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Greg Bear - The Infinity Concerto
There is a song you dare not sing - a melody that you dare not play, a concerto that you dare not hear: It is called a Song of Power. It is a gateway to another world - a gate that will lock behind you as you pass, barring you from the Earth forever. Resist at all cost. For it is a world of great danger and great beauty - and it is not good to be human in the Realm of the Sidhe. The Infinity Concerto is a 1984 fantasy novel written by Greg Bear. The plot centers around teenager Michael Perrin's search for what is a Song of Power and why some think he can create such a thing. Transported to another realm, he discovers beings known as "the "Sidhe" intervened in Coleridge's incomplete poem, "Kubla Khan". They have stopped others from creating Songs of Power and now they are looking at him. The Infinity Concerto was followed in 1986 by The Serpent Mage.

Greg Bear - The Serpent Mage
Sequel to THE INFINITY CONCERTO. The story: He's been held captive in the land of the Sidhe, and when he returned home to Los Angeles, all he wanted was to live like a normal, average man again. But there are hauntings in the city streets, and strange bodies in a crumbling old hotel, a Song of Power in the air and an ancient creature summoning him from beneath the waters of a loch in Scotland, Michael had returned to California at last. But the Sidhe were following him home.. Michael Perrin has completed his magical training and is now back home, living with his parents and continuing his training. Perrin has inherited Arno Waltiri's home and estate. Perrin moves in and begins to go through Waltiri's papers, where he finds a strange news story about bodies that were discovered in a nearby hotel. Perrin is contacted by a musical faculty member from UCLA, Kristine Pendeers. Pendeers is searching for Infinity Concerto - Opus 45 with hopes that it has been left in Waltiri's estate, with the goal of completing Mahler's unfinished Symphony and performing the two pieces together. Perrin trains an apprentice Sidhe, and tries to arbitrate a peace between Sidhe and humans.

Greg Bear - Eternity
Here, from the other side of time, come: THISTLEDOWN, the asteroid starship of a future that is not quite our future; GAIA, a parallel reality where Alexander the Great's empire has ruled for two thousand years; and THE WAY, an infinite corridor through space-time which traverses and encompasses whole universes. And as the strands of these mysteries are unravelled, so the ordering and the end of mankind -- and our entire Universe -- come into question. Eternity (1988) is a science fiction novel by Greg Bear. It is the second book in his The Way series, dealing largely with the aftermath of the decision to split Axis City and abandon the Way in the preceding book, Eon.

Greg Bear - Legacy
Set in the same universe as "Eon" and "Eternity", this is the story of Olmy, the young Hexamon agent who featured in those earlier novels. Investigating an illegal opening in the Infinite Way, Olmy discovers the strangest world mankind has ever found. In the third book, soldier Olmy ap Sennon is sent to spy on a group of dissidents who have used the spacetime tunnel of "the Way" (introduced in Eon) to colonize the alien world of Lamarckia, a planet with an ecosystem that learns from its changed environment in a way that resembles Lamarckian evolution. Its plants and animals turn out to actually be parts of continent-sized organisms.

Greg Bear - Slant
In the 21st century most of the world's population are Therapied model citizens. But a slow unwinding becoming ever faster in the heads of the Therapied attracts the attention of Mary Choy, policewoman and Martin Burke, therapist; last seen in "Queen of Angels". Together they search for a solution.

