Tamás Kieselbach könyvei a rukkolán

Tamás Kieselbach - Hungarian ​Art and Music
In ​this impressive book Tamás Kieselbach, famous art collector, art dealer and art historian, who has published several beautiful volumes on art, presents the contact points of visual art and music. His intention was not to write a scientific study but to flash exiting and characteristic parts of the encounter of the characteristic parts of the encounter of the two branches of art in hungary. The overlaps are interpreted by well-known art historians, focusing mainly on the outstanding painters, musicians and performers from the Academic painting of the 19th century, through Art Deco to Béla Kondor's oeuvre. Kieselbach, the editor did not forget about the most famous representatives of Hungarian visual art and he also inserted a chapter on word-famous Hungarian phototgraphers' pieces of work with the topic of music. Kieselbach handles the history of hungarian painting in a completely new way. This volume talks about his clear conviction thet Hungarian painting should not be presented to the world as an isolated phenomenon; it should be shown bound to the dramatic history of 20th century Hungary, bound to the pieces of work of other branches of art: music, literature and photography. This volume is an important step towards this direction.