Peter Snejbjerg könyvei a rukkolán

Michael Uslan - Peter Snejbjerg - Batman ​- Detective No. 27
26 ​Detectives have preceded him - now Bruce Wayne must become BATMAN: DETECTIVE NO. 27. In the streets of Gotham City, a boy is orphaned, his parents slain by an unknown assailant. Devoting himself and his inherited fortune to bettering his body and mind, he swears to become a force for justice, aided only by his faithful manservant Alfred. A familiar story? Perhaps, but this time the year of the crime is 1929, and young Bruce Wayne is about to become the latest inductee of a secret society of crimefighters - one in which the members are known only by their number. Twenty-six detectives have preceded him - a roster that includes legendary lawman Allan Pinkerton, former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt and other well-known heroes - so clearly Bruce must become...Detective No. 27! BATMAN:DETECTIVE No.27 is a stunning original Elseworlds hardcover graphic novel that blends dynamic action, meticulous period research and moody art. Written by movie producer Michael Uslan (Batman, Batman Returns) and beautifully realized through the intricate artwork of Peter Snejbjerg (STARMAN), DETECTIVE No. 27 is a classic adventure story that spans the decades, as Abraham Lincoln's assassination sets in motion a chain of events that shapes the destiny of Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Selina Kyle, and an array of real and fictional 20th-century characters. BATMAN: DETECTIVE No. 27 revels in the history of the Dark Knight, pulp magazines and America itself, telling a thrilling story of a world readers will surely want to visit time and again!