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C. L. Moore - Black ​Gods And Scarlet Dreams
Jirel ​of Joiry, the first of the great female warriors, the beautiful commander of the strongest fortress in the kingdom, would face any danger to defend her beloved country. She wielded her bright sword against mighty armies, the sinister magic of evil sorcerers and fearsome castles guarded by the dead, even daring to descend into Hell itself... Northwest Smith, the scarred and weathered outlaw, the legendary hero of the spaceways, forced to confront the terrible mysteries, the terrifying, mythic monsters of the universe... Jirel of Joiry and Northwest Smith are C.L. Moore's greatest creations and she used them not only to spin spellbinding tales but also to explore the mysteries of the human psyche.

C. L. Moore - The ​Best of C. L. Moore
A ​collection of the best short stories by C. L. Moore, one of the first prominent female Science Fiction writers. These Ballantine/Del Rey Best of collections are a great starting point to explore any Science Fiction Writer.