Anais Nin könyvei a rukkolán

Anais Nin - Henry Miller - A ​Literate Passion
The ​impassioned relationship between Anais Nin and Henry Miller is further explored in this exchange of letters, written over a period of twenty-some years. Here is one of the richest and most intimate correspondences in literary history.

Anais Nin - The ​Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1931–1934
This ​celebrated volume begins when Nin is about to publish her first book and ends when she leaves Paris for New York. Edited and with a Preface by Gunther Stuhlmann.

Anais Nin - House ​of Incest
“House ​of Incest is a strange and challenging work that demands the full attention of the reader. It is not so much a story of people (although it certainly is that) as it is a visit into the hellish nightmare of the narrator's experience from which she emerges satisfactorily. But, however one approaches the work, House of Incest is Nin’s best work of fiction and one that contains most of her basic themes, images and patterns that she would use in her later work.”—Benjamin Franklin and Duane Schneider Originally published in 1936, House of Incest is Anais Nin's first work of fiction. The novel is a surrealistic look within the narrator's subconscious mind as she attempts to escape from a dream in which she is trapped, or in Nin's words, as she attempts to escape from "the woman's season in hell." In the documentary Anais Observed, Nin says House of Incest was based on dreams she'd had for more than a year. Nin's usage of the word incest in this case is metaphorical, not literal. In this book the word incest describes a selfish love where one can appreciate in another only that which is similar to oneself. One is then only loving oneself, shunning all differences. At first, such a self-love can seem ideal because it is without fear and without risk. But eventually it becomes a sterile nightmare.

Anais Nin - Delta ​of Venus
In ​Delta of Venus Ana's Nin conjures up a glittering cascade of sexual encounters. Creating her own 'language of the senses', she explores an area that was previously the domain of male writers and brings to it her own unique perceptions. Her vibrant and impassioned prose evokes the essence of female sexuality in a world where only love has meaning. Contains a preface by the author, adapted from The Diary of Ana's Not, Volume III. Her second volume of erotic writings, Little Birds, is also published by Penguin.

Anais Nin - A ​Spy in the House of Love
SUMMARY: Although ​Anais Nin found in her diaries a profound mode of self-creation and confession, she could not reveal this intimate record of her own experiences during her lifetime. Instead, she turned to fiction, where her stories and novels became artistic "distillations" of her secret diaries. A Spy in the House of Love, whose heroine Sabina is deeply divided between her drive for artistic and sexual expression, on the one hand, and social restrictions and self-created inhibitions, on the other, echoed Nin's personal struggle with sex, love, and emotional fragmentation. Written when Nin's own life was taut with conflicting loyalties, her protagonist Sabina repeatedly asks herself, can one indulge in one's sensual restlessness, the fantasies, the relentless need for adventure without devastating consequences?

Anais Nin - Henry ​és June
Szeretője, ​Henry Miller szerint Anais Nin olyannyira női prózát ír, mint senki más. Az írónő naplója tulajdonképpen egy a harmincas évekbeli Párizsban játszódó regény. A szereplők kusza viszonyai cáfolják a hagyományos és modern regény tér- és időszemléletét. A könyv témája nem is annyira az erotika és a szexualitás, hanem az őszinteség esélye, más néven a szabadság. “Veszedelmesen okos könyv, amelyben a francia-spanyol írónő, ki naplóírási rekordokat döntött meg, szinte kegyetlen őszinteséggel boncolgatja önmagát, valamint Henry Millerhez és annak feleségéhez, June-hoz fűződő szerelmét.“ (www.pestidiva.hu)

Anais Nin - Little ​Birds
Evocative ​and superbly erotic, Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality. From the beach towns of Normandy to the streets of New Orleans, these thirteen vignettes introduce us to a covetous French painter, a sleepless wanderer of the night, a guitar-playing gypsy, and a host of others who yearn for and dive into the turbulent depths of romantic experience.

Anais Nin - Henry ​and June
Drawn ​from journals, this book is an account of a woman's sexual awakening, covering a single momentous year - 1931-32, in Paris, when June fell in love with Henry Miller, undermining her own idealized marriage. The question of the outcome of June Miller's return to Paris dominates her thoughts.

Anais Nin - Vénusz ​deltája
1940-ben ​egy ismeretlen megrendelő erotikus történeteket kért Anais Nintől, Henry James akkori élettársától. A részben spanyol, részben dán származású amerikai írónő eredetileg nem is nyilvánosság elé szánt "meséiből" állt össze a kötet, az asszonyi érzékiség első hiteles és döbbenetesen nyílt jelentkezése. Az írónő körüli kultusz alapja a Vénusz deltája, ez az erotikán túli, pornográfián inneni könyv, amelyet szinte minden nyelvre lefordítottak már. A történetfüzér Párizsba repíti az olvasót, ahol modellek, festők, fekete, fehér és sárga nők és férfiak találnak egymásra a testi szerelem kultikus ünnepein.