Greg Bear - Darwin's Children
In Greg Bear's stunning new thriller, nature is more of a bitch goddess than a kindly mother, and evolution is no longer just a theory - it's an urgent and dangerous fact. In DARWIN'S CHILDREN, human society is about to get a complete makeover. A new kind of humanity is growing up. Some call them the Virus Children. They are special children, equipped with significant natural upgrades that allow them to communicate and socialize in ways we can hardly imagine, or resist. Charming, gentle, persuasive, beautiful... in them can be seen a future that may make all of human history until now seem clumsy and brutal. As products of an extraordinary evolutionary event called SHEVA that swept through the population like a contagious disease over a decade ago, they carry ancient viruses that could cause our extinction, viruses that may be triggered at any moment by stress, anger... or puberty. The new children are being methodically rounded up and sequestered in special schools where they are studied, measured and biopsied. Stella Nova, the daughter of Kaye Lang and Mitch Rafelson, is one of them. She is driven by instinct to be with her own kind, to establish a new kind of social order and discover her potential. Kaye and Mitch wish to protect her, but to do so, they must keep her isolated, stifled in a blanket of security that they all know must eventually be lifted. Despite their best efforts, Kaye, Mitch, and Stella are tracked by security forces that could break them apart as a family. The new children must be controlled, these forces believe; and the time may come when both species must either separate, or engage in outright war. In DARWIN'S CHILDREN, human society is about to get a complete makeover, and who will win is anyone's guess. For, as Kaye Lang discovers, silence is also a signal...

Greg Bear - Dangerous Games
It is eleven years after the events of the Jurassic Park movies and CIA agent Daniel Espinoza is working undercover to infiltrate infamously brutal Nicaraguan drug lord Gabriel Cazares' drug ring. Cazares and his henchmen have taken over Isla Nubar and converted the main facility into a walled fortress and pleasure palace in the center of a primeval jungle filled with savage monsters. When his deep cover is blown, Espinoza finds himself lost and alone on the dangerous island, hunted by both armed thugs and prehistoric monstrosities. And there's someone else watching him, too - a mysterious figure in the shadows who could be Espinoza's only hope for survival... or the bringer of his ultimate doom!

Greg Bear - Cryptum
100,000 years ago, the galaxy was populated by a great variety of beings. But one species--eons beyond all others in both technology and knowledge--achieved dominance. They ruled in peace but met opposition with quick and brutal effectiveness. They were the Forerunners--the keepers of the Mantle, the next stage of life in the Universe's Living Time. And then they vanished. This is their story. Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting is a young rebellious Forerunner. He is a Manipular, untried--yet to become part of the adult Forerunner society, where vast knowledge and duty waits. He comes from a family of Builders, the Forerunners' highest and most politically powerful rate. It is the Builders who create the grand technology that facilitates Forerunner dominance over the known universe. It is the Builders who believe they must shoulder the greatest burden of the Mantle--as shepherds and guardians of all life. Bornstellar is marked to become a great Builder just like his father. But this Manipular has other plans. He is obsessed with lost treasures of the past. His reckless passion to seek out the marvelous artifacts left behind by the Precursors--long-vanished superbeings of unknowable power and intent---forces his father's hand. Bornstellar is sent to live among the Miners, where he must come to terms with where his duty truly lies. But powerful forces are at play. Forerunner society is at a major crux. Past threats are once again proving relentless. Dire solutions--machines and strategies never before contemplated--are being called up, and fissures in Forerunner power are leading to chaos. On a Lifeworker's experimental planet, Bornstellar's rebellious course crosses the paths of two humans, and the long lifeline of a great military leader, forever changing Bornstellar's destiny .and the fate of the entire galaxy. This is a tale of life, death, intergalactic horror, exile, and maturity. It is a story of overwhelming change--and of human origins. For the Mantle may not lie upon the shoulders of Forerunners forever.

