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Claire North - Ithaka
Itt ​az ideje, hogy Ithaka asszonyai elmeséljék történetüket... Odüsszeusz király tizenhét éve ment háborúba Trója ellen, és magával vitte Ithaka szigetének minden harcolni képes férfiját. Egyikük sem tért még vissza. Távollétükben az ithakai asszonyokra maradt a királyság vezetése. Pénelopé még alig vált nővé, amikor hozzáment Odüsszeuszhoz. Amíg együtt éltek Ithaka szigetén, helyzete biztos volt. Most azonban, hogy közel két évtized telt el férje távozása óta, egyre több a találgatás, hogy Odüsszeusz meghalt. Kérők kezdenek kopogtatni a királyné ajtaján. Egyetlen férfi sem elég erős azonban ahhoz, hogy igényt tarthasson a király megüresedett trónjára. Még nem. Mindenki arra vár, hogy az erőviszonyok megbillenjenek. Pénelopé tudja, bármilyen döntést hoz, az véres polgárháborúba sodorhatja Ithakát. Itt mindenki figyel, még az istenek is, és nincs a szigetnek olyan szeglete, ahol ne uralkodna cselszövés. A királyné csak ravaszsággal, éleslátással és megbízható szolgálói segítségével tudja fenntartani a törékeny békét, amely a királyság túlélésének feltétele. A több irodalmi díjat elnyert Claire North merész, erőteljes és megható írása új életre kelti az ókori mítoszokat, és olyan nőkről szól, akik keményen helytállnak a kegyetlen férfiak uralta világban. Ez Pénelopé, Odüsszeusz messze földön híres feleségének története, ahogyan még soha nem mesélték el.

Claire North - Ithaca
This ​is the story of Penelope of Ithaca, famed wife of Odysseus, as it has never been told before. Beyond Ithaca's shores, the whims of gods dictate the wars of men. But on the isle, it is the choices of the abandoned women—and their goddesses—that will change the course of the world. Seventeen years ago, King Odysseus sailed to war with Troy, taking with him every man of fighting age from the island of Ithaca. None of them has returned, and the women of Ithaca have been left behind to run the kingdom. Penelope was barely into womanhood when she wed Odysseus. While he lived, her position was secure. But now, years on, speculation is mounting that her husband is dead, and suitors are beginning to knock at her door. No one man is strong enough to claim Odysseus' empty throne—not yet. But everyone waits for the balance of power to tip, and Penelope knows that any choice she makes could plunge Ithaca into bloody civil war. Only through cunning, wit, and her trusted circle of maids, can she maintain the tenuous peace needed for the kingdom to survive. On Ithaca, everyone watches, including the gods. And there is no corner of the land where intrigue does not reign. From the multi-award winning author Claire North comes a daring, powerful, and moving tale that breathes new life into ancient myth, and tells of the women who stand defiant in a world ruled by ruthless men. It's time for the women of Ithaca to tell their story... "Claire North brings a powerful, fresh, and unflinching voice to ancient myth—darkly fascinating, raw and breathtaking." —Jennifer Saint, author of Ariadne "Like Penelope at her loom, North weaves and unweaves, teasing out the threads of Homeric myth to recombine them into something unique, wonderful, and urgently contemporary." —M. R. Carey, author of The Girl With All the Gifts

Claire North - The ​Pursuit of William Abbey
From ​the award-winning and bestselling author of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and 84K comes a powerful new novel that examines how the choices we make can haunt us forever . . . South Africa, 1884. William Abbey, an English doctor, watches white colonists lynch a Zulu child. As the boy dies, his mother curses William: wherever he goes, the shadow of her son will follow him. It will never stop, never rest. It can cross oceans and mountains. And if it catches him, the person he loves most in the world will die . . . But to those in power, William's curse might be a blessing, and as the world slides towards war, William must decide what he's willing to sacrifice in order to survive. Moving, thought-provoking and utterly gripping, Claire North's extraordinary new novel proves again that she is one of the most original and innovative voices in modern fiction.

