Melissa Hellstern könyvei a rukkolán

Melissa Hellstern - How ​to be Lovely
'This ​hybrid mini-biography/female empowerment manual goes down like a soothing tonic for the 21st-century woman attempting to juggle life, career, family and, if there's time, fashion.' - ''Publishers Weekly' A beloved icon who put the ''haute' in ''couture' and found success as an actress, a mother and a humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn was an expert in the art of being a woman. The waifish star and muse of Givenchy was quite the sage as well, turning out insightful quotes on topics of concern to women the world over: careers, love lives, motherhood, relationships and ageing gracefully, among others. Writer Melissa Hellstern has spent five years collecting some of the late icon's most remarkable words in this beautifully designed and produced book filled with rare photos, behind-the-scenes stories and insights from the friends who knew Hepburn well. Enduring the challenges of womanhood - miscarriages, divorce and the balancing act of career and family - Audrey Hepburn exuded dignity and humility through her successes and failures, and women of all ages will find inspiration among these pages. More philosophy than biography, ''How to be Lovely' revisits the many interviews Audrey gave over the years, allowing us to hear her voice directly. ''How to be Lovely' uncovers the real Audrey, in her own words. Audrey Hepburn perfected the art of gracious living and is an enduring, relevant and inspiring role model for women today. She found her way into the hearts of millions who grew up wanting to be just like her.

Melissa Hellstern - Audrey ​Hepburn világa
A ​képekkel gazdagon illusztrált kötet sokkal inkább életfilozófia, mint életrajz. A szerző számos, az évek során készült interjúiból idéz, és ezáltal közvetlenül Audrey-tól "hallhatjuk", hogyan is gondolkodott több, a világ hölgytársadalmát különösképp érintő olyan problémával kapcsolatban, mint a karrier, a szerelem, az anyaság vagy az emberi kapcsolatok. Melissa Hellstern munkájában eddig ritkán közzétett fényképeket és Audrey közeli barátainak vallomásait is segítségül hívja, hogy megrajzolja nekünk az ünnepelt filmcsillag igazi arcát.