Danny Palmerlee könyvei a rukkolán

Michael Grosberg - Carolyn Mccarthy - Danny Palmerlee - Ecuador ​& the Galapagos Islands
Climb ​the snow-capped peak of Volcán Chimborazo, the most distant point from the center of the Earth. Get up close and personal with capuchin monkeys in the central plaza of Misahuallí. Step back in time at Ingapirca, Ecuador's finest example of Inca architecture. Take in the surf scene on the south coast. Sophisticated cities, glaciated volcanoes, the lush Amazon Basin - our inimitable guide gives you access to all the treasures of exotic Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.- GO WILD - special chapter on Galápagos wildlife by noted nature writer David Andrew helps you identify the many species unique to the islands - VENTURE OUT - expanded focus on activities, adven­ture and ecotravel, plus a dedicated Itineraries chapter to help you explore this compact yet varied country - GET SMART - comprehensive History and Culture chapters provide insight into Ecuador's volatile political landscape and vital indigenous communities - WALK THE WALK - discover the colonial charms of Quito and Cuenca with our detailed maps and walking tour.