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Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Paris ​Eros
After ​The Erotic Museum of Berlin and The Temple of Venus in Amsterdam, a work on Paris was imperative. Rich with six centuries of gallantry and the world capital of fashion and love, Paris is the symbol of eroticism and joyful pleasures. As a matter of fact, Offenbach has written a hymn to the joy of the senses in Parisian life. But this city still does not possess an erotic museum comparable to Berlin’s or Amsterdam’s. The author uses a method comparable to André Malraux’s to construct an imaginary museum in Paris where time and space is infinite, but desires are still present. The exceptional iconography comes from private collections and covers over five centuries of naughty Parisian history. This is accompanied by an academic text, which allows the reader to penetrate a world that is never vulgar, always subtle and never-ending: eroticism.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Sapphic ​Art
There ​was in Ancient Greece a particular island, in shape of a triangle, just like the female mane, which symbolized the most contradictory fantasies: the ""island of Lesbos."" For some, this is the sanctuary of female homosexuality, for others, it is the first expression of freedom by Aeolian women. In the first case, it is often men who try to reject and condemn the notion of pleasure between two women. In the second case, often women, they demand the right to equality. The poetess Sappho did not in anyway facilitate the relationship between men and women, with her admirable Ode to Aphrodite which celebrates the love and sexuality between to women. With the liberalization of morals, female homosexuality is part of modern society's and cannot be ignored. But what does history retain from these practices? How is the love between women appreciated? By infringing on the rules of past societies, how did these women live their particularity and their forbidden sexuality?

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Sadomasochism
If ​the divine Marquis de Sade was reincarnated today, he would inevitably be surprised. The wildest fantasies that he magnified in his writings would be quite outmoded, as though time had accelerated at a great speed. The ""happy-few"" aspect of the sadomasochistic relations, the fashions that have had a great impact on the population, make these practices seem somewhat commonplace. A number of magazines and films recount these sexual adventures with complete honesty. The enthusiasts are no longer exceptions: they are part of our society, among our neighbours and colleagues. Beyond the stereotypes of women in leather boots with a whip in hand, they discover the pleasures of pain. It is a sexuality where pleasure looses its codification since procreation is no longer the goal. The search for sexual fulfilment in a protected society becomes for many a major preoccupation for the expression of one's existence.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Ecstasy
The ​climax to the act of love casts an indefinable expression on the face--an expression of urgent intensity. A women, a man, in that moment experiences an ecstasy that for an instant is visible in the eyes and on the lips. A wave of pleasure runs through the body, marking the transition between desire and orgasm. For this fleeting second, when just how violent the sense can be is laid bare, the person immediately before or the person immediately after. With the help of prints and etchings from former centuries, author Hans-Jurgen Dopp looks for an explanation of this very personal mystery that leads to fulfillment.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Music ​& Eros
Music ​is not only a pleasure for the ear, it is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire. Professor Dpp revisits music as the catalyst for dance, love and sex. From the music sheet to dance and through instruments, music is the expression of our profound desires and most violent passions. The text revisits the history of music and art from the dances of the first men to pop and electronic music and through belly dance.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - The ​Erotic Orient
Richly ​illustrated with colourful Chinese and Japanese prints and ivory carvings, some of considerable antiquity - thus figuratively comprises an Oriental hymn to carnal pleasures and to the Game of Love.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Objects ​of Desire
Since ​humans first began thinking creatively--as opposed to merely procreatively--about sex, men and women have spiced up their love lives with this and that. Every civilization has come up with its own sex objects and sex toys. From rudimentarily fashioned objects to the most exquisite ivory carvings of the Far East, eroticism has found expression in a multitude of different forms, all displayed here. The beauty and craftsmanship of these artistic masterpieces bear striking witness to the powers of generation in every culture throughout history.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Encyclopædia ​Erotica
What ​happened to the insolence of the 18th-century libertines or to the carefree excesses of the Belle Époque and its legalized brothels? They have merely been inhibited and buried by the nowadays political correctness and the aggressive one-eyed morality. This book disregards conventional thinking and presents 800 reproductions that illustrate erotic art from Ancient Greece down to the present era in both Europe and Asia: when reproduction is not seen as an end in itself. With no hesitation nor inhibition, the author explains why erotic art is a key factor of societal development.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - The ​Kiss
A ​prince once wrote, << france is the only country in the world of eating oysters like a great wine and to enjoy them with passion and know-how."" this led him to the conclusion that this talent of the tongue gave them a particular sensibility for kissing and caressing. Beyond this anecdote, the kiss remains the first touch for a couple and symbolizes a major step in a sexual relationship. For isn't a kiss the premise of the act or an act in itself? What role do the lips and the tongue play in the lovers' encounter? What are its means and its uses throughout history and societies? Such are the questions and analyses that Professor Dopp tackles in this book with both talent and intelligence. Richly illustrated with pieces from the author's illustrious collection, this work is a treat for the eyes and the mind.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Feet-Ishism
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - The ​Erotic Museum in Berlin
When ​we think of Berlin in the roaring twenties, many images stream forth, but the most endearing is of the Alexanderplatz, the heart of nighttime Berlin and capital of amusement in Europe. With such a sensuous history, the Erotic Museum has an appropriate home in Berlin. The collection is vast, recording erotic life from classical antiquity to the body-cult in the late 20th century. This collection of eroticism spans 2,000 years of the history of mankind. In this book, Professor Hans-Jurgen Dopp brings together over 400 photographs, objects, prints and paintings of each phase of human life, illustrating how erotic preferences changed throughout the centuries. The Erotic Museum treats eroticism with taste and delicacy thanks to its author, who has written extensively in the art world.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - Victoria Charles - Joe Alan Thomas - 1000 ​Erotic Works of Genius
This ​collection offers a wide range of works from the Antiquity to the twentieth century. This title will deal specifically with erotic pieces. Here are the most sensual and provocative masterworks which captured the feeling of an era and those that signalled the beginning of a new one. Most of these works were not immediately recognized for their genius, and others that were at first met with great resistance. All have stood the test of time and in their own ways contribute to the dialectic on what makes a painting, sculpture or object erotic, how notions of eroticism have changed, to what degree erotic art reflects reality, and to what degree it alters it. Taken together these works illuminate the changing preoccupations and insights of our ancestors and this work enables the reader to rediscover the world heritage of erotic art.

Hans-Jürgen Döpp - The ​Temple of Venus
First ​put on display together in 1985 by Monique van Made and her father, this collection of erotic works is exceptional for the quality of the objects exhibited, its engravings, and its photographs of yesteryear. Far from being a focus for voyeuristic prurience, the Museum is intended to be understood as a serious center for the history of erotic art.