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Christina F. York - Strategic ​Reserve
An ​oil pipeline leak in the Gulf of Mexico looks like sabotage, and APO is assigned to find the source using any means necessary. Sydney and Dixon visit the drilling platform and discover a likely suspect, but before they can corner him, he flees...in the APO helicopter. It seems the attack was a practice run for something bigger, and Sydney and Dixon must determine the real target before time runs out. There are other matters on the agents' minds too -- Dixon is concerned about his son, Steven, and Sydney is led to wonder, not for the first time, what it would be like to have a "normal" family. But there's no time for wistful thinking when the saboteurs' plot becomes clear...and threatens to throw the country into total chaos.

Christina F. York - A ​Touch of Death
A ​man wearing a hazmat suit walks into a police station in Siberia claiming he is responsible for the deaths of his wife and three children. Before he can be questioned, he is kidnapped by Gai Dong Jing, his former employer and an ex-Alliance officer who is now head of a secret terrorist cell conducting bioweapon research of deadly proportions. Agents Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn are sent to a small town on the Siberian-Korean border to look for Jing's lab. They discover an underground bunker, the place where the mysterious man in the hazmat suit-a brilliant Alliance geneticist who disappeared years ago-was quarantined. With the threat of a worldwide epidemic looming, Sydney and the APO team must locate Jing and decode the scientist's medical diary, which holds the answers to the virus and the fate of his family. In the meantime, the highly contagious geneticist plans to rid himself of his illness in the most unimaginable way...