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Danelle Harmon - My ​Saving Grace
It's ​the perfect recipe for... A WEDDING PARTY GONE TERRIBLY WRONG AN IMPETUOUS NOBLEWOMAN... Lady Grace Fairchild is impetuous, free-spirited - and single. With her mother on her fourth husband and her future uncertain, Grace has set her sights on the most eligible naval officer on the marriage market. Dashing and decorated, every woman's dream, she needs to find a way to impress him with her sailing skills. But who can she find to teach her the ways of a mariner so she can impress the naval hero? A TACITURN NAVAL HERO... Captain Delmore Lord is a by-the-book man, rigid in his duties, an adherent to protocol. When he saves a spirited miss from drowning, he never dreams his own heart will be stolen by the fun-loving noblewoman who has set her cap for another, even as she enlists Del himself to teach her the ways of the sea. He is destined to become her accomplice, her helper, and even her best friend. But is he destined to be her lover? Or, perhaps even her husband?

Danelle Harmon - The ​Wild One
Lord ​Gareth de Montforte is an irresponsible, fun-loving rake when beautiful Juliet Paige arrives from America with his late brother's baby, hoping to give the child a name. Gareth impulsively weds her, only to discover he wasn't ready for all the responsibilities of marriage and fatherhood. They're in for plenty of trouble and heartache, until they discover that their love can overcome anything. Ads in "Romantic Times".

Danelle Harmon - The ​Wicked One
The ​bluest of blood; the boldest of hearts; the de Monteforte brothers will take your breath away Meet Lord Lucien The head of his noble family, the dark and dangerous Duke of Blackheath spends his time manipulating other lives without giving a thought to finding a wife of his own. Yet Lucien must admit he finds exquisite Eva de la Mouriere most intriguing. What adventurous, red-blooded male would not be intrigued by a flame-haired beauty who appears in his chambers demanding that he make love to her? Certainly this hot-tempered minx would make a delightful bedmate -- though surely not a bride. Eva knows Lucien is the cause of all her current misfortunes, Yet he refuses to be humiliated. But the worst betrayer is her own heart. No match for Lucien's seductive mastery, Eva craves the blackguard as she's never craved another, She must resist this rogue, but how long can she deny her own passion -- or Lucien's blossoming genuine love -- in the face of his scheming family's successful attempts to force a wedding?

Danelle Harmon - The ​Defiant One
Meet ​Lord Andrew Blessed-or perhaps cursed-with a fiery temper, a strong will, and a blatant disregard for his brother's wishes, Andrew's only desire was to be left alone. But after being caught in a compromising position with tempting Lady Celsiana Blake, the defiant Lord Andrew is forced into marriage. This solitary man knows he has been duped by his brother, for Andrew would never have taken the lady into his private chambers if it hadn't been for the Duke of Blackheath's machinations. After all, the reluctant groom's sudden, unbidden desire for the woman who would be his bride could only be called a mere chemical reation-or was it something more? Celsie can't account for her shameless behavior with the brilliant but brooding lord she was to wed. So how was she supposed to act now that she was sharing her life with him? There is only one thing a new wife on the verge of falling in love can do--try to win her husband's wary heart.

Danelle Harmon - A ​Veszedelmes
Ismerje ​meg Lord Lucient! A család feje, a sötét és veszélyes Blackheath herceg azzal tölti idejét, hogy beleavatkozik mások életébe, s közben nem gondol arra, hogy feleséget szerezzen saját magának. De azt elismeri, hogy kivételes Eva de la Mouriére felkelti érdeklődését. Melyik elszánt férfi ne lenne kíváncsi a lángvörös hajú szépségre, aki megjelenik a hálószobájában, és azt követeli, hogy szeretkezzen vele? Ez a forróvérű asszony szeretőnek nagyszerű lenne - menyasszonynak talán kevésbé. Eva tisztában van vele, hogy Lucien az oka minden nemrég történt balszerencséjének, de a férfit nem tudja megalázni. Legnagyobb árulója azonban a saját szíve. Lucien csábító hatalmának nem képes ellenállni, s úgy vágyakozik a férfira, mint addig még senki másra. Ellen kell állnia a gazfickónak, de meddig tudja megtagadni saját szenvedélyét - vagy meddig bír ellenállni Lucien kibontakozó, valódi szerelmének - az áskálódó család ellenében, mely sikeresen próbálkozik kettejüket házasságra kényszeríteni.

Danelle Harmon - A ​Dacos
A ​Dacos. Tüzes temperamentum, erős akarat, de leginkább testvérének hercegi óhajaival való szembeszállása formálta egyéniségét. Egyedüli vágya csak az volt, hogy mindenki hagyja őt békén. De miután Lady Celsiana Blake-kel kompromittáló helyzetben találták, a dacos Lord Andrew-t belekényszerítik a házasságba. Ez a megrögzött agglegény jól tudja, hogy a háttérben a bátyja mozgatja a szálakat, mert Andrew szobájába Blackheat hercegének "segítsége" nélkül egyetlen hölgy sem tehette volna be soha a lábát. De végül is a nőnek, aki így a mennyasszonya lett, hirtelen lángra lobbant heves, szenvedélyes szerelme nem más, mint egy egyszerű kémiai reakció - vagy valami más is van a dologban?

Danelle Harmon - The ​Beloved One
A ​captain in His Majesty's Army, Lord Charles Adair de Montforte has been sent to serve in the American colonies. After being wounded in battle, he awakens to find himself in the tender care of Amy Leighton, a local lass who is trapped in a life of drudgery. Charles's heart is moved by her plight, but he is duty bound to his King and promised to another. Then fate takes a hand...

Danelle Harmon - Königin ​der Piraten
Die ​schöne Maeve Merrick herrscht als berühmt-berüchtigte Piratenkönigin über die Karibik. Unerschrocken raubt sie mit ihrer treuen Frauenmannschaft die Reichtümer vorübersegelnder Schiffe. Das Letzte, was die feurige Maeve auf dieser Welt braucht, ist ein Mann ? zu schlecht sind ihre Erfahrungen mit dem vermeintlich starken Geschlecht. Doch dann spülen die Wellen einen ausgesprochen verführerischen Schatz an das Ufer ihres kleinen Inselreiches: Gray, der geheimnisvolle Fremde, der ihr da ins Netz gegangen ist, weckt in Maeve nie gekannte Gefühle.

Danelle Harmon - The ​Wayward One
"The ​bluest of blood; the boldest of hearts; the de Montfortes will take your breath away." Irish Captain Ruaidri O' Devir has no love for the English. Taken from his family and pressed into the Royal Navy at a young age, he is now a commander for the fledgling American Continental Navy, hand-picked by John Adams himself to steal a potent new explosive from the British. Ruaidri expects to be successful in his mission. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love with the sister of the man he's crossed an ocean to abduct... Beautiful Lady Nerissa de Montforte is the youngest sibling in a powerful and aristocratic English family. Fiercely guarded by her overprotective brothers, she pines for love after a longtime betrothal was cruelly cut short. When she accompanies her brother to a demonstration of his new explosive, she never dreams that her wildest longings to find love and freedom are about to be fulfilled ... by a man who is wrong for her in every single way except the one that matters most... The spectacular conclusion to the internationally bestselling DE MONTFORTE series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Danelle Harmon!