Greg Bear - Primordium
A long time ago, I was a living, breathing human being. I went mad. I served my enemies. They became my only friends. Since then, I've traveled back and forth across this galaxy, and out to the spaces between galaxies--a greater reach than any human before me. You have asked me to tell you about that time. Since you are the last true Reclaimer, I must obey. Are you recording? Good. Because my memory is failing rapidly. I doubt I'll be able to finish the story. Once, on my birth-world, a world I knew as Erde-Tyrene, and which now is called Earth, my name was Chakas... In the wake of apparent self-destruction of the Forerunner empire, two humans--Chakas and Riser--are like flotsam washed up on very strange shores indeed. Captured by the Master Builder, misplaced during a furious battle in space, they now find themselves on an inverted world where horizons rise into the sky, and where humans of all kinds are trapped in a perilous cycle of horror and neglect. For they have become both research animals and strategic pawns in a cosmic game whose madness knows no end--a game of ancient vengeance between the powers who seeded the galaxy with life, and the Forerunners who expect to inherit their sacred Mantle of duty to all living things. In the company of a young girl and an old man, Chakas begins an epic journey across a lost and damaged Halo in search of a way home, an explanation for the warrior spirits rising up within, and for the Librarian's tampering with human destiny. This journey will take them into the Palace of Pain, the domain of a powerful and monstrous intelligence who claims to be the Last Precursor, and who now has control of both this Halo and the fate of Forerunners and Humans alike. Called the Captive by Forerunners, and the Primordial by ancient human warriors, this intelligence has taken charge of, and retasked, the Master Builder's cruel researches into the Flood--which it may have itself unleashed on the galaxy more than ten thousand years before.

Greg Bear - Silentium
In the last years of the Forerunner empire, chaos rules. The Flood - a horrifying shape-changing parasite - has arrived in force, aided by unexpected allies. Internal strife within the ecumene has desperately weakened Forerunner defenses. Too little, too late, the legal rate of Juridicals is only now investigating possible crimes by the Master Builder and others. Evidence-gathering agents known collectively as Catalog have been dispatched to collect testimony from the Librarian and both Didacts: the Ur-Didact, treacherously abandoned in a Flood-infested system, and the Bornstellar Didact, who accompanies the Librarian as she preserves specimens against the dire possibility of Halo extermination. Facing the imminent collapse of their civilization, the Librarian and the Ur-Didact reveal what they know about the relationship between the long-vanished Precursors and the Flood. The Precursors created many technological species, including humanity and the Forerunners. But the roots of the Flood may be found in an act of enormous barbarity, carried out beyond our galaxy ten million years before... Because of that barbarism, a greater evil looms. Only the Ur-Didact and the Librarian--husband and wife pushed into desperate conflict--hold the keys to a solution. Facing the consequences of a mythic tragedy, one of them must now commit the greatest atrocity of all time - to prevent an insane evil from dominating the entire universe.

Greg Bear - Just Over the Horizon
The New York Times Book Review hails this collection of thirteen dazzling stories and a rare screenplay by Hugo and Nebula Award - winning author Greg Bear as a "solid introduction to the oeuvre of a classic writer." Greg Bear - author of Queen of Angels, Eon, and Hull Zero Three, among many other hugely popular novels - has an ability to transform challenging scientific concepts into gripping fiction that has won him numerous awards and an avid following. He has written novels about interstellar war, human evolution, intelligent bacteria, international terrorism, and the exploration of deep space - but he doesn't stop there. This brilliant collection of Bear's stories, each newly revised by the author, proves he is a master of the short form as well. Just Over the Horizon offers thirteen mind-bending explorations of the near future . . . or just beyond the border of conventional reality. The volume includes: . "Blood Music," a Hugo and Nebula award - winning classic and the basis for the novel of the same name - and the first science-fictional exploration of nanotechnology; . "Sisters," in which high school students find maturity and family by confronting a tragic genetic destiny; . "Tangents," winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, about a persecuted scientist who seeks refuge in a better world; . "Dead Run," a tale of union truck drivers ferrying souls through Death Valley into Hell, adapted for an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone; . "Sleepside Story," which Bear calls one of his favorite pieces, an urban fantasy tale that takes a music student by Night Metro to the Sleepside mansion of a magical woman of the night, inverting "Beauty and the Beast" in a very modern mirror; . "Genius," the screenplay written for the television series Outer Limits, but never produced. Just Over the Horizon combines Bear's intense concern with the human condition with a deep understanding of science, resulting in a collection long to be remembered.

