Poul Anderson könyvei a rukkolán

Poul Anderson - Az ​idő folyosói
Az ​időháború sagája Az igazságtalanul bebörtönzött Malcolm Lockridge ítéletre várakozik, amikor cellájában megjelenik egy csodaszép nő, Storm Darroway, és Lockridge hamarosan kiszabadul. Az ár: el kell kísérnie a titokzatos hölgyet egy igen kockázatos küldetésre. Lockridge mire észbe kap, máris harcba keveredik Storm oldalán különös, fekete egyenruhás alakokkal, s még nagyobb meglepetés éri, amikor az idő rejtélyes folyosóján keresztül jóval az időszámítás előtti korszakba jutnak. Lockridge hamarosan megtudja a teljes igazságot: az emberiség történetének legcsúfabb, legádázabb küzdelmébe csöppent bele, a korszakokon át húzódó időháborúba, az Őrzők és a Védők harcába. Lockridge nem szándékozik részt venni ebben a csatában, mégis a szeszélyes sors eszközévé válik, és hamarosan rájön, miként irányíthatja úgy a háború kimenetelét, hogy az az emberiség számára a leghasznosabb legyen. Háború múltban, jelenben, jövőben! Ne hagyja ki!

Poul Anderson - Three ​Worlds To Conquer
Three ​worlds: Jupiter where no human could live but where men had strange allies and stranger enemies! Ganymede where human settlers lay helpless under the guns of a spaceship directed by a madman! Earth freed from a planet-wide tyranny, but facing total destruction from space! The destinies of these worlds were strangely linked and in the hands of a man sentenced to instant death!

Poul Anderson - Orion ​Shall Rise
Epic ​in scope, human in detail, Orion Shall Rise is a saga of humanity struggling back from near-ruin after a planet-wide nuclear war. The survivors face a life-threatening limitation of resources as they strive to rise once again. Orion Shall Rise has a cast of countries: The Domain, dominated by Skyholm--a giant platform floating 30 miles above Europe, savior during destruction, now a reactionary, repressively stratified society; Northwest Union, a loose-knit network of Scandinavian-style lodges founded by survivors in the North American Northwest; the Maurai Federation, descendants of Maori natives from New Zealand who pursue a policy of developing technology to use the natural energy of wind, sun & sea; the many tribes & countries of the Mong who fled Asia over an ice bridge & settled in middle North America. Wars are being fought again, most recently between the Norrmen of the Union, who wish to revive a benign form of nuclear technology & the Maurai, who are unalterably opposed to its use.

Poul Anderson - Harvest ​of Stars
Earth ​lies crushed in the grip of totalitarianism. To save her planet, Kyra Davis is sent on a mission to liberate the last bastion of freedom and to rescue its legendary leader. Her bold adventure will sweep her from Earth's rebel enclaves, to the decadent court of an exotic lunar colony, from the virtual realities of biotech and artificial intelligence to a brave new world menaced by a dying star.

Poul Anderson - World ​without Stars
A ​normal man would have lain down and died, but to Hugh Valland the task before him seemed simple enough. It was necessary to organize a revolution by a group of primitives against their telepathic overlords; build with the help of those same primitives a spaceship virtually from scratch; contact, via that spaceship, a third group of aliens, and enlist their aid in returning home across the galactic abyss. At worst it would take a lifetime...and Valland's one true love, Mary O'Meara was waiting.

Poul Anderson - The ​Peregrine
A ​shocking report is delivered to the galactic Nomads at their annual meeting: "FIVE OF OUR WORLDS ARE MISSING!" A "world" is a gigantic starship, full of trade goods and family members; a man-made, self-sustaining city-state. The Nomads themselves were an unplanned by-product of man's conquest of the stars. They were the gypsies of the distant future, the restless rovers of outer space. To Joachim of the PEREGRINE, they represented a way of life to be dearly defended. Thus, it fell to him to make his own world-ship the bait in a cosmic trap.

