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Poul Anderson - Az ​idő folyosói
Az ​időháború sagája Az igazságtalanul bebörtönzött Malcolm Lockridge ítéletre várakozik, amikor cellájában megjelenik egy csodaszép nő, Storm Darroway, és Lockridge hamarosan kiszabadul. Az ár: el kell kísérnie a titokzatos hölgyet egy igen kockázatos küldetésre. Lockridge mire észbe kap, máris harcba keveredik Storm oldalán különös, fekete egyenruhás alakokkal, s még nagyobb meglepetés éri, amikor az idő rejtélyes folyosóján keresztül jóval az időszámítás előtti korszakba jutnak. Lockridge hamarosan megtudja a teljes igazságot: az emberiség történetének legcsúfabb, legádázabb küzdelmébe csöppent bele, a korszakokon át húzódó időháborúba, az Őrzők és a Védők harcába. Lockridge nem szándékozik részt venni ebben a csatában, mégis a szeszélyes sors eszközévé válik, és hamarosan rájön, miként irányíthatja úgy a háború kimenetelét, hogy az az emberiség számára a leghasznosabb legyen. Háború múltban, jelenben, jövőben! Ne hagyja ki!

Poul Anderson - The ​Long Way Home
You ​can't go home again...For home is not merely a place, but a situation - and when that situation changes, home is no more. Captain Edward Langely of the experimental starship Explorer was to learn this truth in an especially bitter way...

Poul Anderson - The ​Byworlder
Skip ​Wayburn, artist drifter, sigaroon, gulped down his food with nothing on his mind but a long evening of lovemaking. Far above him, the first emissary from interstellar space continued to orbit the globe. For three years it had been there, and still there were nothing but questions. What had lured the voyager from Sigma Dacron's to Earth? How did the creature plan to use its incredible power? And most important, why was it waiting...and for what? Then, in a blinding flash of insight, Skip Wayburn suddenly knew the answers... knew with dead certainty why the Sigman had come, who "he' was, and precisely what the Earthmen must do. But who would listen to the far-out ideas of a mere sigaroon? Skip didn't know. But someone had to listen—and fast.

Poul Anderson - Hrolf ​Kraki's Saga
Poul ​Anderson has long been known for his love affair with the legends and myths of the great Norse heroes. Coordinating, translating, re-telling the scattered heroic literature could only be the work of a scholar and a lover of the genre. That Mr. Anderson also happens to be a talented writer is our great good luck. Ballantine Books Adult Fantasy Series is proud to present HROLF KRAKI'S SAGA, a keening, blood-rimed tale of men who walked like gods.

Poul Anderson - Gordon R. Dickson - Star ​Prince Charlie
Following ​the advice of his father, young Charlie Stuart travels to a planet 200 light years from Earth and there finds himself involved in a political struggle.

Poul Anderson - Homeward ​and Beyond
Nine ​incredible stories of science fiction adventure.

Poul Anderson - Twilight ​World
"The ​time is shortly after the great nuclear spasm: in all the world there is nothing but ruin, famine, barbarism. Worst of all, residual radiation is causing an ever increasing rate of abnormal births. The human race is doomed to slow extinction, but among the ever increasing number of mutants a few are not less but more than what came before." And these. "An apocalyptic science fiction novel of post-World War Three and 'Tomorrow's Children' surviving on a planet devasted by nuclear bombs, and where the number of mutant children caused by radiation is constantly increasing." "Post-holocaust story. By an accident of genetics, the mutants became the precursors of a new master race."