Greg Bear - Far Thoughts and Pale Gods
6 dazzling stories, freshly revised for this volume, plus new introductions, commentary, and reminiscences from the Hugo and Nebula Award winning author of"War Dogs," "Eternity," and"The Forge of God" Greg Bear is the author of more than 30 books, from thrillers ("Darwin s Radio," "Vitals") to science fiction ("Blood Music," "Eon," "Hull Zero Three") to pure fantasy ("The Infinity Concerto," "The Serpent Mage"). He has won 5 Nebula and 2 Hugo Awards, his works have been translated into more than 20 languages, and his titles have sold millions of copies worldwide. But his skills are not confined to writing at full-length novels: He is also the author of dozens of brilliant short stories, novellas, and novelettes."Far Thoughts and Pale Gods"contains 6 highly acclaimed stories, each newly revised by the author, that illustrate Bear s abundant breadth of talent. The volume includes: . Heads, which marks the first time the concept of quantum computing appears in science fiction though it is a vision of 400 frozen heads that will remain in the reader s memory; . The Wind from a Burning Woman, the first story set in the universe that spawned the novels"Eon"and"Eternity"; . Plague of Conscience, which explores what it means to be alien and whether that can be comprehended without understanding what it means to be human; . Scattershot, beginning The teddy bear spoke excellent Mandarin, a gripping deep-space adventure that is also a tribute to legendary female science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr. These and the remaining entries Mandala and Petra form a remarkable collection showcasing the talents of a major American writer. Each story is accompanied by an introduction and an afterword written especially for this volume. "

Greg Bear - Beyond the Farthest Suns
7 remarkable stories, newly revised for this collection, showcase the award-winning talents of one of the 21st century's finest writers of speculative fiction Whether penning science fiction (Moving Mars, Queen of Angels, War Dogs), alternate history (the Mongoliad series with Neal Stephenson), or fantasy (Sleepside, The Infinity Concerto), Greg Bear tells stories that engage the reader's intellect while gripping the imagination. His short fiction is no exception. Beyond the Farthest Suns takes readers to the far end of the universe and the borders of scientific understanding. The volume includes: . "The Way of All Ghosts," set in the bestselling universe of Eon and Eternity; . "The Venging," which takes a group of desperate fugitives fleeing alien dominance down into the awesome gateway of a black hole; . "The Fall of the House of Escher," in which a world-famous illusionist is brought back from the dead for a terrifying command performance; . "Hardfought," the critically acclaimed Nebula Award - winning story showcasing a far future in which a legendary female pilot and her alien captor are forced into a tapestry of echoing lives where they struggle to communicate and find the deepest secrets of their history. These works, along with 3 additional entries, stunningly illustrate how Bear interweaves the rationality of science with remarkable characters whose thoughts and emotions reflect our own.

Greg Bear - Take Back the Sky
After the revelations on Titan about what the supposedly benign alien Gurus are really up to, Master Sergeant Michael Venn now has a whole new war on his hands. As the Antag invasion wreaks havoc in the distant reaches of the solar system, Venn voyages towards the battle that could decide the fate of not just the human race, but that of the whole galaxy. It's here that Venn will finally understand his destiny and that of every intelligent being in the solar system - including the enigmatic Gurus. Take Back the Sky is the climactic book in the epic interstellar War Dogs trilogy from master of science fiction, Greg Bear.

Greg Bear - The ​Forge of God
June ​26, 1996: One of Jupiter's moons disappears. September 28, 1996: A mysterious cinder cone is found in Death Valley. October 1, 1996: An enormous granite mountain is discovered in Australia. It wasn't there six months ago...

Greg Bear - A ​vér zenéje
Vergil ​Ulam, a fiatal, zseniális kutató biocsipek fejlesztésével foglalkozik. Nem tiszteli a szabályokat, különcködik, ezért gyakran kerül összeütközésbe intézetének vezetőivel. Amikor egy genetikai kutatóprogram irányelveit veszi semmibe, kirúgják. Saját vérébe fecskendezve sikerül kimenekítenie kikísérletezett limfocitáit, amelyek gondolkodó, értelmes vírusként szaporodnak és terjednek. Kontinenseket fertőznek meg, s nyomukban sok különös dolog jár.

