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Műfajtörténeti visszapillantásnál – s egy nagyszabású sorozat első darabjaként – így is van ez rendjén. Asimov az 1953-as esztendő legszebb, legértékesebb, legmeghökkentőbb történeteit rendezte kötetbe. A „remekművek” megjelölés aligha könyvkereskedői túlzás: ezek az iskolateremtő alkotások ma egytől egyig klasszikus daraboknak számítanak.

Philip K. Dick - Dr. ​Futurity
From ​the author of Solar Lottery, in a future where death is embraced, a time-traveling doctor is the only one who can save a wounded resistance leader. When Dr. Jim Parsons wakes up from a car accident, he finds himself in a future populated almost entirely by the young. But to keep the world run by the young, death is fetishized, and those who survive to old age are put down. In such a world, Parsons—with his innate desire to save lives—is a criminal and outcast. But for one revolutionary group, he may be just the savior they need to heal and revive their cryogenically frozen leader. And when he and the group journey to 1500s California, what they find causes them to question what they know about history and the underpinnings of their society. With the jarring immediacy of a car crash, Philip K. Dick throws both the reader and protagonist of Dr. Futurity into a bizarre future where healing is a crime and youth rules.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Penultimate Truth
World ​War III is raging - or so the millions of people crammed in their underground tanks believe. For fiteen years, subterranean humanity has been fed on daily broadcasts of a never-ending nuclear destruction, sustained by a belief in the all powerful Protector. Now someone has gone to the surface and found no destruction, no war. The authorities have been telling a massive lie. Now the search begins to find out why.

Philip K. Dick - Our ​Friends from Frolix 8
For ​all the strange worlds borne of his vast and vivid imagination, Philip K. Dick was largely concerned with humanity’s most achingly familiar heartaches and struggles. In Our Friends From Frolix 8, he clashes private dreams against public battles in a fast-paced and provocative tale that ultimately addresses our salvation both as individuals and a whole. Nick Appleton is a menial laborer whose life is a series of endless frustrations. Willis Gram is the despotic oligarch of a planet ruled by big-brained elites. When they both fall in love with Charlotte Boyer, a feisty black marketer of revolutionary propaganda, Nick seems destined for doom. But everything takes a decidedly unpredictable turn when the revolution’s leader, Thors Provoni, returns from ten years of intergalactic hiding with a ninety-ton protoplasmic slime that is bent on creating a new world order. Winner of both the Hugo and John W. Campbell awards for best novel, widely regarded as the premiere science fiction writer of his day, and the object of cult-like adoration from his legions of fans, Philip K. Dick has come to be seen in a literary light that defies classification in much the same way as Borges and Calvino. With breathtaking insight, he utilizes vividly unfamiliar worlds to evoke the hauntingly and hilariously familiar in our society and ourselves.

Philip K. Dick - Űrlottó
A ​távoli jövőben bárki lehet a Naprendszer vezetője: nincsenek választások, nincsenek alkalmassági tesztek, nincs semmiféle feltétel. Minden az űrlottón múlik, és amikor a mágneses lottópalack pörög, bárkiből a világ abszolút uralkodója, a Kvízmester lehet. Csakhogy, amikor egy új Kvízmester hatalomra kerül, az elődjének még vannak bizonyos jogai, például orgyilkosokat küldhet az új vezető meggyilkolására. 2203-ban egy különös szekta vezetője lesz az új Kvízmester, és az addig zökkenőmentesen működő rendszer hirtelen akadozni kezd. A korábbi vezető mindent megtesz, hogy olyan orgyilkost találjon, aki átjut a telepata testőrökön, ám amikor az egyik alkalmazott átáll a másik oldalra, aggasztó tények kerülnek napvilágra a lottórendszerről, és elképzelhető, hogy ezúttal senki nem nyerhet. Az _Űrlottó_, Philip K. Dick első, 1955-ben megjelent regénye még ma is szellemes és eredeti, okos és lebilincselő mű.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
In ​the overcrowded world and cramped space colonies of the late 21st century, tedium can be endured through the use of the drug Can-D, which enables the user to inhabit a shared illusory world. When industrialist Palmer Eldritch returns from an interstellar trip, he brings with him a new drug, Chew-Z, which is far more potent than Can-D, but threatens to plunge the world into a permanent state of drugged illusion controlled by the mysterious Eldritch. THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH is, by universal consent, one of his three key novels, and the book in which he first took his perennial interest in the fragile nature of reality to a new level of imaginative intensity.

