Pía Figueroa E. könyvei a rukkolán

Pía Figueroa E. - Silo ​- the Master of our Times
___There ​have been few great Masters in human history. They have arisen in special times and their contemporaries haven’t always appreciated whose company they were in. Furthermore, it has usually been the case that those contemporaries found it difficult to appreciate their teachings or they degraded them. Given that such teachings put in doubt the beliefs of the times in order to spur the spirit, the defenders of the system challenge them and generate a strong reaction of rejection towards their proposals. Maybe one of the indicators of the greatness of a master is precisely this very hostility. ___There are also few whose fortune has allowed them to opt to follow a Master from early on. For this to happen the coordinates of time and space have at least to coincide thereby creating the conditions for the possibilities of an encounter. Certainly recognition is also necessary. When this extraordinary circumstance occurs, each individual has the choice to establish the kind of relationship with their master that better becomes the comprehension of their teachings. ___In my case, I started to study Silo when I was fifteen years old and I met him shortly afterwards. If I were to define myself in a single word, I would say that I’m a Siloist. As a disciple, many times I took notes and made annotations of what I could understand in his doctrine. These handwritten journals are the origin of these short stories. They are stories, memories and impressions told for those who don’t know what it was like to be by his side, for those who wonder what he spoke about in different situations, how he was, and how he orientated and showed a path. It is dedicated to those for whom a Master’s style matters, to those who maybe in the future will want to understand the experience of having shared his space and time.