Neal Stephenson - Greg Bear - Mark Teppo - Nicole Galland - Erik Bear - Joseph Brassey - Cooper Moo - The ​Mongoliad: Book One
In ​the aftermath of the Mongolian invasion of 1241, beleaguered Christians struggle with the presence of a violent horde and a world turned upside down. Apocalyptic fever sweeps through Europe, infecting even the most rational individuals, leaving all to wonder if they are seeing the end times - or an hour when new heroes will emerge from the ruins of cataclysmic defeat. An order of warrior monks, the Shield-Brethren, refuses to yield, plotting to overthrow the invaders despite insurmountable odds. Father Rodrigo Bendrito receives a prophecy from God and believes it's his mission to deliver the message to Rome. Along with the hunter Ferenc, orphan Ocyrhoe, healer Raphael, and alchemist Yasper, Rodrigo sets out to reclaim Europe. But to save Christendom, someone must slay the fierce Khan of Khans.

Greg Bear - Eon
Above ​our planet hangs a hollow Stone, vast as the imagination of Man. The inner dimensions are at odds with the outer: there are different chambers to be breached, some even containing deserted cities. The furthest chamber contains the greatest mystery ever to confront the Stone's scientists. But tombstone or milestone, the Stone is not an alien structure: it comes from the future of our humanity. And the war that breaks out on Earth seems to bear witness to the Stone's prowess as oracle . . .

Greg Bear - Beyond ​Heaven's River
Kawashita ​had passed up the chance to die honourably, to go down with the mortally wounded carrier HIRYU. And when the alien spacecraft plucked him from the sea near Midway, he was sure he'd made the wrong choice: now he would certainly die, but it would be alone and without honour. But the aliens did not kill him. Instead, they gave him a world of his own, a world in which he was supreme master, able to recreate and alter history, to indulge any fantasy. Then suddenly, he was once again amongst humans - for whom World War II was a half-forgotten memory, four centuries past ...

Greg Bear - War ​Dogs
AN ​EPIC INTERSTELLAR TALE OF WAR FROM A MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION. One more tour on the red. Maybe my last. They made their presence on Earth known thirteen years ago. Providing technology and scientific insights far beyond what mankind was capable of. They became indispensable advisors and promised even more gifts that we just couldn't pass up. We called them Gurus. It took them a while to drop the other shoe. You can see why, looking back. It was a very big shoe, completely slathered in crap. They had been hounded by mortal enemies from sun to sun, planet to planet, and were now stretched thin -- and they needed our help. And so our first bill came due. Skyrines like me were volunteered to pay the price. As always. These enemies were already inside our solar system and were moving to establish a beachhead, but not on Earth. On Mars.

Greg Bear - Darwin's ​Radio
Ancient ​diseases encoded in the DNA of humans wait like sleeping dragons to wake and infect again--or so molecular biologist Kaye Lang believes. And now it looks as if her controversial theory is in fact chilling reality. For Christopher Dicken, a "virus hunter" at the Epidemic Intelligence Service, has pursued an elusive flu-like disease that strikes down expectant mothers and their offspring. Then a major discovery high in the Alps--the preserved bodies of a prehistoric family--reveals a shocking link: Something that has slept in our genes for millions of years is waking up. Now, as the outbreak of this terrifying disease threatens to become a deadly epidemic, Dicken and Lang must race against time to assemble the pieces of a puzzle only they are equipped to solve--an evolutionary puzzle that will determine the future of the human race ... if a future exists at all.

Greg Bear - Moving ​Mars
In ​a scenario based on the colonization of our neighboring planet by corporate interests, discontent on the part of the second and third generations of the original colonists lays the groundwork for a revolution destined to last for decades.

Greg Bear - Anvil ​of Stars
82 ​young people travel the enormity of space on a quest for war and vengence against The Planet Eaters: aliens who turned the Earth - and all but a fragment of humanity - into a smouldering cinder. But how do you conduct a war against aliens whose psychology is unknowable, whose technological brilliance means they can disguise whole planetary sytstems?