Poul Anderson - Harvest ​the Fire
Poul ​Anderson, a legend of SF, is the writer whom the mantle of Robert A. Heinlein descended upon. Anderson devoted his career to the visionary enterprise of creating science fiction set in a carefully extrapolated human society of the future in the spirit of Heinlein. Nowhere does he succeed more powerfully than in the works set in the future history that began in Harvest of Stars, continued in The Stars Are Also Fire, and now leaps into the distant future in Harvest the Fire. This is no less than the tale of the expansion of humanity to the limits of the solar system and beyond. It also chronicles the evolution of machine intelligence, until humans and machines come into conflict in an age when the outward urge and the urge to change are the chief barriers to utopia for many humans--and for their machines. Harvest the Fire is the story of politics and poetry: of a poet, Jesse Nicol, who aspires to great work in an era when human literary greatness is apparently all in the past, who travels to the Moon and falls in love with a beautiful revolutionary, Falaire--a woman determined to escape from the care of machines. For the machines are now the masters of humanity, and the great work of Falaire is freedom, which must be stolen from the machines. With the precision and clear focus of a master, Poul Anderson tells a sharp and poignant tale against an epic interplanetary background. Harvest the Fire is hard SF raised to the intensity of poetry.

Poul Anderson - A ​Midsummer Tempest
What ​if Shakespeare were a historian & his world a mortal one of men & elves? Somewhere, spinning thru another universe is a history almost like ours except for the result of a revolution or two & the earlier incidence of a few inventions. A prince called Hamlet has lived in Denmark. The English woods are full of Pucks, Titanias & Oberons. Cromwell is at the throat of King Charles, but locomotives rage thru the verdant countryside & observation balloons tower over battle lines.

Poul Anderson - Time ​Patrolman
An ​agent of the Time Patrol tries to defeat the plot of a mysterious group of criminals to change the course of history

Poul Anderson - The ​Horn of Time
The ​20th century played a game of nuclear Russian roulette. And lost. Man must escape his own dead world, raid hostile planets, subdue his human nature to survive in a strange cosmos. Poul Anderson explores the future of this blood-chilling narrative that spins from Earth to distant galaxies as he foretells the ultimate destiny of mankind.

Poul Anderson - Orbit ​Unlimited
The ​colonist's ships sped toward the far star - they were free at last from the tyrannical government that had oppressed them from birth. Then came the message from Earth - "Return at once-new govrnment-guarantee your freedom-at home!" Was this a reprieve from death - for the perilous ordeal of colonizing an unknown planet would cost many lives - or a trick.

Poul Anderson - The ​Fleet of Stars
In ​Fleet of Stars, Poul Anderson brings back the wildly colorful Anson Guthrie, his iconoclastic hero from Harvest of Stars. The staid, somber people of Earth are not only dependent on technology, they are all but ruled by machine intelligence. Suspecting a conspiracy to suppress humankind's last vestiges of freedom, Guthrie begins a dangerous journey across the realm of the comets, the asteroids, and the stars themselves--willing to risk his life to preserve humanity's ability to roam the universe.

Poul Anderson - World ​without Stars
A ​normal man would have lain down and died, but to Hugh Valland the task before him seemed simple enough. It was necessary to organize a revolution by a group of primitives against their telepathic overlords; build with the help of those same primitives a spaceship virtually from scratch; contact, via that spaceship, a third group of aliens, and enlist their aid in returning home across the galactic abyss. At worst it would take a lifetime...and Valland's one true love, Mary O'Meara was waiting.

Poul Anderson - The ​Peregrine
A ​shocking report is delivered to the galactic Nomads at their annual meeting: "FIVE OF OUR WORLDS ARE MISSING!" A "world" is a gigantic starship, full of trade goods and family members; a man-made, self-sustaining city-state. The Nomads themselves were an unplanned by-product of man's conquest of the stars. They were the gypsies of the distant future, the restless rovers of outer space. To Joachim of the PEREGRINE, they represented a way of life to be dearly defended. Thus, it fell to him to make his own world-ship the bait in a cosmic trap.

Poul Anderson - Michael Orgill - Jack Dann - George Zebrowski - Roger Elwood - A ​World Named Cleopatra
Science ​Fiction Anthology created by Poul Anderson. Four short stories describe life on Cleopatra, an exotic world being colonized by humans. But, Cleopatra is already populated... with creatures in the equivalent of the Earth's Mesozoic era, the age of Dinosaurs! Includes an introduction by Poul Anderson and: 1. The Serpent in Eden by Poul Anderson; 2. Faber-Master by Michael Orgill; 3. Among the Mountains by Jack Dann; and 4. Wayside World by George Zebrowski. Also includes About the Authors.