Philip K. Dick - Az ​utolsó tréfa
Newer ​York városa túlélte ugyan a holokausztot, de nagy árat fizetett érte: merev erkölcsi törvények uralják, fürge robotok figyelik az emberek viselkedését, a legkisebb kihágás is személyes katasztrófát vonhat maga után. Allen Purcell ama kevesek közé tartozik, akik szó szerint képesek megváltoztatni a világot, és amikor olyan kormányzati állást ajánlanak neki, ahol a közerkölcs felelőse lehet, elhatározza, hogy változtat, amin csak tud. Ehhez azonban tenni kéne valamit azzal a fejjel a szekrényben… Philip K. Dick korai regénye lebilincselő és ijesztő tanmese egy olyan társadalomról, amely a rend fenntartása érdekében bármit képes feláldozni, még a saját szabadságát is.

Philip K. Dick - Beyond ​the Door
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Philip K. Dick - Flow ​My Tears, The Policeman Said
Jason ​Taverner is a Six, the result of top secret government experiments forty years before which produced a handful of unnaturally bright and beautiful people - and he's the prime-time idol of millions until, inexplicably, all record of him is wiped from the databanks of Earth. Suddenly he's a nobody in a police state where nobody is allowed to be a nobody. Will he ever be rich and famous again? Was he, in fact, ever rich and famous?

Philip K. Dick - The ​World Jones Made
Floyd ​Jones is sullen, ungainly, and quite possibly mad, but in a very short time he will rise from telling fortunes at a mutant carnival to convulsing an entire planet. For although Jones has the power to see the future -- a power that makes his life a torment -- his real gift lies elsewhere: in his ability to make people dream again in a world where dreaming has been made illegal, even when the dream is indistinguishable from a nightmare. In Philip K. Dick's unsettling chronicle of the rise and fall of a postnuclear messiah, readers will find a novel that is as minutely realistic as it is prophetic. For along with its engineered mutants, hermaphroditic sex performers, and protoplasmic drifters from the stars, The World Jones Made gives us nothing less than a deadly accurate reading of our own hunger for belief.

Philip K. Dick - Tony Parker - Blond - Do ​Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
The ​definitive collection of the illustrated Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It has inspired and expanded minds since its debut in 1968. It served as the source material for the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner. Now, collected for the first time in one comprehensive edition, Philip K. Dick’s masterpiece Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is fully realized in graphic novel form. This definitive volume compiles all 24 issues of the Eisner Award-nominated series illustrated by artist Tony Parker and color artist Blond with lettering by Richard Starkings, and features essays from Jonathan Lethem, Warren Ellis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Tim Powers, James Blaylock, Isa Dick Hackett, and many more.

Philip K. Dick - Voices ​from the Street
Voices ​from the Street is not science fiction, but rather an American realist novel. Stuart Hadley is a young radio-electronics salesman in early 1950s Oakland, California. Hadley is also an angry young man - an artist, a dreamer, a screw-up. He has what many would consider the ideal life; a nice house, a pretty wife, a decent job with prospects for advancement, but he still feels unfulfilled; something is missing from his life. He first tries to fill his void with drinking and sex, and then with religious fanaticism, but nothing seems to work, and it is driving him crazy. He reacts to his wife's love and the kindness of his employer with anxiety and fear. This is the story of Hadley's descent into depression and madness, and the story of his redemption. Voices from the Street is one of the earliest books that Philip K. Dick ever wrote, and his only novel that has never been published, not even in a small-press edition. Mostly known in his lifetime as a science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick has developed a reputation as an American writer whose powerful vision became an ironic reflection of the present. This novel completes the publication of his canon.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Simulacra
A ​few years from now the President of the USA will be an android and his entire government a fraud. Everyone in the country is maladjusted. Doesn't seem possible, does it? Welcome to the world of Dr. Superb, the sole remaining psychotherapist. Philip K. Dick tells a story of desperate love, lethal body odour and an attempted fascistic takeover of the USA and shows that there is always another layer of conspiracy beneath the one we see.

