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Jessica Sorensen - Diary ​of Lexi Ashford - The Agreement
Lexi ​Ashford has always had a reputation for accidentally messing things up, but she never thought she’d be twenty-six and married to a guy she barely knows. And worse, she’s pretty sure Evan may not remember they’re married. Now she’s left with no choice but to track him down and get an annulment. But it turns out Lexi was wrong. Evan does remember their drunken night in Vegas, and ending the marriage is the last thing he has in mind.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Art of Being Friends
Raven: Being ​the new girl is always hard, especially when you’re socially awkward. But when my family decides to move to Honeyton at the beginning of my senior year, I try to look at it as a chance to start over. And it kind of looks like I might succeed. Not only do I make a new friend, but I also meet Hunter Hathingford. Hunter is gorgeous, charming, and sweet. And while I’m definitely attracted to him, we both decide it’s a good idea for us to just be friends. But not everything in this new town is what it seems. Everyone has secrets. Including Hunter. Hunter: I’m known as the biggest flirt in school, which is fine, even if it’s not entirely true. Sometimes I wish I could be myself and that I didn’t have to be Hunter Hathingford, son of the most wealthy and corrupt man in Honeyton. But since everyone in this town knows who I am, that doesn’t seem very realistic. That is until a new girl moves to town. Raven Wilowwynter is sweet, beautiful, and probably one of the most amusing girls I’ve ever met. And even though I can’t stop thinking about kissing her, we make a deal to just be friends. But I’m worried how long that’ll last when she finds out the truth about who I really am. This is the YA mystery romance version of my novel, A Pact Between the Forgotten (The Raven Four).

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Opposite of Ordinary
One ​day ago my life was pretty perfect. But a lot can change in a day. In one day, I went from being Ashlynn Wynterland, one of the most popular girls in school to being the girl who spends lunchtime hiding out in Mr. Chester’s classroom and watching Maxon Harter and his science obsessed friends mess around with experiments. All because Queeny Harlington thinks I made out with her crush. Queeny Harlington is the queen of Fareland high. And up until a day ago, she was my best friend. Now she’s my worst enemy who’s threatening to tell the entire school all of my secrets. Being the friendless, social outcast has its downsides. So, when Maxon Harter invites me to hang out with him and his mad scientist friends, I accept his offer, even though they all seem to despise me. Which is fine. Sort of… The truth is I’ve always thought Maxon was cute in a weirdly unordinary way. And the more I get to know him, the more I find myself crushing on him badly. Which makes me wonder if I’ve always been a weirdly unordinary kind of girl, but was too afraid to admit it. But when Queeny decides to tell everyone my darkest secret of all, I doubt Maxon and my new friends will accept me anymore. I need to stop her, and the only way to do that may be to figure out who made up the rumor that I kissed her crush.

Jessica Sorensen - Oblivion
Every ​day my life becomes more in danger. The only way to survive might be to enter the Oblivion and relive my forgotten memories. But my mind may be even more dangerous than reality.

Jessica Sorensen - Ruin ​Me
A ​part time student, CNA, and caretaker for her slightly deranged mother, Clara McKiney doesn’t have time for a relationship. That’s why her friends with benefits arrangement with sexy and ridiculously charming Jax Hensley works perfectly. But Jax has other ideas. The moment Jax met Clara he was instantly drawn to her wittiness, confidence, and gorgeous smile. Even though he agreed to the friends with benefits arrangement, he secretly hopes for more than their weekend hook ups. When Jax's estranged mother mysteriously disappears, he sees an opportunity to spend more time with Clara. After convincing her to return home with him, a new agreement is made. One road trip and week together to find out why his mom vanished into thin air. Things are about to get complicated.

Jessica Sorensen - Written ​with a Promise
Alexis ​and West made a deal to fake date, but things are quickly becoming complicated.

Jessica Sorensen - Breathing ​Lies
The ​Avertonson brothers and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. They’re also twins, but where Foster is all light, Kingsley is darkness and danger. I’ve been in love with Foster for a while, but the night I finally get the courage to tell him is the same night I nearly drown. I don’t remember much about what happened, but when I come out of that lake, I’m not the same girl I was before I went in. I’m lost and confused, especially over how I was saved. Foster insists he’s the one who swam into the water to save me. I want to believe him, but I keep having these dreams where Kingsley is the one who pulls me out. But both brothers swear it was Foster. I’m not sure what to believe or why they'd lie, but I need to find out the truth. But the more I search for answers, the more I realize I don't know the Avertonson brothers as well as I thought.