Greg Bear - Rogue ​Planet
The ​Force is strong in twelve-year-old Anakin Skywalker…so strong that the Jedi Council, despite misgivings, entrusted young Obi-Wan Kenobi with the mission of training him to become a Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan—like his slain Master Qui-Gon—believes Anakin may be the chosen one, the Jedi destined to bring balance to the Force. But first Obi-Wan must help his undisciplined apprentice, who still bears the scars of slavery, find his own balance. Dispatched to the mysterious planet of Zonama Sekot, source of the fastest ships in the galaxy, Obi-Wan and Anakin are swept up in a swirl of deadly intrigue unlike any they have encountered before. It seems there are more secrets on Zonama Sekot than meet the eye. But the search for those secrets will threaten the bond between Obi-Wan and Anakin… and bring the troubled young apprentice face-to-face with his deepest fears—and his darkest destiny.

Greg Bear - Queen ​of Angels
In ​a perfect future a famous poet commits terrible murder. WHY? That crime and that question lead a biotransformed policewoman to a jungle of torture and forgotten gods; a writer to the Bohemian shadows of a vast city; and a scientist directly into the mind - into the nightmare soul - of the psychopath himself. This is science fiction at its best: a detective story, a story of virtual reality entrapments and the coming to consciousness of an Artificial Intelligence . . .

Greg Bear - Hull ​Zero Three
A ​starship hurtles through the emptiness of space. Its destination-unknown. Its purpose-a mystery. Its history-lost. Now, one man wakes up. Ripped from a dream of a new home-a new planet and the woman he was meant to love in his arms-he finds himself, wet, naked, and freezing to death. The dark halls are full of monsters but trusting other survivors he meets might be the greater danger. All he has are questions-- Who is he? Where are they going? What happened to the dream of a new life? What happened to the woman he loved? What happened to Hull 03? All will be answered, if he can survive. Uncover the mystery. Fix the ship. Find a way home

Greg Bear - Alapítvány ​és Káosz
Hari ​Seldon, a koros tudós, aki megjósolta a Galaktikus Birodalom bukását és az összeomlást követő harmincezer évnyi zűrzavart, kénytelen bíróság elé állni tanai miatt. R. Daneel Olivaw, a briliáns robot felfedezte, hogy nem csupán a Császár talpnyalói jelentenek veszélyt Seldonra és követőire, hanem egy, a saját fajtájából származó lény, egy másik robot is fenyegeti a megszületés előtt álló Alapítványt. Lodovik Trema, az ember formájú robot az egyetlen túlélője egy csillagközi katasztrófának. Neutrínóviharba került, ezért pozitronagyából kitörlődött a Robotika Három Törvénye. Ha ez igaz, akkor Lodovik többé nem képes az emberiség feltétlen szolgálatára, tetteit saját akarata irányítja. Daneelnek szüksége van Lodovikra, ezért elküldi az Eosra, a legendás titkos holdra, ahol az emberiséget szolgáló robotok készülnek. Lodovik azt állítja, meggyógyult, de vajon tényleg meg lehet-e bízni benne? A galaxis felbolydul, az emberek lázonganak, elégedetlenek. A robotok egymás után kérdőjelezik meg küldetésüket és Daneel stratégiáját... És lassan nemcsak a robotok, hanem az emberek is. Trantor acélbarlangjainak mélyén él egy hőkutas titokzatos leánya. A fiatal Klia Asgar bámulatos mentális képességei segítségével az emerek és a robotok szövetséget köthetnek... vagy mind elpusztulhatnak.