Poul Anderson - A ​nagy keresztes hadjárat
Idegen ​űrhajó száll le Angliában a keresztes háborúk idején azzal a céllal, hogy a Föld lakosságát kiirtsák, a használhatóbbakat rabszolgasorba vessék, s a bolygót lakhatóvá tegyék egyre terjeszkedő fajuk számára. Mivel e világon középkori állapotokat találnak, gyanútlanul és hatalmuk tudatában gondatlanul viselkednek, és ez a vesztüket okozza. A keresztesek vezére válogatott lovagjaival rajtaüt az űrhajón, s a váratlan támadást siker koronázza. Az idegeneket kardélre hányják, csak egy foglyot hagynak életben, akit megfelelő módszerekkel kényszerítenek rá, hogy beavassa őket az űrhajó működésébe... És megindul a nagy keresztes hadjárat.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - Roma ​Mater
In ​the waning days of the Roman Empire, Magnus Maximus sends his prefect Gratillonius to western Gaul and the faraway land of Ys, a place shrouded in legend and ruled by a cruel and tyrannical king. When the sovereign challenges Gratillonius to a duel, the envoy from Rome emerges victorious and claims the throne as the new king of Ys, inheriting a land whose religion, culture, and history are entirely foreign. He also gains the former king’s nine wives, the Gallicenae, a powerful group of women to whom he must appear equally devoted despite his growing feelings for one in particular. As he adjusts to his new role as ruler of Ys, Gratillonius must fight to keep his strange new country on its feet while the rest of the Roman Empire begins to crumble around him.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - Gallicenae
As ​the Roman Empire loses its grip on its far-flung territories, the mystical kingdom of Ys in western Gaul is in great danger of slipping into oblivion. Suffocated for years by the rule of a tyrant king, Ys’s last hope arrived in the form of a Roman emissary, Gratillonius, who defeated the sitting king to take the throne himself. Now Gratillonius must grapple with the kingdom’s political strife and religious tensions while balancing his responsibilities to the Gallicenae, nine wide-ranging witches who have become his wives. Though Rome seeks to spread Christianity, and Gratillonius stands firm in his worship of Mithras, the Ysans hold to an entirely different religion in service of pagan deities who must be obeyed lest grave consequences descend on the fragile kingdom.

Poul Anderson - The ​Dancer From Atlantis
An ​experiment in the future gone awry...and Duncan Reid, American architect of the 20th century, came out of unconciousness to find himself hopelessly marooned in the far distant past. Bound to him were three of the strangest humans he had ever encountered... a medieval Russian, and a fourth-century Hun, and a sacred priestess who worshiped him as a god. And all shared the same fate--pulled through a hole in time to a present which was ancient history. Together the quartet formed a strange alliance which none dared break. For not only were their own futures at stake... but the very future of the world they had found....

Poul Anderson - The ​Gods Laughed
The ​stories included in The Gods Laughed are: "The Martyr" (1960) Desperate for knowledge, men capture representatives of an alien race. What they find out is different than they expected to learn... "Night Piece" (1961) A man doing research into ESP and other worlds lets his study take him several steps too far. "When Half-Gods Go" (1953) The Harvard Astronomy department agrees to meet a couple who claim to be representatives of an interstellar civilization. "Peek! I See You!" (1968) Sean F.X. Lindquist is fairly convinced that he just saw a flying saucer. The only question becomes what doe she do about it? (This was my favorite story in the collection.) "Details" (1956) Representatives from a distant civilization try to positively influence the historical development of Earth. "Captive of the Centurianess" (1978) An unlikely threesome from different planets gets thrown together, building the base for future Galactic expansion. "The Soldier from the Stars" (1955) A group of mercenaries from outer space

Poul Anderson - A ​Midsummer Tempest
What ​if Shakespeare were a historian & his world a mortal one of men & elves? Somewhere, spinning thru another universe is a history almost like ours except for the result of a revolution or two & the earlier incidence of a few inventions. A prince called Hamlet has lived in Denmark. The English woods are full of Pucks, Titanias & Oberons. Cromwell is at the throat of King Charles, but locomotives rage thru the verdant countryside & observation balloons tower over battle lines.

Poul Anderson - Michael Orgill - Jack Dann - George Zebrowski - Roger Elwood - A ​World Named Cleopatra
Science ​Fiction Anthology created by Poul Anderson. Four short stories describe life on Cleopatra, an exotic world being colonized by humans. But, Cleopatra is already populated... with creatures in the equivalent of the Earth's Mesozoic era, the age of Dinosaurs! Includes an introduction by Poul Anderson and: 1. The Serpent in Eden by Poul Anderson; 2. Faber-Master by Michael Orgill; 3. Among the Mountains by Jack Dann; and 4. Wayside World by George Zebrowski. Also includes About the Authors.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - Dahut
For ​sixteen years Gratillonius has been the king of Ys, a position he has used to bring the once-teetering city-state back to stability as the Roman Empire continues to collapse around it. Rome would prefer a more malleable leader in Gratillonius’s place and makes no secret of it. As pressure from Roman leadership increases, Gratillonius must also contend with Niall maqq Echach, the leader of Northern Ireland who holds the Ysan king responsible for the death of his son. Compounding these complications is the ever-present threat of retribution by the Ysan gods, should the kingdom’s leadership make a misstep. But perhaps the greatest danger of all is unfolding from within Gratillonius’s own household, where, following the death of one of his nine wives, the gods have named an unsettling replacement: Dahut, Gratillonius’s own daughter. As treachery mounts from within and without, Gratillonius must hold to his principles in defiance of the gods while still protecting Ys from the destruction closing in on all sides.

