaurant is available for my charity's gala. The trouble is, he doesn't recognize me. *** This woman I'm working with is so damn alluring. The first time I set eyes on her, I'm captivated and I can't get her out of my mind. Even if it's risky to tango with someone I'm working with, she's a risk I'm willing to take. The trouble is, she won't give me the time of day. But I'm determined to change that.

Lauren Blakely - Lili Valente - The ​V Card - Zur Jungfrau verdammt
Eine ​sündhaft sexy romantische Komödie der Bestsellerautorinnen Lauren Blakely und Lili Valente!Wenn man sich überlegt, wie einfach es ist, seine Würde in den sozialen Medien zu verlieren, könnte man glauben, es sei ein Kinderspiel, sich von seiner Jungfräulichkeit zu verabschieden.Weit gefehlt.Mit fünfundzwanzig leite ich ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen und habe tolle Freunde, mit denen ich mich gern treffe. Und doch bin ich immer noch Mitglied eines Clubs, dem ich nicht mehr angehören möchte. Wie gut, dass ich genau den richtigen Mann für den Job kenne – den Geschäftspartner und besten Freund meines Bruders.Graham ist charmant, klug und – wie ich gehört habe – wahnsinnig gut im Bett. Solange ich den Preis nicht aus den Augen verliere, kann dieses Entjungferungsprojekt unsere Beziehung auf keinen Fall komplizierter machen.***Arbeit und Vergnügen. Als Vorstandsvorsitzender eines schnell wachsenden Unternehmens genieße ich beides in vollen Zügen. Und als die Vorstandsmitglieder mir unerwartet Schwierigkeiten bereiten, bitte ich die kleine Schwester meines besten Freundes um Hilfe. Immerhin hält sie einen großen Anteil an der Firma. Doch dann erfahre ich, dass sie gern noch etwas anderes halten möchte.Und zwar das, was ich zwischen den Beinen habe.Ich habe sieben Nächte Zeit, um ihr alles beizubringen, was ich über Sex weiß. Nie im Leben würde ich mich in sie verlieben, obwohl sie für jede einzelne Lektion die Bestnote bekommt. Und wie sich herausstellt, lerne ich ebenfalls etwas. Nur leider bin ich nicht im Besitz des Lösungsschlüssels, als ich mich Hals über Kopf in sie verliebe.Und das bringt meine Pläne ganz schön durcheinander.

Lauren Blakely - Full ​Package
I've ​been told I have quite a gift. Hey, I don't just mean in my pants. I've got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold. And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included. Life is smooth sailing.... Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hard...place. Because scoring an apartment in this city is harder than finding true love. So even if I have to shack up with my buddy's smoking hot and incredibly amazing little sister, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. I can resist Josie. I'm disciplined, I'm focused, and I keep my hands to myself, even in the mere five-hundred square feet we share. Until the one night she insists on sliding under the covers with me. It'll help her sleep after what happened that day, she says. Spoiler--neither one of us sleeps. Did I mention she's also one of my best friends? That she's brilliant, beautiful and a total firecracker? Guess that makes her the full package too. What's a man stuck in a hard place to do?

Lauren Blakely - Playing ​With Her Heart
From ​the NYT & USA Today Bestselling romance author, a sizzling and addictive story of a woman with a broken past and the man who can’t fight his attraction to her… Twenty-three year old rising theater star Jill McCormick has built a life out of pretending. Pretending she’s happy, pretending she’s not haunted by the dark secret that shattered her world six years ago. But then she comes face to face with her new director – sexy, sophisticated, possessive, all-alpha Davis Milo. He tries to resist the actress he’s cast, but the attraction between them is too powerful, and soon their private rehearsals spiral into new, forbidden territory. The passionate connection, the intense chemistry is undeniable, and it hits them anywhere, and everywhere – in the theater, on the piano, in the limo, in the restaurant…But the tragedy in Jill’s past stands between them. Davis has walls too, so they can either face their fears together, or risk the deepest love and greatest passion either has ever felt…