Philip K. Dick - Tony Parker - Blond - Do ​Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
The ​definitive collection of the illustrated Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It has inspired and expanded minds since its debut in 1968. It served as the source material for the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner. Now, collected for the first time in one comprehensive edition, Philip K. Dick’s masterpiece Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is fully realized in graphic novel form. This definitive volume compiles all 24 issues of the Eisner Award-nominated series illustrated by artist Tony Parker and color artist Blond with lettering by Richard Starkings, and features essays from Jonathan Lethem, Warren Ellis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Tim Powers, James Blaylock, Isa Dick Hackett, and many more.

Philip K. Dick - Emlékmás
_Az ​emlékeinket megváltoztathatják, de a valóság elől nincs menekvés_ Nem mindenki teheti meg, hogy a Marsra utazzon, ezért a szegények fejébe emlékeket ültetnek be, mintha ott jártak volna. Létezik egy alagút, ami a negyedik dimenzióban helyezkedik el, és pár lépéssel meg lehet tenni benne több száz kilométert. Az atomháború után az ENSZ robotok gyártásába kezd a szovjetek ellen. Az egyik marsi telepre egy vásáros űrhajó érkezik. A Földet leigázta egy idegen faj, azonban a kutyák és macskák meglepő módon életben maradtak. A fentiek között találhatunk már jól ismert és ismeretlen történeteket egyaránt. Philip K. Dick legújabb novelláskötete hat kultikus - többek közt _Az emlékmás, Különvélemény_ és _Sorsügynökség_ című filmeket ihlető - történetet tartalmaz, és további hat, magyarul eddig még nem olvasható művet.

Philip K. Dick - VALIS
A ​valóság az, ami akkor sem tűnik el, ha már nem hiszünk benne. Horselover Fat számára minden a rózsaszín fénnyel kezdődött, az isteni jelenéssel, amely VALIS-nak hívta magát. A valóság szövete széthasadt, és a világba áramló információ kételyeket és kérdéseket hozott magával. Horselover Fat pedig nem nyugszik addig, amíg ezekre a kérdésekre választ nem kap. Félig önéletrajz, félig fikció. Félig science-fiction, félig szépirodalom. Félig lélektani regény, félig metafizikai értekezés. Válaszok keresése olyan kérdésekre, melyeket talán jobb lenne nem feltenni. A VALIS teológiai detektívregény, ahol Isten egyszerre játssza az eltűnt személy és a tökéletes bűntény elkövetőjének szerepét. Philip K. Dick életművének egyik legnagyszerűbb, legszemélyesebb darabja megrázó és elgondolkodtató olvasmány, átszőve őrült humorral és öniróniával. Néha mosolygásra késztet, néha felkavar, de egy biztos: közömbösen képtelenség elmenni mellette.

Philip K. Dick - A ​Maze of Death
Fourteen ​people arrive on the strange planet of Delmark-O; they have nothing in common other than a desire to make a fresh start. And they have no idea why they are there and no way of escaping. And then the first murder takes place...

Philip K. Dick - Lies, ​Inc.
A ​masterwork by Philip K. Dick, this is the final, expanded version of the novellla The Unteleported Man, which Dick worked on shortly before his death. In Lies, Inc., fans of the science fiction legend will immediately recognize his hallmark themes of life in a security state, conspiracy, and the blurring of reality and illusion. This publication marks its first complete appearance in the United States. In this wry, paranoid vision of the future, overpopulation has turned cities into cramed industrial anthills. For those sick of this dystopian reality, one corporation, Trails of Hoffman, Inc., promises an alternative: Take a teleport to Whale's Mouth, a colonized planet billed as the supreme paradise. The only catch is that you can never comeback. When a neurotic man named Rachmael ben Applebaum discovers that the promotional films of happy crowds cheering their newfound existence on Whale's Mouth are faked, he decides to pilot a scapeship on the eighteen-year journey there to see if anyone wants to return.

