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Cecil Castellucci - Disney ​- The Little Mermaid
Experience ​the tale of Disney's The Little Mermaid through the voice of Ariel herself in this comic retelling. The inspiring story of love, hope, and sacrifice is told through the perspective of the mermaid Ariel herself! Ariel is a free spirit. She is curious and adventurous with the desire to learn about everything the world has to offer--especially the world above her ocean home. When she hears a celebration on the surface of the ocean, it is love at first sight when she sees human Prince Eric travelling homeward aboard his ship. When there is an accident and the sailors are forced to abandon their ship, Ariel rescues Eric from drowning. Saved, he awakens to Ariel's beautiful voice and is immediately in love. But the possibility of romance seems hopeless as visiting the surface of the ocean and even being seen by humans is forbidden by her overprotective father. Ariel makes a risky deal with the sea witch Ursula for a chance at true love--she will become human! Faced with the manipulation of the evil sea witch, and the challenges of being human for the first time, will Ariel realize her love with Eric . . . and be human forever? Written by award-winning author Cecil Castellucci (Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Shade, The Changing Girl, The Plain Janes, Soupy Leaves Home), this graphic novel invites you to be a part of Ariel's world as she experiences the hardships of growing up, the power of love, and dreams of being . . . human.

Cecil Castellucci - Disney ​- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The ​classic tale reawakens and expands through the first-person perspective of Snow herself in this comic retelling! The tale of Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is told through the perspective of the princess herself! More than a damsel in distress, she possesses a heart and soul that yearns for knowledge, love, and acceptance. Made to work in her own castle by her wicked stepmother, the Queen, Snow's world changes the day she meets her prince charming and her jealous stepmother tries to have her killed. Snow flees to the forest to hide and finds sanctuary with a family she never could have expected in the boisterous seven dwarfs. Can her heart still flourish with the shadow of the queen's hate looming over her, and only the lingering hope of seeing her prince again? Written by award-winning author Cecil Castellucci (Soupy Leaves Home, Shade, The Changing Girl), this graphic novel revives the timeless classic of Snow White for audiences young and adult. Glimpse into the mind and heart of Snow White as she experiences love, betrayal, terror, hope, friendship, longing, and sadness, before her happily ever after. Collects Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs #1-#3.

Cecil Castellucci - Paul Dini - Phil Hester - Sam Humphries - Collin Kelly - Tom King - Jackson Lanzing - Mark Russell - Mairghread Scott - Tom Taylor - Dave Wielgosz - DC ​Holiday Nightmares
The ​holidays are tough enough as it is, but when you're living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the world can seem bleaker than ever. Your favorite DC superheroes are in for an unhappy holiday adventure they'll never forget! • BATMAN fights Ra's al Ghul on Christmas morning! • CATWOMAN enters the underbelly of the Gotham City wasteland! • SUPERMAN is haunted by memories of a dead planet! • SWAMP THING is trapped in a harrowing blizzard! • HARLEY QUINN fights with her wacky family for a not-so-silent night! • AQUAMAN is out of his element in a treacherous mountain snowstorm! • THE FLASH is tormented by visions of holidays past! All of these holiday nightmares--and more--are collected here! Brought to you by some of comics' top talents, including Tom King, Mark Russell, Paul Dini, Mairghread Scott, Sam Humphries, Jason Fabok, Yasmine Putri, Jerry Ordway and John Timms! DC HOLIDAY NIGHTMARES collects DC NUCLEAR WINTER SPECIAL

Cecil Castellucci - Boy ​Proof
Meet ​Egg. Her real name is Victoria Jurgen, but she's renamed herself after the kick-ass heroine of her favorite sci-fi movie, TERMINAL EARTH. Like her namesake, Egg dresses all in white, colors her eyebrows, and shaves her head. She always knows the right answers, she's always in control, and she's far too busy — taking photos for the school paper, meeting with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, and hanging out at the "creature shop" with her dad, the special-effects makeup wizard — to be bothered with friends, much less members of the opposite sex. As far as Egg is concerned, she's boy proof, and she likes it that way. But then Egg meets a boy named Max, a boy who's smart and funny and creative and cool . . . and happens to like Egg. Could this be the end of the world — at least as Egg knows it?

Cecil Castellucci - Jason Fry - Mozgó ​célpont
EBBEN ​A TELJESEN ÚJ TÖRTÉNETBEN ISMÉT IZGULHATUNK LEIA HERCEGNŐÉRT! A cselekmény a _Star Wars: A Birodalom visszavág_ és a _Star Wars: A jedi visszatér_ című filmek közötti időszakban játszódik. Leia egy szedett-vetett lázadó csapatot vezet egy olyan veszélyes küldetés során, amelyet a Birodalom minden erejével meg akar akadályozni. A történetben olyan fontos információkat is megtudhatunk, amelyek a _STAR WARS: AZ ÉBREDŐ ERŐ_ című VII. epizód cselekményéhez szorosan kapcsolódnak.

Cecil Castellucci - Jason Fry - Moving ​Target
Princess ​Leia returns for an all-new adventure in this thrilling upper middle grade novel. Set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, the story follows the warrior princess as she leads a ragtag group of rebels on a dangerous mission against the evil Galactic Empire. Hidden in the story are also hints and clues about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for fans old and new!

Cecil Castellucci - Batgirl ​(vol. 5) 8. - The Joker War
New ​York Times bestselling author of Shade, the Changing Girl Cecil Castellucci continues her run on the Batgirl series--this time with new challenges and foes! After the disastrous dust-up with Oracle, Batgirl needs to regroup. Yet THE MAKER has come to Gotham to claim a prize from his past, and Batgirl must return to super-heroism and stop him before she loses herself in the grip of his twisted tales! Meanwhile, Gotham City lies in ruins after the events of "City of Bane." As Barbara Gordon's friends and neighbors try to rebuild their homes, she faces a conflict she can't win with her fists: "Who Really Owns Gotham?" Batgirl intends to find out! Collects Batgirl #45-50.

Cecil Castellucci - First ​Day on Earth
A ​startling, wonderful novel about the true meaning of being an alien in an equally alien world. "We are specks. Pieces of dust in this universe. Big nothings. "I know what I am." Mal lives on the fringes of high school. Angry. Misunderstood. Yet loving the world -- or, at least, an idea of the world. Then he meets Hooper. Who says he's from another planet. And may be going home very soon.