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Jessica Sorensen - Nameless
I ​live in a world where freedom doesn't exist, and life is a battle for survival. Most people aren't even allowed to have names. But I had a name once. I was Allura until the Wardens captured me. They told me I was a Nameless. That I was no one, and my sole purpose was to obey them. And, for a while, I believed them. I spent years living underground in the channels beneath the city, dreaming of being outside again. I never thought it would happen. That I'd die in the darkness of my cell. But then three guys show up in the channels and my fate suddenly changes. Blaise, Ryder, and Reece are part of a secret group working to take down the Wardens and help rescue the Nameless. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I might survive. But the outside world isn't like how I remember. The city has become even more dangerous, especially for the Nameless. To survive, I'll have to learn how to trust the guys and live in a city full of crime where almost everyone is hunting for me.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Destiny of Violet & Luke - Violet, Luke és a sors
A ​Callie, Kayden és a megváltás nagy sikerű szerzőjének új története sebhelyekről, bátorságról és új lehetőségekről… Luke Price élete mindig is a rendről, az önfegyelemről és a kemény külső látszatának fenntartásáról szólt. A futó kalandok csak figyelemelterelésként szolgálnak a számára: így próbálja elhessegetni magától gyermekkora gyötrelmes emlékeit. Kétségbeesetten szeretne megfeledkezni a múltjáról, de az egyre csak kísérti, bármit tesz is. Violet Hayesnek nehéz élete volt. A szüleit gyerekkorában meggyilkolták, semmi mása nem maradt utánuk, csak a szörnyű emlékei az azóta is megoldatlan esetről. Úgy nőtt fel, hogy egyik felelőtlen, drogos, elhanyagoló nevelőszülőtől a másikhoz került, miközben képtelen volt feldolgozni annak az éjszakának a rettentő emlékét, amikor elvették tőle a szeretteit. Egy lezáratlan ügyet nehéz elfelejteni, és Violet álmait még mindig kísérti az a tragikus éjjel. Csak úgy tud megbirkózni az élettel, hogy senkihez sem kerül közel, és semmiféle érzelmet nem enged meg magának. Aztán Violet megismerkedik Luke-kal. Azonnal összeütközésbe kerülnek, mégsem bírják távol tartani magukat a másiktól. Hiába is próbálnak ellenállni egymásnak, mindketten elkezdenek kitárulkozni, és egyszeriben olyasmiket éreznek, mint azelőtt még soha. A két fiatal fölfedezi, mennyire hasonlítanak egymásra. De valami másra is rádöbbennek: a múlt mindig utoléri az embert… „Lebilincselő és szívszorító… Lehetetlen letenni.” - ReviewingRomance.com

Jessica Sorensen - Meeting ​Chaos
Skylin ​has always lived a fairly normal life. Well, except for the fact that whenever her emotions run high, strange things occur, like fires starting out of nowhere or the ground freezing over. Still, her life hasn't been too terrible until the day her parents vanish into thin air, and she’s shipped off to live with her father's friend, his daughter, and his five sons. Skylin isn’t sure if she can survive the chaos that is the Everettson family. But she doesn’t have a choice unless her parents are found, so she tries to make the best of the situation and befriend the Everettsons. But the Everettsons aren’t your typical family, and Skylin soon realizes she's not the only person that has strange abilities.

Jessica Sorensen - Forsaken
After ​Reece, Ryder, and Blaise rescued me from the channels, I thought my imprisoned fate had changed. But during our journey back to the station, we’re captured by the Forsaken. The Forsaken are known for killing their prisoners, but a fate much worse than death is waiting for us at their camp. If we want to survive, we’ll have to find a way to escape. But the leader of the Forsaken won’t let me out of her sight. She’s convinced I’m a hybrid and is determined to prove it by forcing me to take a test. A test I’m not sure I can pass.

Jessica Sorensen - What ​Hides In The Darkness
My ​name is Makayla, Mak for short, and I live in Shadow Cove, a town ruled by wealth and power, and that has an alarmingly high number of deaths and disappearances. And I understand these deaths and disappearances way too well.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Simplicity of Annabella and Luca
Life ​hasn't always been easy for Annabella and Luca, and they still have a lot to overcome after family secrets are revealed. But through it all, they still have each other.