Lauren Blakely - My ​One Week Husband
A ​week-long trip. A fake marriage. And seven delicious nights with only one bed in the hotel room. He's my business partner, my good friend, and the man I've craved for years. But I've resisted the sexy Brit, and I plan to keep up my walls because I've been there, done that, and I know how much it hurts when you let someone into your heart. Then an opportunity comes along for us to snag the business deal of a lifetime. The catch? We need to pretend we're married to pull off this high-stakes deal. So the clever, charming man with secrets a mile deep becomes my temporary husband, as we travel around Europe. Soon, we fall into bed, tangled together like newlyweds who can't keep their hands off each other. One week to explore our fantasies, then we return to who we were. But when I learn the dark secrets he's been keeping, I doubt we can go back. Because they change everything.

Lauren Blakely - Once ​Upon a Real Good Time
That ​smoking hot one-night stand with a former rock star? Turns out he's my son's new music teacher. Oops. But I didn't know that the night I met Campbell. All I knew was he played my body the same way he played a guitar — like he owned it. My libido is still high-fiving me after being self-served for too many years, and we’re both ready for another night or two of fun, especially since we don’t just have chemistry in bed — we connect over everything. That is, until I learn he’s the man who’ll be coming to my house twice a week to teach my son — the best music lessons money can buy. Time to turn down the volume on our shenanigans. Only that’s easier said than done. *** I can rock a guitar solo in front of thousands, I can write chart-topping tunes, and I can absolutely stop thinking about my student’s mother naked. After all, I’m a single parent too, and I know what it’s like to put your kid first. That’s what I do every damn day. Trouble is, now that I’ve had Mackenzie, it’s hard — and I do mean hard — to stop wanting her. Harder too when I get to know her, and learn she’s an awesome mom, a great friend, and, oh yeah, she happens to get along perfectly with my daughter. All we have to do is set some rules. No dating, no nookie when the kids are around, and no one gets hurt. It’s all working out beautifully. Until we start breaking the rules, one by one. Making music with her in the bedroom is easy. But will we be more than just a real good time when the music stops?

Lauren Blakely - Once ​Upon a Sure Thing
It's ​so easy being best friends with a gorgeous, talented, charming guy. Said no woman ever. Except me. My friendship with Miller is a sure thing — he’s my plus one, my emergency contact, and my shoulder to lean on. He’s also been by my side helping me raise one helluva awesome kid who’s the center of my world. Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me. Trouble is, our sizzling chemistry in the recording studio is getting harder to ignore, no matter how risky it might be. *** Sing sexy songs with the woman you’ve been lusting after? Get up close and personal as you croon to the woman you’ve wanted for years? Piece of cake. NOT. Performing with the sweet, sassy and insanely wonderful Ally is like one gigantic obstacle course of challenges for my libido. And my libido is one sexy love song away from kissing her senseless and taking her home. But, I’m not a serious kind of guy, and she’s not a one-night-stand kind of woman. If we cross the horizontal line, we might risk our sure thing and end up out of tune forever...

Lauren Blakely - The ​Virgin Gift
I ​might be a virgin, but I know what I want in bed. It's just that I haven't found him yet. So I'm stunned when charming, laid-back Adam volunteers to work through my sexual wish list. That's when I discover the voracious, filthy-mouthed, after-dark alpha in my next door neighbor. And I’m enthralled -- in and out of the bedroom. Every night we explore my fantasies, and every morning I try harder not to want more from him. Because there's no item on my list about falling for the guy. Besides, we agreed to the last item already -- when we're done we walk away. But every fantasy unlocks another. Each hotter than the last. Until I discover there’s one last thing on my to-do list to check off. One so forbidden I can’t figure out how to ask him…

Lauren Blakely - One ​Exquisite Touch
A ​sexy rivals-to-lovers standalone, rich with masquerades, billionaires and forbidden trysts! When the invitation arrived, it detailed the rules of the masquerade -- no names, no identities. I set one more-- find a most wicked man for one night. The kind who'll bring me deliciously naughty pleasure in dark corners. But as the clock ticks to midnight, he finds me, whisks me away to a secret alcove, and delivers all that dirty bliss and then some. We make arrangements for another secret rendez vous before I rush out of the ball. But fate has other plans, since I see my most wicked man the next morning. Because that man is the billionaire owner of the hotel across the Strip from mine. My rival. My enemy. We vie for business every second of every day, so the last thing I can do is let him in my bed at night. I give in one final time, in a daring, risqué game of chance, and then I vow to resist. And that's what I do every time I see him, every time I get to know the brilliant, mercurial man who wants a piece of my business. Until the night he ups the stakes. And I have no choice but to see his bet and raise it. One Exquisite Touch is a standalone in The Extravagant series. Other standalones include One Alluring Chance and One Shameless Secret.

