Kira Takenouchi könyvei a rukkolán

Kira Takenouchi - Taming ​Riki 1. Part 3
Riki ​regains consciousness and finds himself at the mercy of an enraged Raoul Am, who promises the mongrel a night of terror without any interruption or help from Riki's master inside the infamous Taming Tower.

Kira Takenouchi - Taming ​Riki 1. Part 2
Riki ​the Dark: proud, defiant, and unapologetically vulgar and rude. The angry mongrel has vowed to submit to no one, least of all his Master, the illustrious Iason Mink. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas? After over a year and a half of discipline and training, Iason has still not managed to turn the heart of the infamous mongrel from the slums. Or has he?

Kira Takenouchi - Headmaster's ​Chamber 1.
Not ​a week after being admitted midterm to Valemont Academy for Distinguished Young Men, Kyoshi is sent to Headmaster Sho Mitsuwa for discipline. What happens behind the closed doors of Mitsuwa's private chambers? Find out in Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's salaciously controversial manga yaoi novel, the graphic companion to her In the Headmaster's Chambers novel series, also available at Amazon. (This manga covers the first chapter of the novel In the Headmaster's Chambers.)

Kira Takenouchi - Taming ​Riki 1. Part 1.
Iason ​Mink: Jupiter's Golden Boy, Head of the Syndicate, and the ultimate Amoian Elite. When Tanagura's leading Blondie takes on a new Pet, all of Eos is abuzz with the news. His choice is none other than Riki the Dark, the infamous gang leader of Bison, a mongrel with no respect for Iason's rank or authority. What will it take to tame the notorious wild boy of Midas?