Jessica Sorensen - Wreck ​Me
Tristan ​and Avery's story. Once upon a time there was a girl named Avery Hensley who thought she’d found the guy—the one that she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. They got married young and had the most beautiful son in the world. Life seemed perfect. But not everything is what it seems. Turned out the guy had another side to him, one Avery didn’t see coming. He wrecked her and broke her into a thousand pieces that she had to put back together again. She swore off guys from then on, vowing never to let anyone hurt her or her son again. She built a wall around herself and planned on never letting anyone through it again. But then she meets Tristan Morganson. He wrecks Avery in a different way, the kind of way that makes her feel free again, the kind of way that makes her think not all guys are bad. But can Avery trust him enough to let her wall come crumbling down?

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Infiniteness of Violet & Luke
Life ​is going well for Violet and Luke, but their story has one more chapter. Return to the Coincidence world for one final story about Violet and Luke.

Jessica Sorensen - Chasing ​Hadley
Chasing ​Hadley is a YA Contemporary Romance Hadley Harlyton’s life has always been about three things: 1. Making sure her three younger sisters stay out of trouble. 2. Getting good grades so she can get into a decent college. 3. Drag racing. She doesn’t have time for anything else, especially guys and dating. So when her family moves to the rural town of Honeyton, and right next door to the Porterson brothers, her life gets thrown for a turn. The Porterson brothers are all gorgeous, arrogant, and according to the rumors around town, dangerous. And they won’t leave Hadley and her sister’s alone. Finally, Hadley can’t take it anymore and challenges Blaise, the oldest of the Porterson brothers, to a drag race. If she wins, Blaise and his brothers won’t bother Hadley and her sisters anymore. If she loses, she has to spend the next month doing favors for the Porterson brothers. Things are about to get complicated...

Jessica Sorensen - Inspiring ​You
Ayden ​knows it’s time to remember what really happened four years ago, so he can help save his sister. With the help of Lyric, he faces his past head on. But dealing with the truth is difficult. Will Ayden finally be free of his past so he can move forward to his future?

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Year I Became Isabella Anders
Isabella ​Anders has always been the girl that never fit in. Most days she feels invisible, especially when she’s around her older sister, Hannah, who catches the eye of everyone, including Kai and Kyler, the boys who live next door. Isabella has had a crush on Kyler for years, but knows he’ll never see her as anything more than Hannah’s little sister, unless she finds a way to standout. When Isabella gets an offer from her grandmother to travel overseas for the summer, she seizes the opportunity, hoping she’ll discover more about herself. And she does, but not in the way that she expected. Three months later, Isabella returns home an entirely new person. The change is enough to catch both Kyler and Kai’s attention. But Isabella is still struggling with what she discovered over the summer and until she deals with the truth, she’ll never truly be herself.

Jessica Sorensen - Heat
Ella ​and Micha have been best friends forever, but the older they get, the more complicated their relationship gets.And things are about to get even more complicated when Ella loses a challenge and owes Micha something she never thought she’d owe anyone.A kiss…The Ella and Micha Prequel Series is a series of novellas about Ella and Micha that take place before the Secret Series.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Extraordinary
Ensley, ​Carter, and their friends are about to enter a dangerous world.

Jessica Sorensen - Tempting ​Raven
Eighteen-year-old ​Raven was just an ordinary vampire until Fate chose her as the new vampire queen. And Fate has a twisted sense of humor because it chose Rhyland Midnitegale as king, who just happens to be her sworn enemy. Raven isn’t thrilled about ruling with Rhyland, but if she doesn’t step up to her title, the chaos, rebellions, and murders taking over the vampire world will only continue to get worse. So she accepts the position, but secretly hopes that maybe Fate will change its mind. She soon learns that being queen comes with many rules. Rules that bind her heart and soul to Rhyland in ways she never imagined. Rules that keep her life out of danger from outside threats. Rules that she must follow or the entire vampire kingdom pays the price. But dangers may be lurking close by, and Raven may be cursed with more than just the title of the queen.

Jessica Sorensen - Breathing ​Lies
The ​Avertonson brothers and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. They’re also twins, but where Foster is all light, Kingsley is darkness and danger. I’ve been in love with Foster for a while, but the night I finally get the courage to tell him is the same night I nearly drown. I don’t remember much about what happened, but when I come out of that lake, I’m not the same girl I was before I went in. I’m lost and confused, especially over how I was saved. Foster insists he’s the one who swam into the water to save me. I want to believe him, but I keep having these dreams where Kingsley is the one who pulls me out. But both brothers swear it was Foster. I’m not sure what to believe or why they'd lie, but I need to find out the truth. But the more I search for answers, the more I realize I don't know the Avertonson brothers as well as I thought.