Lauren Blakely - Stars ​in Their Eyes
A ​sexy and swoony new adult romance... Celebrity photographer and college senior Jess Leighton desperately needs to crash the wedding of the year. Snapping just one pic of the A-list Hollywood couple tying the knot will pay her way through grad school. But with security tighter than the bride-to-be's corset, she'll need more than her camera and smarts, she'll need help from her biggest rival--hot, British, motorcycle-riding William Harrigan, whose sexy accent can melt the panties off any woman. He’s the last person Jess should trust, but he's her only ticket in. William Harrigan wants one thing – to stay in L.A. past college graduation. With a student visa set to expire, the clock is ticking. When he lands a gig that pairs him with the beautiful blond spitfire Jess, he’s scored his best shot at living out the American dream. Winning her trust would be a whole lot easier, however, if he didn’t have ulterior motives... But there’s no faking the intense attraction between them. Try as they might to resist each other, soon sparks are flying, as they devise a plan to sneak into the ceremony. But when Jess' new celebrity client raises the stakes, she starts to smell blackmail, and soon she and Will are chasing down cheating directors, staking out clandestine trysts, and making fake IDs, all while sneaking scene-stealing kisses and hot nights together. The audience loves a happy ending, but in a town where everyone's acting and no one's playing by the rules, can Jess and William find their own ever after in time? **STARS IN THEIR EYES is a spin-off of the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling CAUGHT UP IN LOVE series. It is the start of the new adult series WRAPPED UP IN LOVE.**

Lauren Blakely - Wanderlust
The ​first time I met him, his sexy British accent almost talked me into giving him my number on the spot. The second time, he nearly charmed the panties off me with his wit. Then I learned he's the key to success in my new job in Paris. The man who tempts me into fling-worthy dirty daydreams has turned out to be my personal translator, and his accent is the hottest thing I've ever heard. My mantra is simple -- Don't mix business with pleasure. I do my best to resist him as he teaches me how to converse with my co-workers, navigate the metro and order the perfect bottle of wine at dinner. But I also figure out how to tell the charming and clever man what I most want to say -- that I want him to take me back to his flat -- tonight. Except there's a catch... *** One more assignment before I take off on my big adventure... And it involves the toughest work ever -- resisting the fetching American woman I spend all my days with. But you know what they say about best intentions. Soon, we're spending our nights tangled together, and I don't want to let her go. The trouble is, my wanderlust is calling to me, and before we know it I'll be traveling the globe to fulfill a promise I made long ago.What could possibly go wrong with falling in love in Paris? Nothing...unless one of you is leaving.

Lauren Blakely - My ​Sinful Desire
A ​passionate, emotional, sexy-as-sin romance novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely... I live my life by a few simple rules -- let no one in, trust only my family, and don't ever spend more than three nights with a woman. Those are easy enough to abide by when I meet gorgeous, captivating and absolutely brilliant Sophie Winston. Who wants nothing more than to explore all her sinful desires with me after dark. Desires that put me firmly in control in the bedroom. That works for me -- as long as I can keep the secrets I need to protect. Not only the ones about my family, but the ones about how she's interwoven into my dangerous past. But the night she learns the truth, I'm faced with a stark new choice -- let her go or give up control of my heart for the first time ever. Trouble is, the past is chasing both of us right now and it just caught up. THE SINFUL MEN SERIES includes the following titles: MY SINFUL NIGHTS, MY SINFUL DESIRE, MY SINFUL LONGING, MY SINFUL LOVE, and MY SINFUL TEMPTATION. (The first four titles were all rewritten from third person to first person for a more thrilling reading experience! My Sinful Temptation is told in first person)

