Richard Mabey könyvei a rukkolán

Richard Mabey - Gilbert ​White
Gilbert ​White wrote 'The Natural History of Selborne', creating one of the most influential natural history works which provides the cornerstone to modern ecology. This biography evokes his life and times.

Richard Mabey - Food ​for Free
The ​ideal portable companion, the world-renowned Collins Gem series returns with a fresh new look and updated material. This is the perfect pocket guide for aspiring foragers. Over 100 edible plants are listed, fully illustrated and described, together with recipes and other fascinating details on their use throughout the ages. Practical advice on how to pick along with information on countryside laws and regulations on picking wild plants helps you to plan your foray with a feast in mind. This is the ideal book for both nature lovers and cooks keen to enjoy what the countryside has to offer.

Richard Mabey - Vadontermő ​ennivalók
Zsebben ​elférő, kicsi, nagy, szúrós bogyók, növények, a természet gazdag tárházából. Több mint 100 ehető növény, gomba, termés ismertetése gazdagon illusztrálva. Hasznos tanácsok, mikor, miként gyűjtsük be és mit készítsünk belőlük.