Poul Anderson - The ​Road of the Sea Horse
The ​giant Norse warrior-king Harald Hardrede strives to forge a mighty empire by conquering the North in the second volume of the epic Last Viking Trilogy He is a savior to the hordes of loyal Norsemen who would gladly give their lives battling at his side and a dreaded scourge to anyone who resists his dreams of empire. Now, Harald Hardrede—who, legend has it, has never been defeated in battle or sport—has returned to Norway, the land of his birth, after years of serving foreign rulers in faraway realms. The lessons of Constantinople are not lost on the giant Viking warrior, as he sets out to unite the northlands under his sole rule and create an empire to rival the great powers of Europe. Harald’s task will not come easily and will demand great sacrifice, for the resisting Danes love their current king, and the proud people of the Throndheimsfjord would rather die than relinquish their cherished independence. But the fabled “Lightning of the North” will not be deterred, for he is determined to carve his place in history—or die in the process.

Poul Anderson - Gordon R. Dickson - Hoka
One ​Hoka is a threat to human sanity. Two Hokas are a menace to civilization. And three Hokas . . . Heaven help the galaxy, in this hilarious science fiction adventure from two of the best writers in the genre.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - The ​King of Ys
Ys: ​Magical city shrouded in legend, where Gratillonius, doomed by the gods to be the last King of Ys, refused to accept defeat, and became a legend that would ring down the corridors of time.

Poul Anderson - Orbit ​Unlimited
The ​colonist's ships sped toward the far star - they were free at last from the tyrannical government that had oppressed them from birth. Then came the message from Earth - "Return at once-new govrnment-guarantee your freedom-at home!" Was this a reprieve from death - for the perilous ordeal of colonizing an unknown planet would cost many lives - or a trick.

Poul Anderson - Beyond ​the Beyond
Tomorrow ​- and the day after. When men are scattered like dust between the galaxies... In these six full-length novellas, never before published in book form, Hugo Award-winner Poul Anderson creates all the chilling terror and distant hope of man's last frontier - the vast wilderness between the stars! Memory: They peeled his mind from his body and sent him to enslave the planet of his own people... Day Of Burning: An interplanetary Mafia is chosen to save a strange civilization from a Supernova... Brake: Only one thing could stop the ship at such a speed. But with the Solar System in upheaval, who would try? The Sensitive Man: A world balances on the brink of a new dawn - or a new Dark Age. And one man can push it either way. The Moonrakers: They were space pirates with dreams of Empire - nomads from the far edge of the system who must be stopped. Starfog: The ship was trapped in a corner of space so crowded with stars that nothing could penetrate the deadly, glowing fog.

Poul Anderson - The ​Long Way Home
You ​can't go home again...For home is not merely a place, but a situation - and when that situation changes, home is no more. Captain Edward Langely of the experimental starship Explorer was to learn this truth in an especially bitter way...

Poul Anderson - Mildred Downey Broxon - The ​Demon Of Scattery
Hear ​then of a time when the Lochlannach first came a viking into Eire, of a time when the gentle Christos was new-come to the land and an elder magic flickered still – and once in a great while, under just the right conditions and with a very special curse, might flare up into full life again.

Poul Anderson - Időjárőr ​2. - Őrjárat a múltban
Manse ​Everard és társai indulnak újabb küldetésekre e kötetben, melynek elbeszéléseit Anderson, az SF nagy öregje a műfaj sokadik megújulásával párhuzamosan, a 70-es évek közepétől vetette papírra. A múlt és a jelen rejtelmeit villantja fel ismét a klasszikus művek modorában, olyan utakat kijelölve, melyeket csak a messzi jövendő emberfeletti lényei, a danelliánok remélhetnek végigjárni - ám a rettenthetetlen időjárőrök segítségének olykor még ők is hasznát látják...

Poul Anderson - Hrolf ​Kraki's Saga
Poul ​Anderson has long been known for his love affair with the legends and myths of the great Norse heroes. Coordinating, translating, re-telling the scattered heroic literature could only be the work of a scholar and a lover of the genre. That Mr. Anderson also happens to be a talented writer is our great good luck. Ballantine Books Adult Fantasy Series is proud to present HROLF KRAKI'S SAGA, a keening, blood-rimed tale of men who walked like gods.

Poul Anderson - The ​Golden Horn
The ​saga of Harald Harrede. "He was a huge man, fully seven feet tall and no one could stand before him in battle or sport...His manner was often curt and haughty, though he know how to win to him those whom he liked...and he could never hear enough of far lands." "So wide a world and so short a span to wander it!"

Poul Anderson - Past ​Times
6 ​short time travel stories and a novella all of which avoid paradox with the plot device that traveling into the past is limited.