Lauren Blakely - Instant ​Attraction
Everyone ​deserves a naughty love story, so indulge in a standalone romance that tells the interwoven tale of three couples in New York City in a naughty modern fairy tale. And in this once upon a time tale, you'll meet a circle of friends. There are friends who want to become lovers, colleagues who must resist an office romance, and fake dates that might turn into the real thing. But all those stories start with instant attraction... When hipster Gavin suddenly finds his best friend Savannah utterly irresistible... When charming Enzo thoroughly falls for taken successful, sophisticated Valerie though he's contracted to work with her company... When Jason meets his best friend's feisty and fun sister, Truly, for the first time...

Lauren Blakely - The ​Sapphire Affair
Bounty ​hunter Jake Harlowe knows how to track a criminal. So when a group of swindled shareholders hires him to trail their former CEO, Jake expects a quick trip to the Cayman Islands to close another case. Until a devastatingly beautiful woman gets in the way. Steph Anderson is visiting the Caymans for a rock climbing and dive trip—or so she tells Jake. She’s really trying to find out whether or not her stepfather embezzled money from his company. The last thing Steph needs is the distraction of a sexy, charming man whose kisses drive her wild. Soon, the pair discover they’re after the same target—and millions in jewels. While Jake can’t be certain Steph isn’t working for her stepfather, and Steph can’t be certain Jake isn’t after the diamonds for himself, they can agree the heat between them is intense, and neither can deny the passion for long. But the morning after, Steph discovers that she just might have slept with the enemy, and now she’ll have to outwit him to get everything she needs…

Lauren Blakely - One ​Night Stand-In
Lucas ​Xavier is the last person I want to spend 24 hours with, let alone two minutes. Exes are exes for a reason. In his case, for a million reasons. Because he's not only an ex-lover, he's also an ex-friend. We didn't just break up - we combusted in a spectacular bonfire of barbs and doors slammed. Nothing will change that. Not his clever wit, not his ridiculous good looks, not his unfair levels of charm. And definitely not a wild dash through the city that takes us on an accidental scavenger hunt through our past, where we stop for a tango lesson, pancakes and a visit with some llamas. And certainly not time together to make amends and say we're sorry. But, let's say that was enough...it's not like you can fall in love in 24 hours. Can you?

Lauren Blakely - Night ​After Night
**Warning: ​Spare panties are needed...you're welcome.*** "You are being rewarded for turning me on. But we’re doing it my way. You teased the f&*k out of me, and now I want to watch you squirm. Crawl up on my bed and get on your hands and knees.” Their world was sex, love, and lies. He intoxicated her. Commanded. Consumed. With a dirty mind and a mouth to match, Clay Nichols is everything Julia never knew she wanted and exactly what she cannot have. He walked into her life one night and unlocked pleasure in her that she never knew was possible. Possessing her body, captivating her every thought. Which makes him way too dangerous for Julia to risk her heart, given that she has a price tag on her head. She ran after one mind-blowing week with him, but now he's back, and determined to make her his own. No matter the cost. She was a sexy drug to him. Fiery, unforgettable, and never enough, Julia is an enigma, and Clay isn't willing to let her go without a fight. But she's got dark secrets of her own that threaten to destroy any chance of happiness. She’s a wanted woman – the stakes are high, her every move is watched, and yet the lure between them can’t be denied. Can two people burned by love trust again when desire and passion are met by danger at every turn? A sensual, emotionally-charged erotic romance from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Blakely...

