Lee Stringer könyvei a rukkolán

Lee Stringer - Grand ​Central Winter
Whether ​Lee Stringer is describing "God's corner" as he calls 42nd Street, or his friend Suzy, a hooker and "past due tourist" whose infant child he sometimes babysits, whether he is recounting his experiences at Street News, where he began hawking the newspaper for a living wage, then wrote articles, and served for a time as muckraking senior editor, whether it is his adventures in New York's infamous Tombs jail, or performing community service, or sleeping in the tunnels below Grand Central Station by night and collecting cans by day, this is a book rich with small acts of kindness, humor and even heroism alongside the expected violence and desperation of life on the street. There is always room, Stringer writes, "amid the costume" jewel glitter...for one more diamond in the rough." Two events rise over Grand Central Winter like sentinels: Stringer's discovery of crack cocaine and his catching the writing bug. Between these two very different yet oddly similar activities, Lee's life unwound itself, during the 1980s, and took the shape of an odyssey, an epic struggle to find meaning and happiness in arid times. He eventually beat the first addiction with help from a treatment program. The second addiction, writing, has hold of him still. Among the many accomplishments of this book is that Stringer is able to convey something of the vitality and complexity of a down—and—out life. The reader walks away from it humming its melody, one that is more wise than despairing, less about the shame we feel when confronted with a picture of those less fortunate, and more about the joy we feel when we experience our shared humanity.

Lee Stringer - Kurt Vonnegut - Fedél ​nélkül New Yorkban / Beszélgetések az írásról
Húsz ​évet töltött Lee Stringer otthontalanul New York utcáin. Az évek során szenvedélyes drogos csavargó, aki minden más helyen hajtotta le a fejét, szenvedélyes íróvá vált. A Street News szerkesztőjeként keserű iróniával, mégis hitelesen írta meg az utca népének történeteit, és saját sokszor keserű mégis saját maga által választott sorsát. A város nyers valóságáról olvasva a különbözőségek mellett arra is rádöbbenhetünk, hogy New York nincs is olyan távol tőlünk, és a szerző emberséges javaslatait talán mi is megfogadhatnánk. A kötet második felében Kurt Vonnegut és Lee Stringer beszélgetéseit olvashatjuk az írásról, saját hitvallásukról, egymás művészetéről. Pillanatfelvétel két különös ember találkozásáról.

Kurt Vonnegut - Lee Stringer - Like ​Shaking Hands with God
Like ​Shaking Hands with God details a collaborative journey on the art of writing undertaken by two distinguished writers separated by age, race, upbringing, and education, but sharing common goals and aspirations. Rarely have two writers spoken so candidly about the intersection where the lives they live meet the art they practice. That these two writers happen to be Kurt Vonnegut and Lee Stringer makes this a historic and joyous occasion. The setting was a bookstore in New York City, the date Thursday, October 1, 1998. Before a crowd of several hundred, Vonnegut and Stringer took up the challenge of writing books that would make a difference and the concomitant challenge of living from day to day. As Vonnegut said afterward, ""It was a magical evening."" A book for anyone interested in why the simple act of writing things down can be more important than the amount of memory in our computers.