Claire North - Sweet ​Harmony
From ​the award-winning, bestselling Claire North comes a brand new stand-alone novella - a clever and unnervingly plausible dystopian tale set five minutes into the future . . . Harmony is tired. Tired of working so hard, tired of the way she looks, tired of being average. But all that changes when she decides to splash out and upgrade her nanos. And why not? Everyone's doing it now. With a simple in-app purchase, you can update the tech in your bloodstream to transform yourself - get enhanced brain power, the perfect body or a dazzling smile. Suddenly, everything starts going right for Harmony. She's finally becoming the person she always wanted to be. But when she ends up running too many upgrades on her body all at once, the effects will be more catastrophic than she could have imagined. With Sweet Harmony, Claire North proves yet again that she is one of the most innovative and original voices in modern fiction.

Claire North - The ​End of the Day
Charlie ​has a new job. He gets to travel, and he meets interesting people, some of whom are actually pleased to see him. It's good to have a friendly face, you see. At the end. But the end of all things is coming. Charlie's boss and his three associates are riding out, and it's Charlie's job to go before. Sometimes he is sent as a courtesy, sometimes as a warning. He never knows which.

Claire North - Die ​vielen Leben des Harry August
MANCHMAL ​IST EIN LEBEN NICHT GENUG, UM DIE WELT ZU RETTEN! Harry August stirbt. Mal wieder. Es ist das elfte Mal, dass Harrys Leben ein Ende findet. Und er weiß genau, wie es weitergehen wird: Er wird erneut im Jahr 1919 geboren werden ― mit all dem Wissen seiner vorherigen Leben. Harry hat akzeptiert, dass er in dieser Zeitschleife festhängt, auch wenn er nicht weiß, wieso ... Doch dann steht plötzlich ein junges Mädchen an seinem Sterbebett und überbringt ihm eine erschütternde Botschaft: Der Untergang der Welt steht bevor! Und das auslösende Ereignis findet vermutlich zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts statt. Harry, der bald wieder im Jahr 1919 sein wird, muss nun nicht weniger tun, als diese Zukunft zu verhindern ...

Claire North - The ​First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
Harry ​August is on his deathbed. Again. Every time Harry dies, he is reborn in exactly the same time and place, a child with all the knowledge of a life he has already lived a dozen times before. No matter what he does or the decisions he makes, when death comes, Harry always returns to where he began, and nothing ever changes. He only knows that there are others like him, living with but apart from the rest of us. As Harry nears the end of his eleventh life, a little girl appears at his bedside. 'I nearly missed you, Doctor August,' she says. 'I need to send a message. It has come down from child to adult, child to adult, passed back through generations from a thousand years forward in time. The message is that the world is ending, and we cannot prevent it. So now it's up to you.' This is the story of what Harry August does next - and what he did before - and how he tries to save a past he cannot change and a future he cannot allow.

Claire North - Notes ​from the Burning Age
From ​one of the most imaginative writers of her generation comes an extraordinary vision of the future… Ven was once a holy man, a keeper of ancient archives. It was his duty to interpret archaic texts, sorting useful knowledge from the heretical ideas of the Burning Age—a time of excess and climate disaster. For in Ven's world, such material must be closely guarded so that the ills that led to that cataclysmic era can never be repeated. But when the revolutionary Brotherhood approaches Ven, pressuring him to translate stolen writings that threaten everything he once held dear, his life will be turned upside down. Torn between friendship and faith, Ven must decide how far he's willing to go to save this new world—and how much he is willing to lose. Notes from the Burning Age is the remarkable new novel from the award-winning Claire North that puts dystopian fiction in a whole new light.