Lauren Blakely - Mr. ​O - Ich darf dich nicht verführen!
Mein ​Name ist Nick Hammer. Aber nennt mich einfach Mr. O – denn ich kann jeder Frau den ersehnten Höhepunkt bescheren. Wieso sollte ich also ablehnen, wenn die süße, total scharfe Harper Holiday mich bittet, ihr Nachhilfe in Liebesdingen zu geben? Das Problem: Sie ist die kleine Schwester meines besten Freundes Spencer und damit für mich absolut tabu. Flirttipps geben: erlaubt. Flirttipps mit Harper ausprobieren: strengstens verboten. Doch je mehr Zeit wir miteinander verbringen – und je mehr schmutzige SMS wir uns schreiben – desto weniger kann ich mich zusammenreißen …

Lauren Blakely - Never ​Have I Ever
What ​happens when two frenemies can't stop pushing each other's buttons? Find out in this tender, laugh-out-loud-funny romance from number-one New York Times best-selling author Lauren Blakely, available in audio first! Never Have I Ever been so infuriated by a man I wanted to kiss. They say opposites attract, but I beg to differ. Combust is more like it. Because every single time I talk to Zach Nolan, I see red. The too-good-looking, too-smart, too-effortlessly-charming single dad who works down the hall from me has turned getting under my skin into a sport. Call it the battle of wits between the wedding planner and the divorce attorney. Trouble is, when we’re forced into closer quarters, planning an engagement party for our best friends, I start to see his other sides. And I fear I’m falling for the enemy.

Sarina Bowen - Lauren Blakely - The ​Best Men
Bestselling ​authors Sarina Bowen and Lauren Blakely team up for the first time in an enemies-to-lovers, opposites-attract, irresistibly sexy standalone romance between the best man and the other best man! In my defense, I was left alone with a bottle of single-malt and a life-long penchant for protecting my baby sister. Still, that's no excuse to send ten drunk-texts on why her hasty marriage would be a mistake. If only I had just texted my sister. But nope. I accidentally sent the message to her, her groom, and his super hot wingman. I also used the phrase “super hot wingman,” so I’d like to die now. Instead, I have to plan a wedding with the aforementioned hottie and share a too-small guesthouse in steamy Miami. Three days in the sun with the cocky, charming former athlete who likes to push my buttons? Fine, two can play at that let’s-infuriate-each-other game. Until Asher ups the stakes with one wildly sexy suggestion. A no-strings fling, then I go back to my single dad life in New York, and he returns to his star-studded one. Sign me up. But the more nights I spend with the other best man, the more I want days too, and that just can't happen. Especially when I find out the real reason why… Contents Include: First times, a secret to-do list, champion-level flirting, fast cars, #eggplants, and two men who look good in formal wear.

Lauren Blakely - Lili Valente - The ​V Card
When ​you think about how easy it is to lose keys, phones, sunglasses and your dignity on social media, you might figure it'd be a cinch for me to ditch my V Card. You'd be wrong. At 25, I run a successful business, live in a fantastic apartment, and have fabulous friends to go out with any night of the week. And yet I'm still a card-carrying member of a club I don't want to belong to anymore. Good thing I know just the man for the deflowering job—my brother’s business partner and best friend. Graham Campbell is charming, smart, and, I’m told, oh-so-skilled in the sack. As long as I keep my eyes on the prize, there’s no way this pluck-the-flower project could possibly complicate matters. *** Work and pleasure. As the CEO of a fast-growing company, I've been enjoying both to the fullest. What do I do when the board throws me for an unexpected loop so I can keep my business in my hands? I enlist the help of my best friend's little sister since she holds a big stake in the company. But then I learn there's another big stake she wants. The one between my legs. I can do this. Seven nights to teach her everything I know in the bedroom. There's no way I'll fall for her, even though she’s earning top grades in every single sinfully sexy lesson. And turns out I’m learning something too. The trouble is I don’t have the answer key to what to do when I fall hard for her. And that throws a whole new hitch in my plans.