Poul Anderson - A ​nagy keresztes hadjárat
Idegen ​űrhajó száll le Angliában a keresztes háborúk idején azzal a céllal, hogy a Föld lakosságát kiirtsák, a használhatóbbakat rabszolgasorba vessék, s a bolygót lakhatóvá tegyék egyre terjeszkedő fajuk számára. Mivel e világon középkori állapotokat találnak, gyanútlanul és hatalmuk tudatában gondatlanul viselkednek, és ez a vesztüket okozza. A keresztesek vezére válogatott lovagjaival rajtaüt az űrhajón, s a váratlan támadást siker koronázza. Az idegeneket kardélre hányják, csak egy foglyot hagynak életben, akit megfelelő módszerekkel kényszerítenek rá, hogy beavassa őket az űrhajó működésébe... És megindul a nagy keresztes hadjárat.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - The ​Dog and the Wolf
After ​the fall of Ys, Gratillonius, once the King, must try to save his remaining people from the advance of the barbarians.

Poul Anderson - The ​Golden Horn
The ​saga of Harald Harrede. "He was a huge man, fully seven feet tall and no one could stand before him in battle or sport...His manner was often curt and haughty, though he know how to win to him those whom he liked...and he could never hear enough of far lands." "So wide a world and so short a span to wander it!"

Poul Anderson - Three ​Worlds To Conquer
Three ​worlds: Jupiter where no human could live but where men had strange allies and stranger enemies! Ganymede where human settlers lay helpless under the guns of a spaceship directed by a madman! Earth freed from a planet-wide tyranny, but facing total destruction from space! The destinies of these worlds were strangely linked and in the hands of a man sentenced to instant death!

Poul Anderson - The ​Sign of the Raven
The ​saga of Harald Harrede. Poul Anderson's mighty historical epic of the last and greatest Viking King - Harald Harrede - the real-life CONAN. Drunk with battle, Harald hardly saw the men he killed. There seemed to be wings beating over him as his blade rose and fell, smashing down whatever stood before it. A Housecarle chopped at him, but he caught the ax on his sword and drove it back and sank edge into bone. Sending down three men who stood side by side, Harald came up to the English shield-wall chanting the Krakamaal, the death-song of Ragnar.

Poul Anderson - The ​Day of Their Return
Aeneas ​is the powder keg of the universe, a frontier planet where rebellion is a way of life - and death. Smarting under the thumb of the Terran Empire after an almost successful war against Imperial rule, the Aeneans are swept up in a fanatical religious movement that promises the return of the Elder Race.

Poul Anderson - Gordon R. Dickson - Earthman's ​Burden
Meet ​the Hokas!...the most lovable - and the zaniest - characters you'll ever encounter in the entire Universe! Imagine how you would feel to be suddenly shipwrecked on a planet 500 light-years from the Solar System - and to walk into a 19th century, Old West frontier town! And then, to really shake your senses, you find the local citizens - in tremendous red bandanas, ten-gallon hats, chaps, high-heel boots and spurs - are pistol-toting teddy bears!

Poul Anderson - The ​Stars Are Also Fire
In ​the early days of the next century, Dagney Beynac, descendant of the legendary Anson Guthrie, becomes a heroine of a new Lunarian civilization that struggles to break free of the influence of Earth. Centuries later, fragments of humanity search for some way to survive in a system that no longer seems to hold a place for them. The only solution lies in Dagney's distant past.

Poul Anderson - The ​Star Fox
Earthmen ​and Aleriona have met in space and neither side can afford to let the other get too strong. The Aleriona have captured the human outpost, New Europe, and claim that all the inhabitants were killed. The World Federation on Earth seems committed to peace at any price, but there are those, and ex-navy Captain Gunnar Heim is one of them, who know that appeasement will only lead to further Alerion encroachment, and he passionately believes that there must be a showdown now, before it is too late. Heim and his crew of volunteers take off from Earth in the Star Fox and start to fit out for their hit-and-run battle.