Philip K. Dick - Second ​Variety
The ​stories within SECOND VARIETY were written between 1952 and 1955, while America was in the grip of McCarthyism. The concerns of the time are reflected in stories such as 'Second Variety', which tells of an endless war fought by ever more cunning and sophisticated robots, or 'Imposter' where a man accused of being an alien spy finds his whole identity called into question. Using his marvellously varied, quirky and idiosyncratic style, Dick speaks up for ordinary people against militarism, paranoia and xenophobia.

Philip K. Dick - Transz
A ​Föld 2004. évében is a HATALOM a cél, a fegyver félelmetes - pszichológiai. Lilo Topchev és Lars Powderdry, a "kiválasztottak" transzállapotban dolgozó fegyvertervezők nehéz helyzetbe kerülnek... A szerelem, az örök emberi érzés összeköti, de hovatartozásuk szétválasztja őket...

Philip K. Dick - Nick ​and the Glimmung
Nick ​and his family are forced to leave Earth in order for him to keep his cat, Horace - because all pets are now banned, as they use up badly needed resources. They settle on Plowman's Planet, where they discover a variety of strange and wonderful alien lifeforms. But not all of these weird lifeforms are benevolent - and the family is involved in a series of increasingly dangerous mishaps. Can Horace and Nick manage to outwit the Wub, the Werjes, the Trobes - and the most dangerous of all, the Glimmung? Philip K. Dick's only children's book, first published after his death, brings together many of his most famous alien creations in one gently humorous tale.

Philip K. Dick - A ​jövő orvosa
_Mit ​lehet tenni, ha maga az idő beteg?_ Jim Parsons remek, elkötelezett orvos, aki a legfejlettebb technikákkal gyógyít és mindennél többre tartja az emberéletet. Így aztán kétszeresen is szorult helyzetbe kerül, amikor egy különös autóbaleset révén a jövőben találja magát, méghozzá egy fejlett társadalomban, ahol azonban az életmentés törvénybe ütközik. Szerencsére azért itt sem csak Parsons hisz az élet szentségében, és akik osztják a nézeteit, az ő orvosi képességeit akarják felhasználni egy titkos, kétségbeesett tervhez a saját és társadalmuk jövője érdekében, amely tervhez azonban vissza kell utazni a múltba is. _A jövő orvosa_ nem csupán egy rémisztő jövőképet tár elénk, de egyúttal az időutazás paradoxonjait is vizsgálja, mégpedig úgy, ahogy arra csak Philip K. Dick képes.

Philip K. Dick - A ​kozmosz bábjai
Ted ​Barton visszatér szülővárosába, hogy megtalálja elveszett "gyökereit", múltja helyett azonban valami sokkal sötétebb és fenyegetőbb, az istenek és démonok uralta jövő vár rá... Philip K. Dick klasszikus regényének szereplői ízig-vérig átlagemberek, akik a sors szeszélye folytán egy kozmikus léptékű küzdelem sakkfiguráivá a Föld védelmezőivé vagy elpusztítóivá válnak.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Man in the High Castle
Imagine ​the world if the Allies had lost the Second World War... Philip K. Dick is tripping the switches of our minds with his vision of the world as it might have been: the African continent virtually wiped out, the Mediterranean drained to make farmland, the United States divided betwwen the Japanese and the Nazis... In the neutral buffer zone that divides the rival superpowers in America lives the author of an underground bestseller. His book - a rallying cry for all those who dream of overthrowing the occupiers - offers an alternative theory of world history. Does 'reality' lie with him, or is his world just one among many others?