Sarina Bowen - Lauren Blakely - Super ​Hot Wingman
Promises ​I make to myself… I won't stare at my sister's fiance's super hot best friend, even when he takes his shirt off at a dinner party. I won't look him up online and check out photos from his professional soccer career. And I definitely won't fantasize about him late at night. Oops. Broke all three. But in my defense, his abs and that arrogant smile are my catnip. Plus it's been a while. But no matter how sexy Asher St James is, I will never let on that he's at the top of a long list of things I want to do. And I keep that last promise. Well, mostly…

Lauren Blakely - Mister ​O (angol)
From ​the NYT Bestselling author of BIG ROCK, comes a hot and hilarious new standalone... Just call me Mister O. Because YOUR pleasure is my super power. Making a woman feel ‘oh-god-that’s-good’ is the name of the game, and if a man can’t get the job done, he should get the hell out of the bedroom. I’m talking toe-curling, mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing ecstasy. Like I provide every time. I suppose that makes me a superhero of pleasure, and my mission is to always deliver. But then I'm thrown for a loop when a certain woman asks me to teach her everything about how to win a man. The only problem? She's my best friend's sister, but she's far too tempting to resist--especially when I learn that sweet, sexy Harper, has a dirty mind too and wants to put it to good use. What could possibly go wrong as I give the woman I've secretly wanted some no-strings-attached lessons in seduction? No one will know, even if we send a few dirty sexts. Okay, a few hundred. Or if the zipper on her dress gets stuck. Not on that! Or if she gives me those f*&k-me-eyes on the train in front of her whole family. The trouble is the more nights I spend with her in bed, the more days I want to spend with her out of bed. And for the first time ever, I'm not only thinking about how to make a woman cry out in pleasure --I'm thinking about how to keep her in my arms for a long time to come. Looks like the real Adventures of Mister Orgasm have only just begun.... **MISTER O is a standalone romantic comedy and it follows supporting characters first introduced in BIG ROCK**

Lauren Blakely - Caught ​Up In Him
Seventeen-year-old ​Kat Harper has always dreamed of silver-screen kisses, the kind of love you see in the movies. That’s exactly what she gets the summer before college when she meets her brother’s best friend Bryan. He’s five years older, but that doesn’t stop them from falling into a summer romance so perfect it could have been scripted by Hollywood. They kiss in the back row of the movie theater, on the beach at night, even on the quiet streets of her hometown when no one’s looking. Surely, he’s falling as hard for her as she is for him, right? But Bryan breaks her heart and leaves with barely an explanation, forcing Kat to move on from her first love... until five years later, when he walks back into her life. Now she has to face the truth that she's never gotten over him. Is it possible he hasn’t stopped thinking about her too?

Lauren Blakely - Joy ​Ride
From ​the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of FULL PACKAGE and BIG ROCK, comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy… Let’s be honest, ladies. A good man is a lot like the perfect car. You want a hot body, an engine that purrs, and superior performance under the hood...for the best joy ride of your life. I’m at your service. Ready to go all night long. But then a wildly sexy brunette appears in my life and throws a wrench in all my plans. She’s fiery, she’s talented, she’s gorgeous, and I’d really like to know what makes her engine hum. Henley also happens to be my biggest rival, and now we’re forced to work together every day on the most important custom car build of my career. The trouble is I can’t quite figure out if she wants to kick me in the lug nuts or beg me to give her a good, hard fuel injection. Until one night that question is answered on the hood of a sports car when she calls out my name three times. And we can’t seem to put on the brakes. If sleeping with the enemy is a bad idea, how much more dangerous would it be to fall in love with her?

Lauren Blakely - Satisfaction ​Guaranteed
What’s ​a man to do when the one who got away comes roaring back into his life, and asks for a little help in the bedroom? Say Hell, Yeah. Of course. But if she happens to be my business partner’s daughter? And she’ll be working in our practice, where we’ll be rubbing elbows every day? Also, have I mentioned she’s as dynamic, brilliant, and captivatingly sexy as ever? A smart man would say no. A wise man would say no, hell no, and never. And I’m a pretty smart guy. But see, Sloane has issued a hell of a challenge—make her purr like no man has ever done before, and if there’s one thing I know I can do, it’s make a woman feel oh-so-good in the sheets. The lady knows where she wants to go. What’s the harm in a few nights…and then a few more…spent taking her there? And the more I discover what brings Sloane satisfaction, the more I want to discover every little thing about her. The trouble is Sloane might be my dream girl, but my professional dreams are tied to my partnership with her father. Am I too far gone to resist the woman who got away?