Greg Bear - Foundation ​and Chaos
This ​is book number two in the new Second Foundation Trilogy being written by hard science fiction authors Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, and David Brin, otherwise known as the "Killer B's." In this book, Bear continues where Benford's Foundation's Fear left off, as the trial of legendary psychohistorian Hari Seldon is about to begin. Bear writes with a style uncannily similar to Foundation creator Isaac Asimov's, and he even manages to incorporate some of Asimov's own writing in the novel. Aside from the trial, Bear also focuses on the nearly immortal robots that serve the Foundation, including R. Daneel Olivaw, who is set to guide one of the Foundation's first great undertakings. But Olivaw runs into trouble from an unexpected quarter, his best operative, Lodovik Trema, whose positronic brain has been irrevocably altered in a strange accident that has given him freedom from the supposedly immutable laws of robotics. --Craig Engler

Greg Bear - Az ​álmok bolygója
Az ​ifjú Anakin Skywalkert átjárja az Erő. A Jedi Tanács úgy dönt, hogy a 12 éves fiút Obi-van Kenobi gondjaira bízza, hogy az Jedi lovagot neveljen belőle. Obi-van hisz benne, hogy Anakin a Kiválasztott, aki Egyensúlyt hozhat az Erőben – ahogy az ő mestere, Qui-gon Jinn is hitte. A kiképzés nehéz feladatnak ígérkezik, mert Anakin hajlik a fegyelmezetlenségre, és a rabszolgaság okozta lelki sebei sem gyógyultak még be teljesen… A mestert és fiatal padavanját a Zonoma Sekor bolygóra küldik egy rejtélyes ügy kivizsgálására. Obi-van és Anakin különös zavart éreznek az Erőben: a villámgyors hajóiról híres bolygó sötét titkok sokaságát tartogatja számukra. Titkokat, amelyek veszélyt jelenthetnek a mester és tanítvány kapcsolatára, és Anakin sorsát is váratlan irányba terelhetik…

Greg Bear - Heads
In ​an abandoned mining colony at the Lunar Ice Pit Station, two experiments may science forever. One is achieving Absolute Zero--a temperature so cold it can bend the laws of physics. The other involves 410 human heads, severedand fr ozen for decades, whose memories may hold the keys to death...and beyond.

Gregory Benford - Greg Bear - David Brin - Asimov ​teljes Alapítvány – Birodalom – Robot univerzuma “A” kiegészítő kötet
Az ​emberiség jövőjének húsz évezrede elevenedik meg az Alapítvány-Birodalom-Robot-univerzumot felépítő művekben. Az Asimov eredeti írásait összefogó Encyclopedia Galactica öt kötete után most új formában kerülnek az Olvasó kezébe e fantasztikus világ más szerzők által írt történetei is: összegyűjtve, hiánytalanul, az Encyclopedia Galacticához kapcsolódó kiegészítő kötetek formájában. Az Encyclopedia Galactica Addenda jelen darabja Gregory Benford, Greg Bear és David Brin Alapítvány-regényeit foglalja magába. Az omladozó Galaktikus Birodalomban robotok egymással háborúzó frakciói, mutáns mentalisták, újszülött Alapítványok és egy ébredező bolygólény vívják harcukat az ember sorsának irányításáért. A három író műve komoly gondolatokkal és érdekfeszítő cselekménnyel járul hozzá az asimovi világ kiteljesítéséhez. A művekkel most ismerkedők és az Asimov-barát gyűjtők számára egyaránt meglepetés lehet az Encyclopedia Galactica Addenda köteteinek következetes szerkesztése. Egységes lektorálással és terminológiával, történeti dátumokkal ellátott regényekkel, lábjegyzetekkel és kereszthivatkozásokkal, átfogó kronológiával, és az eredeti művekhez való kapcsolódások jelzésével a sorozat világviszonylatban is példátlan módon kelti életre a néhai Isaac Asimov világát.

Greg Bear - Blood ​Music
Vergil ​Ulam's breakthrough in genetic engineering is considered too dangerous for further research. Rather than destroy his work, he injects himself with his creation and walks out of his lab, unaware of just quite how his actions will change the world. Bear's treatment of the traditional tale of scientific hubris is suspenseful and a compelling portrait of a new intelligence emerging amongst us and changing our world irrevocably.