Jessica Sorensen - Forever ​Stardust
Nine ​years ago, I was captured by the grim reaper and forced to become his prisoner, my witch magic bound to him. I spent countless days obeying his orders until an opportunity arose and I finally fought back. But things didn’t go as planned, and now I’m sired to Legend, a hot and arrogant vampire that wants me to help him save the realms.

Jessica Sorensen - Keine ​Angst zu lieben - Seth & Greyson
Seth ​wurde verraten. Von jemanden, den er sehr liebte. Am College will er das alles hinter sich lassen, aber so leicht ist das nicht. Dann trifft er Greyson, der charmant und fürsorglich ist, und sofort fühlt er sich zu ihm hingezogen. Doch er zögert, sich der Liebe öffnen. Wird es ihm gelingen, Greyson zu zeigen, wie er wirklich für ihn empfindet?

Jessica Sorensen - Chasing ​Magic
Harlynn’s ​life has officially been turned upside down. Not only is she stuck with an arrogant genie, a flirty faerie, and a sweet cyborg, but she also just found out she’s not human. Having despised paranormal creatures for most of her life, she’s having a difficult time accepting this bit of information. It doesn’t help that none of the guys seem to know exactly what she is. But stealing the steel books should be able to give her some answers. Planet Steel is a dangerous place, though, and getting the steel books might be the least of Harlynn’s problems.

Jessica Sorensen - Undoing ​You
Ayden ​and Lyric's life has been great, even if Ayden is still discovering stuff about his past. As long as they have each other, though, they can make it through anything.

Jessica Sorensen - Rules ​of a Rebel and a Shy Girl
Willow It ​started with a kiss and ended with a list. The middle is a bit more complicated. The list is supposed to protect mine and Beck’s friendship and stop us from accidentally kissing again. But most of all, it’s supposed to protect my heart from getting crushed like my mom’s did. The rules are pretty simple. Rule #1—No wandering off into fields together to go stargazing (that’s what started this whole mess to begin with). Rule #2—Absolutely no lip-to-lip contact. Rule #3—No falling in love I’ve always been great at following rules. But the more time I spend with Beck, the more I can’t stop thinking about that kiss and how amazing his lips felt against mine. For the first time in my life, I wish I was a rule breaker. Beck It started with the most amazing kiss ever and led to Willow handing me a list. That stupid list. When she gave it to me, I wanted to shred it to pieces, pull her against me, and kiss her until she realized a piece of paper wasn’t going to stop me. Willow’s been my best friend since forever and she should know by now that I’m not a follow-the-rules kind of guy. She may think that kiss was a mistake, but she’s wrong. Kisses like that can’t be a mistake and I’m going to prove it to her. Somehow.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Evermore of Callie & Kayden
Now ​in her last year of college, Callie feels like she wants to do something amazing with her life. When she gets a job offer to write for at an unconventional newspaper, she wonders if it’s the change she’s looking for. But her first assignment hits close to home, and she has to decide if she’s strong enough to handle it. Kayden’s life has been going great. He’s about to graduate, the draft is coming up, and his relationship with Callie is stronger than ever. But when a secret from his family’s past is revealed, he realizes not everything about his life is what it seems. A spin-off novella series featuring characters from my Coindence Series and Unbeautiful Series.

Jessica Sorensen - Füreinander ​bestimmt - Violet und Luke
Drogen, ​Vernachlässigung, Missbrauch – Violet Hayes hat schon viel erlebt. Als sie aufs College geht, will sie all das hinter sich lassen, aber die Vergangenheit holt sie immer wieder ein. Um nicht verletzt zu werden, gibt sie sich tough und wahrt Distanz. Doch dann trifft sie Luke. Die beiden geraten ständig aneinander und dennoch ziehen sie sich magisch an. Und je näher sie sich kommen, umso klarer wird ihnen, wie ähnlich sie sich sind.

