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Kimberly McCreight - The ​Outliers
From ​the New York Times bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia comes a fast-paced teen series where one girl learns that in a world of intrigue, betrayal, and deeply buried secrets, it is vital to trust your instincts. It all starts with a text: Please, Wylie, I need your help. Wylie hasn t heard from Cassie in over a week, not since their last fight. But that doesn t matter. Cassie s in trouble, so Wylie decides to do what she has done so many times before: save her best friend from herself. This time it s different, though. Instead of telling Wylie where she is, Cassie sends cryptic clues. And instead of having Wylie come by herself, Jasper shows up saying Cassie sent him to help.Trusting the guy who sent Cassie off the rails doesn t feel right, but Wylie has no choice but to ignore her gut instinct and go with him. But figuring out where Cassie is goes from difficult to dangerous, fast. As Wylie and Jasper head farther and farther north into the dense woods of Maine, Wylie struggles to control her growing sense that something is really wrong. What isn t Cassie telling them? And could finding her be only the beginning? In this breakneck tale, New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight brilliantly chronicles a fateful journey that begins with a single decision and ends up changing everything.

Kimberly McCreight - Clara's ​Room
Two ​little girls discover a mystery in the dead of night... An intriguing and exclusive free short story from the New York Times bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia, publishing in the UK on June 20th 2013. 'Like Gone Girl, Reconstructing Amelia seamlessly marries a crime story with a relationship drama. And like Gone Girl, it should be hailed as one of the best books of the year.' - Entertainment Weekly

Kimberly McCreight - Where ​They Found Her
From ​the author of theNew York Timesbestseller and 2014 Edgar and Anthony nomineeReconstructing Ameliacomes another harrowing, gripping novel that marries psychological suspense with an emotionally powerful story about a community struggling with the consequences of a devastating discovery. At the end of a long winter in well-to-do Ridgedale, New Jersey, the body of an infant is discovered in the woods near the town's prestigious university campus. No one knows who the baby is, or how her body ended up out there. But there is no shortage of opinions. When freelance journalist, and recent Ridgedale transplant, Molly Anderson is unexpectedly called upon to cover the story for theRidgedale Reader, it's a risk, given the severe depression that followed the loss of her own baby. But the bigger threat comes when Molly unearths some of Ridgedale's darkest secrets, including a string of unreported sexual assaults going back twenty years. Meanwhile, Sandy, a high school dropout, searches for her volatile and now missing mother, and PTA president Barbara struggles to help her young son, who's suddenly having disturbing outbursts. Told from the perspectives of Molly, Barbara, and Sandy, Kimberly McCreight's taut and profoundly moving novel unwinds the tangled truth about the baby's death, revealing that these three women have far more in common than they realized. That the very worst crimes are committed against those we love. And that-sooner or later-the past catches up to all of us.

Kimberly McCreight - Reconstructing ​Amelia
Single ​mother and lawyer Kate Baron is in the meeting of her career when she is interrupted by a telephone call. Her daughter Amelia has just been suspended from her exclusive prep school. When Kate eventually arrives at Grace Hall an hour later, she is greeted by the news that no mother ever wants to hear. A grieving Kate can't accept that her daughter would kill herself. But she soon discovers she didn't know Amelia quite as well as she thought. Who are the friends she kept, what are the secrets she hid? And so begins an investigation which takes her deep into Amelia's private world - and into the mind of a troubled young girl. Then Kate receives an anonymous text: _Amelia didn't jump._ Is someone toying with her or has she been right all along? To find the truth about her daughter, Kate must now face a darker reality than she could ever have imagined.

Kimberly McCreight - Amelia
Kate ​Baront, a peres ügyvédet és gyermekét egyedül nevelő zaklatott édesanyát megrendíti, amikor a lánya exkluzív brooklyni magániskolájából azzal a hírrel hívják fel, hogy Ameliát - az ő intelligens, kitűnően teljesítő tizenöt éves lányát - csaláson kapták. Ám amikor Kate megérkezik a Grace Hallba, váratlanul egy ennél messze letaglózóbb hírrel kell szembesülnie: Amelia meghalt. Elkeseredésében levetette magát az iskolaépület tetejéről. Legalábbis ezt közli Kate-tel a Grace Hall és a rendőrség. És ő ebben a hitben él mindaddig, amíg egy névtelen üzenetet nem kap: Amelia nem ugrott le. Kate ezek után ki akarja deríteni az igazságot - nem számít, hová vezet. Amelia e-mailjeit, SMS-üzeneteit és facebookos bejegyzéseit böngészgetve rekonstruálja lánya életének darabkáit meg a benne szereplőket, és fényt derít arra, hogy mit is keresett aznap a Grace Hall tetején - és hogyan halt meg. Az Amelia titkok és hazugságok, barátok és piszkálódások története. Arról szól, hogy mennyire ismerheti jól egy szülő a gyerekét, és hogy egy anya milyen messze hajlandó elmenni annak érdekében, hogy megőrizze a lánya emlékét, akinek az életét megmenteni nem tudta.