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Bob Mayer - The ​Fiction Writer's Toolkit
From ​the first, original idea you have for your novel, through writing your manuscript, to the book on the shelf in the bookstore and making a career out of writing novels, the Fiction Writer's Toolkit takes the reader on the entire creative journey in a very practical manner. This book was written over the course of ten years as the author went from newly published to multiple best-selling novelist under several pen names. Topics covered range from idea into story, point of view, where to start the novel, characters, submissions and queries, getting an agent, staying alive in the publishing business and dozens of others, all approached in a straight-forward and usable manner. This book lays out all the tools available to the writer and discusses their advantages and disadvantages so that the reader can master the craft of novel writing in his or her own unique way.

Jennifer Crusie - Bob Mayer - Agnes ​and the hitman
Agnes ​Crandall, a food columnist better known as Cranky Agnes,knows she's in trouble when a dognapper invades her kitchen one night, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she’s staked her entire net worth on. Then a hero climbs through her bedroom window . . . That’s Shane who has his own problems: he’s got a big hit scheduled, a rival trying to take him out, and an ex-mobster uncle asking him to protect some kid named little Agnes. Then Agnes turns out to be not so little and the problem turns out to be a missing five million bucks. Agnes and Shane have their hands full with a bunch of lowlifes looking for the money, a string of hit men coming for Agnes, a lot of wedding guests arriving for the wedding, and—most of all--with each other.

Jennifer Crusie - Bob Mayer - Don't ​Look Down
Lucy ​Armstrong has come to Savannah to finish the last four days of filming on a romantic action movie called Don't Look Down. What should be an easy shoot is made a lot more difficult by the stunt coordinator (Lucy's ex-husband, Connor Nash), the script supervisor (Lucy's very unhappy sister, Daisy), an inquisitive five-year-old (Lucy's niece, Pepper), the backer (a sinister Irishman named Finnegan), and one strong and silent stunt man (J. T. Wilder, the stuff Lucy's dreams are made of). Then she starts to look beneath the surface and realizes that, unless she finds out what's going on fast, the movie isn't going to be the only thing that's finished in four days. J. T. Wilder has come to Savannah to make some quick money as a stunt double while on leave from the Army (he's a Green Beret). What should be an easy job is made a lot more difficult by the star he's doubling for (goofball Bryce McKay), the starlet who's intent on seducing him (Althea Bergdorf, not that he's putting up much of a fight), his skirt-chasing best friend (gonzo-pilot Rene LaFavre), an eagle-eyed five-year-old (binocular-toting Pepper Armstrong), and a tough, exasperated director (Lucy Armstrong, the stuff Wilder's dreams are starting to be made of). Then the CIA calls and Wilder realizes that somebody is taking "shooting a movie" much too literally. Throw in Wonder Woman, High Noon, Pre-Columbian porn, non-stop action, and fast-paced dialogue, and you've got Don't Look Down, romantic adventure at its best.

Jennifer Crusie - Bob Mayer - Wild ​Ride
When ​Mary Alice Brannigan comes home to Ohio to restore the Dreamland amusement park, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a clown. Nor does she expect to find that she's the newest recruit in the Guardia, an elite team of demon fighters formed centuries before to guard the five Untouchables, the most powerful demons in the history of the world, now imprisoned right there in Dreamland. That would be bad enough, but there's that clown she's falling hard for, and there's something about him that's not quite right... Then there's Ethan Wayne, a former Green Beret who's come home to Dreamland to die. Ethan has his own problems including a bullet in his chest inching closer to his heart, a true love who shoots him on sight, and a mother who drags him into the Guardia after he's possessed by a crazed killer mermaid demon. Between ducking his mother's attempts to reform him and dodging the bullets of a secret government agent he's pretty sure is his soulmate, Ethan really doesn't have time for demons, touchable or not. But rocky romances and demented demons aren't Mab and Ethan's only problems, and they're about to find out what everybody who's ever been to an amusement park knows: the end of the ride is the wildest.