Jessica Sorensen - Broken ​Magic
My ​name is Evalee, and I have a secret. I’m a witch. At least I thought I was. Now, I’m not so sure what’s going, who I am, or who I can trust.

Jessica Sorensen - Ember ​X
For ​nineteen-year-old Ember, life has always been about death. With a simple touch, she can see when someone will die. It’s her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person that knows her secret is her best friend Raven. But that changes when she meets Asher Morgan. He’s gorgeous and mysterious and is the only person Ember can't sense death from. The silence he instills in her mind and body allows her to feel things she’s never been able to before, so despite her initial reservations, Ember lets Asher into her life and lets herself to get close to him. But the closer they get, the more Ember realizes that Asher is keeping secrets from her. When unexplained deaths begin to surface in her town, Ember questions why she can’t see Asher's death and what it is he’s hiding from her.

Jessica Sorensen - Discovering ​Zhara: Going Undercover
My ​name is Zhara and I’m completely in over my head. Not only am I pretending to date all of the Bad Boy Rebels, but I’m also going undercover to help bring down one of the most dangerous groups in Honeyton. And the number one rule to my assignment: I can no longer act like a good girl…

Jessica Sorensen - Für ​immer Ella und Micha
Während ​Micha sich einen Traum erfüllt und mit seiner Band auf Tour geht, ist Ella ans College zurückgekehrt. Sie sehnt sich nach Micha, aber in letzter Zeit sind die gemeinsamen Momente selten geworden. Zugleich machen die Abgründe in ihrer Familie es Ella schwer, an ihr Glück zu glauben. Sie will Micha auf jeden Fall davor schützen, und eines Tages trifft sie eine radikale Entscheidung, die sie für immer von ihm entfernen könnte.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Diary of Lexi Ashford 1.
Lexi ​has always had a reputation for accidentally messing things up, but she never thought she’d be jobless and homeless at twenty-six. With no other choice, she returns to her hometown to do a little life searching. Lexi quickly discovers a lot has changed in the eight years since she first left Fairville, a quirky little town in the middle of nowhere. Most of her best friends from high school are now married and have children, and her parents have sold their home and are now living in a loft above their store. One thing still remains the same, though. Anders, her old high school crush is still as hot as ever. Determined to get her life back on track, Lexi starts searching for an apartment and a job. But during a crazy night at one of her friend’s bachelorette parties, she wakes up in Las Vegas, hungover and married to Evan, Anders' brother, a guy she barely knows. So much for getting her life back on track.

Jessica Sorensen - Nova ​and Quinton: No Regrets
Today ​is the first day of Quinton Carter's new life. The toxic guilt of his past left him in pieces-but one girl unexpectedly put him back together. Thanks to Nova Reed, Quinton can finally see the world with clear eyes. She's the reason his heart is still kicking behind the jagged scar on his chest. And he would love to have her in his arms every minute of the day . . . but he's not ready yet. Playing drums in a band and living with her best friends are just some of the highlights of Nova's life. But the best new development? Talking to Quinton on the phone each night. She wishes she could touch him, kiss him, though she knows he needs time to heal. Yet shocking news is on the way-a reminder of life's dark side-and Nova will need Quinton like he once needed her. Is he strong enough to take the final leap out of his broken past . . . and into Nova's heart?

Jessica Sorensen - Everlasting ​Violet
I ​thought I was safe now that I'd escaped the Midnight realms with Jules, but I was wrong. Danger lies everywhere.

Jessica Sorensen - Alluring ​Raven
Raven ​is on the run with Rhyland and Kingston in a land where dangers lie everywhere. And as pieces of her past begin to unravel, she realizes nothing is what it seems.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Prelude of Ella and Micha
This ​book takes place a year before The Secret of Ella and Micha. More info to come.

Jessica Sorensen - Die ​Sache mit Callie und Kayden
Callie ​glaubt nicht an das große Glück. Nicht seit ihrem zwölften Geburtstag, als ihr Schreckliches zustieß. Damals beschloss sie, ihre Gefühle für immer wegzusperren, und auch sechs Jahre später kämpft sie noch gegen ihr dunkles Geheimnis an. Dann trifft sie auf Kayden und rettet ihn vor seinem ärgsten Feind. Er setzt es sich in den Kopf, die schöne Callie zu erobern. Und je näher er ihr kommt, desto klarer wird ihm, dass es nun Callie ist, die Hilfe braucht…