Philip K. Dick - Mary ​And The Giant
Mary ​Anne Reynolds is a young and vulnerable woman, determined to make her own way in the world. But Pacific Park, California, in the 1950s is not really the place for Mary. Her relationship with a black singer offends against the small town's views on sexual mores and exposes its bigoted views on race. This is a powerful portrayal of the claustrophobia of small-town California, and Mary Anne Reynolds is one of the most memorable characters Dick ever created.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Eye of The Sibyl
Many ​thousands of readers consider Philip K. Dick the greatest science fiction mind on any planet. Since his untimely death in 1982, interest in Dick's works has continued to mount and his reputation has been further enhanced by a growing body of critical attention. The Philip K. Dick Award is now given annually to a distinguished work of science fiction, and the Philip K. Dick Society is devoted to the study and promulgation of his works. This collection includes all of the writer's earliest short and medium-length fiction (including some previously unpublished stories) covering the years 1952-1955. These fascinating stories include We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, The Cookie Lady, The World She Wanted, and many others. "A useful acquisition for any serious SF library or collection". -- Kirkus Reviews "The collected stories of Philip K. Dick is awe inspiring". -- The Washington Post "More than anyone else in the field, Mr. Dick really puts you inside people's minds". -- Wall Street Journal

Philip K. Dick - The ​Book of Philip K. Dick
The ​nine short stories in this anthology are all from the 1950's, when Dick was just beginning as a science fiction writer, and before he hit his stride as a writer of reality-bending novels.

Philip K. Dick - Blade ​Runner
It ​was January 2021, and Rick Deckard had a license to kill. Somewhere among the hordes of humans out there, lurked several rogue androids. Deckard's assignment--find them and then..."retire" them. Trouble was, the androids all looked exactly like humans, and they didn't want to be found!

Philip K. Dick - Do ​Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Oxford Bookworms)
Description San ​Francisco lies under a cloud of radioactive dust. People live in half-deserted apartment buildings, and keep electric animals as pets because so many real animals have died. Most people emigrate to Mars - unless they have a job to do on Earth. Like Rick Deckard - android killer for the police and owner of an electric sheep. This week he has to find, identify, and kill six androids which have escaped from Mars. They're machines, but they look and sound and think like humans - clever, dangerous humans. They will be hard to kill. The film Blade Runner was based on this famous novel. Key features Word count 31,300

Philip K. Dick - A ​Titán játékosai
Szegény ​Pete Garden most vesztette el Berkeley városát. A feleségét is elvesztette ezzel, de majd kap újat, amint gurít egy hármast. Ez mind része a Blöffnek, ennek a játéknak, amely a Föld utolsó, egyre fogyatkozó lakóinak már-már a mániája. Csakhogy a Blöff szabályai megváltoznak, drasztikusan és végérvényesen, és Pete Garden most olyan ellenféllel fog játszani, aki nem is ember, a tét pedig sokkal nagyobb egy városnál is. Philip K. Dick ebben a regényben egy olyan világot mutat be, amely egyszerre megjósolhatatlan és perverz módon logikus.

Philip K. Dick - The ​Gun
The ​Captain peered into the eyepiece of the telescope. He adjusted the focus quickly. "It was an atomic fission we saw, all right," he said presently. He sighed and pushed the eyepiece away. "Any of you who wants to look may do so. But it's not a pretty sight." "Let me look," Tance the archaeologist said. He bent down to look, squinting. "Good Lord!" He leaped violently back, knocking against Dorle, the Chief Navigator. But when they got there, nothing moved or stirred. Everything was silent, dead. Only the gun showed signs of life . . . and the trespassers had wrecked that for all time. The return journey to pick up the treasure would be a cinch . . .

Philip K. Dick - Timothy ​Archer lélekvándorlása
Timothy ​Archer episzkopális püspök ugyan elkötelezte magát az egyháznak, de korántsem vak és bigott, így fia és szeretője öngyilkossága után nem csupán a személyes hite rendül meg, de a történeti Krisztus létébe vetett bizalma is. Az Izraelben előkerült ősi szövegekben keresi a választ, médiumon keresztül kapcsolatba lép halott fiával, s az, hogy saját életét is górcső alá veszi, érinti mindazokat, akik így vagy úgy hozzá tartoznak. Az úgynevezett Valis-trilógia utolsó darabja a halál és a hit paradoxonjainak nyughatatlan, elgondolkodtató és megindító körüljárása. A regény Dick utolsó műve, melynek megjelenését már nem érhette meg.