Beatrix Potter könyvei a rukkolán

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Ginger & Pickles
Once upon a time there was a village shop. The name over the window was "Ginger and Pickles". It was a little small shop just the right size for Dolls - Lucinda and Jane Doll-cook always brought their groceries at Ginger and Pickles.

Beatrix Potter - Appley ​Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
Appley ​Dapply, a little brown mouse, goes to the cupboard in somebody's house. In somebody's cupboard there's everything nice, cake, cheese, jam and biscuits, - all charming for mice!

Beatrix Potter - The ​Most Beautiful Stories of Beatrix Potter
Combining ​fascinating writing with magical illustrations, the stories of Beatrix Potter gained widespread recognition as masterpieces of children’s literature. A perfect reflection of the vices and virtues of human beings, these fables – among which stand out the adventures of the famous Peter Rabbit – have served to delight generations with the mischievous ongoings of her characters drawn from the animal universe always serving to convey precious and timeless lessons for life.

Beatrix Potter - Nyúl ​Péter
Négy ​kis lapozó Nyúl Péter és barátaiból jól ismert illusztrációkkal a legkisebbeknek. Színek, számok, állatok és ellentétek.

Beatrix Potter - Cecily ​Parsley's Nursery Rhymes
Cecily ​Parsley lived in a pen, and brewed good ale for gentlemen; gentlemen came every day, till Cecily Parsley ran away. Goosey, goosey, gander, whither will you wander? Upstairs and downstairs, and in my lady's chamber!

Beatrix Potter - The ​World of Peter Rabbit and Friends
The ​first four stories from The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends animated television and video series, which feature some of the best-loved Beatrix Potter Tales, are now brought together in one volume. The vibrant illustrations from the animated (which appear here in a stunning new layout), and the easy-follow text, make this the perfect bedtime book to read out loud or alone. First enjoy the exciting adventures of Peter Rabbit and his cousin Benjamin Bunny in Mr. McGregor's garden. Then see what happens when Moppet, Mittens and Tom Kitten try to keep clean and tidy from their mother's tea party, and when Jemima Puddle-duck encounters a foxy-whiskered gentleman. Meet Samuel Whiskers in one of Beatrix Potter's most thrilling stories in which Tom Kitten is nearly made into a roly-poly pudding. Lastly, there is Beatrix Potter's own favourite Tale, The Tailor of Gloucester, which recounts the enchanting story of an old tailor who sets to work to make a magnificent coat for the Mayor of Gloucester's wedding on Christmas morning.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse
Johnny ​Town-Mouse was born in a cupboard. Timmy Willie was born in a garden. Timmy Willie was a little country mouse who went to town by mistake in a hamper. The gardener sent vegetables to town once a week by carrier; he packed them in a bid hamper.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit
This ​is a fierce bad Rabbit; look at his savage whiskers, and his claws and his turned up tail. This is a nice gentle Rabbit. His mother has given him a carrot. The bad Rabbit would like some more carrot.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Beatrix Potter Collection I-II.
This ​collection brings together all your favourite Beatrix Potter stories in two volumes.

Beatrix Potter - Peter ​Rabbit Christmas is Coming
Count ​down to Christmas Day with Peter Rabbit! It's nearly time for Christmas and Peter Rabbit can't wait to eat mince pies, decorate a tree and open all his presents! Join Peter and all his friends for 25 brand-new Christmas stories, the perfect way to get young readers into the festive spirit! With an activity to enjoy every day of December, this beautiful book makes the perfect Christmas gift and will become a festive tradition for Peter Rabbit fans young and old!

Beatrix Potter - Selected ​Tales from Beatrix Potter
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Beatrix Potter - Tipptopp ​Tomi kalandjai
A ​mókus házaspár őszi diógyűjtése nem várt fordulatot vesz. Tipptopp Tomit társai megkergetik, és gondolván, hogy meg kell büntetniük, egy odúba dobják. Mi vár a pocakos mókusra és feleségére?

Beatrix Potter - Hová ​bújtak Nyúl Péter barátai?
Nyúl ​Péter és barátai elbújtak a könyv lapjain! Vajon megtalálod őket? Forgasd el a lapokat, s egyszer csak megkerülnek!

Beatrix Potter - Treasured ​Tales
This ​book contains four Beatrix Potter stories, featuring some of her most popular characters: The Tale of Tom Kitten, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and The Tale of Pigling Bland.

Beatrix Potter - Favourite ​Beatrix Potter Tales
This ​book contains four classic Beatrix Potter stories as featured in the forthcoming film, "Miss Potter". These stories are read by the film's four leading actors, including actress Renee Zellweger who plays Beatrix.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
Once ​upon a time there was a little girl called Lucie, who lived at a farm called Little-town. She was a good little girl - only she was always losing her pocket-handkerchiefs! One day little Lucie came into the farm-yard crying - oh, she did cry so! "I've lost my pocket-handkin! Three handkins and a pinny! Have you seen them, Tabby Kitten?"

Beatrix Potter - Tickle ​Tickle Peter!
Stroke ​and tickle, Play and giggle! Peter rabbit and his friends have such strokable tummies and tails. Why don't you give them a tickle?