Claire North - Touch
Kepler ​had never meant to die this way — viciously beaten to death by a stinking vagrant in a dark back alley. But when reaching out to the murderer for salvation in those last dying moments, a sudden switch takes place. Now Kepler is looking out through the eyes of the killer himself, staring down at a broken and ruined body lying in the dirt of the alley. Instead of dying, Kepler has gained the ability to roam from one body to another, to jump into another person’s skin and see through their eyes, live their life -- be it for a few minutes, a few months or a lifetime. Kepler means these host bodies no harm — and even comes to cherish them intimately like lovers. But when one host, Josephine Cebula, is brutally assassinated, Kepler embarks on a mission to seek the truth — and avenge Josephine’s death

Claire North - The ​Gameshouse
The ​World Fantasy Award-winning author of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August presents a mesmerizing tale of a gambling house whose deadly games of chance and skill control the fate of empires. Everyone has heard of the Gameshouse. But few know all its secrets... It is the place where fortunes can be made and lost through chess, backgammon - every game under the sun. But those whom fortune favors may be invited to compete in the higher league... a league where the games played are of politics and empires, of economics and kings. It is a league where Capture the Castle involves real castles, where hide and seek takes place on the scale of a continent. Among those worthy of competing in the higher league, three unusually talented contestants play for the highest stakes of all... This novel was originally published as three digital-only novellas: The Serpent, The Thief, and The Master.

Claire North - Harry ​August csodálatos élete
Harry ​August a halálos ágyán fekszik. Már megint. Bármit tesz, bárhogy dönt, ha eljön a halál, Harry mindig visszatér oda, ahonnan elindult: újra gyerek lesz, de olyan gyerek, akinek birtokában van az immár jó néhányszor leélt életére vonatkozó összes tudás. E téren soha nem változik semmi. Egészen mostanáig. Ugyanis a tizenegyedik élete végéhez közeledő Harry ágya mellett fölbukkan egy kislány: „Kis híján lekéstem magát, dr. August” – mondja. „Küldenem kell egy üzenetet.” A könyv annak történetét meséli el, hogy mit tesz Harry ez után, mit tett előtte, és hogyan próbálja megmenteni a múltat, amelyen nem változtathat, illetve a jövőt, amelyet nem hagyhat bekövetkezni.

Claire North - 84K
What ​if your life were defined by a number? What if any crime could be committed without punishment, so long as you could afford to pay the fee assigned to that crime? Theo works in the Criminal Audit Office. He assesses each crime that crosses his desk and makes sure the correct debt to society is paid in full. But when Theo's ex-lover Dani is killed, it's different. This is one death he can't let become merely an entry on a balance sheet. Because when the richest in the world are getting away with murder, sometimes the numbers just don't add up.

Cory Doctorow - Sylvain Neuvel - Claire North - Black ​Mirror I.
From ​the creator of Black Mirror comes the first book in an anthology series featuring original stories from leading fiction writers, all set in the world of the cult series. Edited by Charlie Brooker, the creator of the hit Netflix original series Black Mirror, this book takes the very essence of the globally acclaimed cult TV show to create new, original, darkly satirical stories that tap into our collective unease about the modern world. This is Black Mirror in book form, allowed to roam through the imaginations of some of the leading names in contemporary fiction. This collection will challenge you to see the world in a different—and more disturbing—light. You have been warned....

Claire North - The ​Sudden Appearance of Hope
Listen. All ​the world forgets me. First my face, then my voice, then the consequences of my deeds. So listen. Remember me. My name is Hope Arden, and you won't know who I am. We've met before - a thousand times. But I am the girl the world forgets. It started when I was sixteen years old. A slow declining, an isolation, one piece at a time. A father forgetting to drive me to school. A mother setting the table for three, not four. A teacher who forgets to chase my missing homework. A friend who looks straight through me and sees a stranger. No matter what I do, the words I say, the people I hurt, the crimes I commit - you will never remember who I am. That makes my life tricky. But it also makes me dangerous . . . The Sudden Appearance of Hope is the tale of the girl no one remembers. But this gripping story – of love and loss, of hope and despair, of living in the moment and dying to leave a mark – is novel that will stay with you for ever.