Poul Anderson - Harvest ​the Fire
Poul ​Anderson, a legend of SF, is the writer whom the mantle of Robert A. Heinlein descended upon. Anderson devoted his career to the visionary enterprise of creating science fiction set in a carefully extrapolated human society of the future in the spirit of Heinlein. Nowhere does he succeed more powerfully than in the works set in the future history that began in Harvest of Stars, continued in The Stars Are Also Fire, and now leaps into the distant future in Harvest the Fire. This is no less than the tale of the expansion of humanity to the limits of the solar system and beyond. It also chronicles the evolution of machine intelligence, until humans and machines come into conflict in an age when the outward urge and the urge to change are the chief barriers to utopia for many humans--and for their machines. Harvest the Fire is the story of politics and poetry: of a poet, Jesse Nicol, who aspires to great work in an era when human literary greatness is apparently all in the past, who travels to the Moon and falls in love with a beautiful revolutionary, Falaire--a woman determined to escape from the care of machines. For the machines are now the masters of humanity, and the great work of Falaire is freedom, which must be stolen from the machines. With the precision and clear focus of a master, Poul Anderson tells a sharp and poignant tale against an epic interplanetary background. Harvest the Fire is hard SF raised to the intensity of poetry.

Poul Anderson - The ​Stars Are Also Fire
In ​the early days of the next century, Dagney Beynac, descendant of the legendary Anson Guthrie, becomes a heroine of a new Lunarian civilization that struggles to break free of the influence of Earth. Centuries later, fragments of humanity search for some way to survive in a system that no longer seems to hold a place for them. The only solution lies in Dagney's distant past.

Poul Anderson - War ​of the Gods
The ​story of the great King Hadding is one of the darkest and most violent to come down to us from the old North. Hadding was raised by giants far from his rightful throng, as his father, a Danish King, was slain shortly after Hadding's birth. But the times comes when Hadding feels he must reclaim his legitimate place in the land of the old North. He must endure ferocious battles, the charms of voluptuous Valkyries, and a War of the Gods to rival Armageddon.

Poul Anderson - Twilight ​World
"The ​time is shortly after the great nuclear spasm: in all the world there is nothing but ruin, famine, barbarism. Worst of all, residual radiation is causing an ever increasing rate of abnormal births. The human race is doomed to slow extinction, but among the ever increasing number of mutants a few are not less but more than what came before." And these. "An apocalyptic science fiction novel of post-World War Three and 'Tomorrow's Children' surviving on a planet devasted by nuclear bombs, and where the number of mutant children caused by radiation is constantly increasing." "Post-holocaust story. By an accident of genetics, the mutants became the precursors of a new master race."

Poul Anderson - Majd ​ha az Orion fölszáll
A ​XXI. században vagyunk, egy borzalmas, világpusztító nukleáris háború után, amikor városok, civilizációk, kultúrák romjain épül újjá egy középkori szintre visszasüllyedt emberi életforma. Monumentális tablók bontakoznak ki szemük előtt, az egykori Amerika, Franciaország, Anglia és Oroszország tájai zord vidékké változtak, ahol az emberek szinte mit sem tanultak a tragédiából: vallási háborúk, politikai belharcok, összeesküvések, titkos fegyverkezési hajszák dúlnak, s csak egyedül Csillaghon, az egykori Európa fölött lebegő űrállomás próbál valamiféle kontrollt gyakorolni a földi élet fölött. Iern és Ronica lázadást szerveznek a különböző politikai Páholyok és a velük titokban szövetkező Csillaghon ellen, hogy végre békét hozzanak a Földre. A széles, epikus hömpölygésű sci-fi eposz sajátos ötvözetét adja a kultúrhistóriai utalásokban gazdag, képzeletbeli történelmi regényeknek és a fantasyk elemeit is felhasználó modern antiutópiáknak.

Poul Anderson - Időjárőr
A ​maga nemében egyedülálló kötet a múltat - ha nem is a nagyon távoli múltat - idézi. Első magyar nyelvű kiadása a bezúzás sorsára jutott, pedig csak annyi volt a vétke, hogy más nézőpontból ábrázolta a ma, a tegnap és a holnap dolgait. Ebben a kötetben a legendás ciklus frissebb darabjai kaptak helyet: paradoxonok, rejtelmek és kalandok olyan idővonalakról, melyek összességét talán csak a Szolgálat legendás ügynökei képesek áttekinteni.

Poul Anderson - A ​Stone In Heaven
This ​is the culmination of the greatest adventure series in the history of science fiction. With A Stone In Heaven Poul Anderson has brought the career of Dominic Flandry full cycle. From the beginning Flandry has piece by piece mortgaged his soul that the Long Night of galactic barbarism might be held off just a little longer. Now, face to face with his personal Long Night, Flandry is offered one last chance for love and honor in a universe he has come to believe holds neither...