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Benjamin Bunny
One ​morning a little rabbit sat on a bank. He pricked his ears and listened to the trit-trot, trit-trot of a pony. A gig was coming along the road; it was driven by Mr. McGregor, and beside him sat Mrs. McGregor in her best bonnet.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tailor of Gloucester
To ​celebrate Peter's birthday, Frederick Warne is publishing new editions of all 23 of Potter's original tales, which take the very first printings of Potter's works as their guide. The aim of these editions is to be as close as possible to Beatrix Potter's intentions while benefiting from modern printing and design techniques. The colors and details of the watercolors in the volumes are reproduced more accurately than ever before, and it has now been possible to disguise damage that has affected the artwork over the years. Most notably, The Tale of Peter Rabbit restores six of Potter's original illustrations. Four were sacrificed in 1903 to make space for illustrated endpapers, and two have never been used before. Of course, Beatrix Potter created many memorable children's characters, including Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddle-duck and Jeremy Fisher. But whatever the tale, both children and adults alike can be delighted by the artistry in Potter's illustrations, while they also enjoy a very good read. Because they have always been completely true to a child's experience, Potter's 23 books continue to endure.

Beatrix Potter - Meet ​Peter Rabbit
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories
The ​warmth, whimsy and charm of these animal stories have made them favorites with generations of children and adults. Included in this collection: The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Potter); The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (Potter); The Adventures of Peter Cottontail (Burgess); The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies (Potter); The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (Potter); The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel (Burgess); The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse (Potter); The Tale of Two Bad Mice (Potter); The Adventures of Reddy Fox (Burgess)

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan
Once ​upon a time there was a Pussy-cat called Ribby, who invited a little dog called Duchess, to tea. "Come in good time, my dear Duchess," said Ribby's letter, "and we will have something so very nice. I am baking it in a pie-dish - a pie-dish with a pink rim. You never tasted anything so good! And you shall eat it all! I will eat muffins, my dear Duchess!" wrote Ribby.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Samuel Whiskers or the Roly-Poly Pudding
Once ​upon a time there was an old cat, called Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit, who was an anxious parent. She used to lose her kittens continually, and whenever they were lost they were always in mischief! On baking day she determined to shut them up in a cupboard.

Beatrix Potter - Nyúl ​Péter kalandjai - Térbeli mesekönyv
Nyúl ​Péter klasszikus kalandja leleményes térbeli illusztrációk segítségével játékosan elevenedik meg.

Beatrix Potter - Beatrix ​Potter színezője
Üdvözlünk ​Beatrix Potter világában, ahol Nyúl Péter, Nyuszi Benjámin és Kacsa Jolán mellett még számtalan kedvencünk várja, hogy életre keltsd őket. 45 bájos, színezésre váró kép, és idézetek az eredeti mesékből.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
What ​a funny sight it is to see a brood of ducklings with a hen! - Listen to the story of Jemima Puddle-duck, who was annoyed because the farmer's wife would not let her hatch her own eggs.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
This ​story is one of the famous Peter Rabbit books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter. This celebration edition with a bronze-foil jacket marks 100 years since the first publication of "The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin" by Frederick Warne.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Two Bad Mice
Once ​upon a time there was a very beautiful doll's-house; it was red brick with white windows, and it had real muslin curtains and a front door and a chimney. It belonged to two Dolls called Lucinda and Jane, at least it belonged to Lucinda, but she never ordered meals.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter
This ​delightful volume combines three popular Beatrix Potter collections: Giant Treasury of Peter Rabbit, Giant Treasury of Beatrix Potter and Further Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends. Nineteen tales in all with Potter's original illustrations. 520 full-color and 155 b&w illustrations. 256 pages.

Beatrix Potter - The ​Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Once ​upon a time there was a frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisher; he lived in a little damp house amongst the buttercups at the edge of a pond. The water was all slippy-sloppy in the larder and in the back passage.

Beatrix Potter - Nursery ​Rhyme Book
Beatrix ​Potter loved traditional rhymes and riddles, and she wove them into her Tales whenever she could. Here is a delightful collection of nearly one hundred nursery rhymes, some of them taken from her books, and some which were intended to be published but which were dropped for reasons of space, or because the book itself was never completed. Verses from the privately-printed edition of The Tailor of Gloucester and rhymes for the early 1905 edition of Appley Dappley's Nursery Rhymes which was never finished rub shoulders with better-known favourites from the 1917 edition of Appley Dappley's Nursery Rhymes, Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes and The Fairy Caravan, together with rhymes from The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. Some of the rhymes are traditional, quoted from Haliwell if Beatrix Potter's reference was too scanti; some are Beatrix Potter's special adaptations; others are Beatrix Potter originals. Charming illustration from Beatrix Potter's work perfectly complement the rhymes, and make the book an ideal gift for any child. A special feature od this edition are the fresh reproductions (from new transparencies) of nearly all the original paintings included in the book. Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866. She spent a lonely but interesting childhood, for although her parents were inclined to keep her isolated from the company of children, she was encouraged to study art, and as she grew older, natural history. She kept animals in the schoolroom - Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny had been two of these pets, which is why they retain their true animal characteristics in her famous Tales, despite the little blue jacket, tam-o-shanter and clogs. Later in life she maintained that she was glad that she had never gone to school because it would have rubbed off some of the originality. She had been educated by governesses, and it was for the little son of the last governess that the celebrated Peter Rabbit story was written - as a picture letter in 1893. She later had it turned into a book, first in a privately printed edition, and in 1902 it appeared with coloured pictures as the first of the series of little Tales which have become so popular throughout the world. In 1913 Beatrix Potter married William Heelis, a solicitor in the Lake District, and became more and more involved in farming as the years wnt on. When she died in 1943 she left four thousand acres of Lake District land to National Trust.

Beatrix Potter - Nyuszi ​Benjámin kalandjai
Nyuszi ​Benjámin és Nyúl Péter megpróbálja visszaszerezni Gergelyfi bácsi kertjéből Nyúl Péter elveszett kabátját és cipőjét.