Lauren Blakely - Bigger ​Rock
Once ​upon a time there was a cocky, confident, die-hard bachelor living it up in New York City. He was clever and charming, and he'd been living the good life. Then, one special woman -- one very sassy, confident, and fantastic woman -- knocked him on his butt, thanks to love that came out of the blue. Take that story and multiply it by four. That's what's in the BIGGER ROCK box set -- four New York Times bestselling romantic comedies, told in the male POV, that established Lauren Blakely as at the top of her game in rom-com! You'll find friends-to-lovers, best-friend's-little-sister, boss-assistant, and roomies-to-lovers romances. Come meet the irreverent bachelor Spencer Holiday in BIG ROCK, the hot nerd Nick Hammer in MISTER O, his twin brother Wyatt, the sarcastic and sweet carpenter, in WELL HUNG, and the charming and brilliant doctor with the heart of gold, Chase Summers, in the #1 NewYork Times bestselling smash hit FULL PACKAGE. Get ready for a hot &hilarious ride!

Lauren Blakely - Nagyot ​fogsz nézni
El ​sem képzelhettem volna tökéletesebb éjszakát. Egyetlen mesés éjszakára - egy jelmezes bulin Manhattan szívében -, nem az a milliomos vagyok, akiből mindenki akar egy darabot. Jó... multimilliomos. De ki számolja a nullákat? Én biztosan nem, és az a nagyon izgalmas nő sem, amilyennel még sosem találkoztam, aki történetesen szeret táncolni, szellemesen cseveg, és éppolyan szenvedélyesen imádja a falhoz döntős szexet, mint én. Nincs szükség nevekre, sem névjegyekre. Ezért akarom jobban megismerni őt. Úgy tűnik, a titokzatos csajom önmagamért kedvel, nem pedig a hatalmas... bankszámlámért. Minden remekül megy. Másnapig, amikor egy kicsit bonyolultak lesznek a dolgok. (Gyorshír: nagyon bonyolultak.) *** A srác elbűvölő, okos, hihetetlen szerető, de... Egyetlen célért hajtottam, és akár hiszitek, akár nem, épp a titokzatos pasim áll köztem és az álommunkám között. Iszonyúan szükségem van arra a munkára, hiszen az én küzdelmes életem semmiben sem hasonlít az övéhez. Ideje magam mögött hagyni azt a mesés éjszakát, és arra koncentrálni, hogy megtudjam, mitől indul be. Elég baj, hogy kiderül: az ő lelkivilága az én lelkivilágom, és éppúgy imádja New Yorkot, mint én. Az együtt töltött napjaink alatt valami mást is felfedezek, amit a sors kegyetlen fintorának érzek - beleszeretek ebbe a modern mesebeli hercegbe. El sem képzelhettem volna ilyen befejezést.

Lauren Blakely - Long ​Night - Ich will nur dich!
Mein ​Leben ist eigentlich verdammt perfekt. Ich schraube in meiner Werkstatt an exklusiven Custom Cars, habe ab und zu einen One-Night-Stand und keine großen Sorgen. Bis Henley Rose auftaucht, eine feurige Brünette aus meiner Vergangenheit, von der ich schon immer mal wissen wollte, was ihren Motor zum Schnurren bringt. Das Problem dabei: Henley ist meine größte Rivalin. Und jetzt sind wir gezwungen, jeden Tag gemeinsam an dem wichtigsten Projekt meiner Karriere zu arbeiten. In einer langen Nacht in der Werkstatt passiert es dann: Ich vernasche sie. Auf der Motorhaube eines Sportwagens. Und damit fangen die Probleme richtig an. Denn mit seiner größten Konkurrentin zu schlafen ist schon gefährlich – sich dann unsterblich in sie zu verlieben aber noch viel mehr!

Lauren Blakely - Once ​Upon a Red Hot Kiss
man ​needs to stay far away from falling into bed with his best friend. Even if she’s sexy as sin, sweet as candy, and damn near irresistible every single day. But not only are Macy and I best friends, we’re also complete opposites. She’s perky, upbeat, outgoing and I’m . . . how shall we say . . . a little bit broody. Then, she reveals something to me that just might lead me to revise all my rules on friends in bed...