Poul Anderson - Mildred Downey Broxon - The ​Demon Of Scattery
Hear ​then of a time when the Lochlannach first came a viking into Eire, of a time when the gentle Christos was new-come to the land and an elder magic flickered still – and once in a great while, under just the right conditions and with a very special curse, might flare up into full life again.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - Dahut
For ​sixteen years Gratillonius has been the king of Ys, a position he has used to bring the once-teetering city-state back to stability as the Roman Empire continues to collapse around it. Rome would prefer a more malleable leader in Gratillonius’s place and makes no secret of it. As pressure from Roman leadership increases, Gratillonius must also contend with Niall maqq Echach, the leader of Northern Ireland who holds the Ysan king responsible for the death of his son. Compounding these complications is the ever-present threat of retribution by the Ysan gods, should the kingdom’s leadership make a misstep. But perhaps the greatest danger of all is unfolding from within Gratillonius’s own household, where, following the death of one of his nine wives, the gods have named an unsettling replacement: Dahut, Gratillonius’s own daughter. As treachery mounts from within and without, Gratillonius must hold to his principles in defiance of the gods while still protecting Ys from the destruction closing in on all sides.

Poul Anderson - The ​Enemy Stars
The ​black star was not part of Creation. It was a fossil sun, left over from a Universe that had died before this one was born, circled by an iron tomb that had once been a planet. When the black star called, four men went to the galaxy's edge. Only one came back. But he did not come back alone...

Poul Anderson - The ​Dancer From Atlantis
An ​experiment in the future gone awry...and Duncan Reid, American architect of the 20th century, came out of unconciousness to find himself hopelessly marooned in the far distant past. Bound to him were three of the strangest humans he had ever encountered... a medieval Russian, and a fourth-century Hun, and a sacred priestess who worshiped him as a god. And all shared the same fate--pulled through a hole in time to a present which was ancient history. Together the quartet formed a strange alliance which none dared break. For not only were their own futures at stake... but the very future of the world they had found....

Poul Anderson - The ​Avatar
In ​the immeasurable past a mysterious alien race known as The Others left mankind a challenging legacy, a 'gate' to the unexplored reaches of the stars. Humanity has utilized the gate to painstakingly colonize the Phoebus star system but has left the rest of the galaxy unexplored. In the midst of turbulent political upheaval on Earth, the exploratory ship Emissary leaves through the gate on a voyage of discovery. When the Emissary returns ahead of schedule the Social Welfare Party on Earth impounds the ship and imprisons its crew - and forbids all future space exploration. Dan Broderson, an entrepreneur and adventurer, commandeers a commercial spaceship from his own company and travels to Earth to find the Emissary. He locates the ship, confounds its captors and rescues some of the explorers, including the first alien to visit the solar system. But Broderson has to flee through the gate unprepared, to become a wanderer among the stars in search of The Others. They alone have the knowledge that will enable his ship to return home.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - Roma ​Mater
In ​the waning days of the Roman Empire, Magnus Maximus sends his prefect Gratillonius to western Gaul and the faraway land of Ys, a place shrouded in legend and ruled by a cruel and tyrannical king. When the sovereign challenges Gratillonius to a duel, the envoy from Rome emerges victorious and claims the throne as the new king of Ys, inheriting a land whose religion, culture, and history are entirely foreign. He also gains the former king’s nine wives, the Gallicenae, a powerful group of women to whom he must appear equally devoted despite his growing feelings for one in particular. As he adjusts to his new role as ruler of Ys, Gratillonius must fight to keep his strange new country on its feet while the rest of the Roman Empire begins to crumble around him.

Poul Anderson - Karen Anderson - The ​King of Ys
Ys: ​Magical city shrouded in legend, where Gratillonius, doomed by the gods to be the last King of Ys, refused to accept defeat, and became a legend that would ring down the corridors of time.