Jessica Sorensen - Sweet ​Lies & Kisses
My ​name is Zhara and my life is getting complicated. I just discovered a secret about my life. Plus, this whole undercover thing is getting dangerous. And on top of that, someone might be after me. With so much danger and secrets lurking everywhere, I'm starting to question everything. Luckily, I have the guys. I just hope I can trust them.

Jessica Sorensen - Secrets ​Never Die
I ​live in a city where the rich get away with everything. Even murder… A year ago, I was found bloody and broken in the middle of a forest with hardly any recollection of how I got there. I remembered enough, though, that I'm fairly sure I know who hurt me. But it ended up not being enough, and they got away with what they did to me. Now, I'm left struggling to pick up the shattered pieces of my life. I try to move on, but the hazy memories of that night continue to haunt me. I can't seem to let it go. I fear it'll happen again. So when Everette, an intense and gorgeous detective, offers me a job as an informant that might help bring down the people who hurt me, I take it. I just hope no one else will get hurt. And that I can handle it the job.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Extraordinary
Ensley, ​Carter, and their friends are about to enter a dangerous world.

Jessica Sorensen - Forsaken
After ​Reece, Ryder, and Blaise rescued me from the channels, I thought my imprisoned fate had changed. But during our journey back to the station, we’re captured by the Forsaken. The Forsaken are known for killing their prisoners, but a fate much worse than death is waiting for us at their camp. If we want to survive, we’ll have to find a way to escape. But the leader of the Forsaken won’t let me out of her sight. She’s convinced I’m a hybrid and is determined to prove it by forcing me to take a test. A test I’m not sure I can pass.

Jessica Sorensen - Chasing ​Secrets
My ​name is Harlynn, and my life is getting complicated. Not only am I not human, but I'm starting to have feelings for all of the guys. And that's not my only problem. We need to figure out more about my powers before I destroy something. Or before Asher's father gets ahold of me, which is why we've traveled to Midnight. But Asher's father might not be the only creature trying to capture me.

Jessica Sorensen - Secrets ​& Vanilla Bean Frosting
My ​name is Alexis, and I used to be an artist and rarely got into trouble, but everything changed after my parents died. Now I'm the girl with secrets, and if anyone ever found out about them, I'd be in deep trouble. Which unfortunately, has happened. And whoever it is, is blackmailing me. I need to figure out who's doing this before I end up in a lot of trouble. That's where West comes in. West used to be my sworn enemy, but now I'm not sure what he is. Arrogant? Yes. A huge flirt? Definitely. But he's also offered to help me track down the blackmailer. And I think we might be starting to become friends. But if we don't solve the mystery fast, I'll more than likely end up behind bars. Or worse.

Jessica Sorensen - Raveling ​You
Ayden ​Gregory may want to keep running from his nightmares, but he no longer has a choice. His past is catching up with him. And fast. He relies on one person to keep him from crumbling. His best friend Lyric Scott. Lyric feels helpless watching her best friend’s world turn upside down. But she does her best to remain positive and upbeat. She gets their band their first gig and even with everything going on, her relationship with Ayden starts to heat up. But when danger enters Ayden’s life again, even Lyric might not be able to help him.

Jessica Sorensen - Stolen ​Kisses
My ​name is Evalee, and I used to think I was a witch. Turns out I’m not. Well, not a full witch anyway. What I am is way worse than I ever could have imagined. And it makes me question who I can tell the truth to and who I can trust.

Jessica Sorensen - Shimmering ​Chaos
Skylin's ​life is quickly turning into a chaotic mess the longer she stays with the Everettsons. Not only is something as simple as going to school dangerous, but her dreams of darkness are becoming more frequent and intense. Fortunately, she has Foster to help her. But things start to get complicated when an incident at school causes the wall around Skylin to begin to dissolve, revealing secrets hidden behind it.

Jessica Sorensen - Spies ​& Sprinkles
My ​name is Alexis Baker, and nothing about my life is what it seems. And the worst part? The blackmailer knows that. In fact, they seem to know more about my life than I do. And if blackmailing me wasn't enough, they've also started stalking me. Things are starting to get dangerous. For me. For my family. For West. And the only way out of this—the only way I might be able to protect everyone I care about—is to play the blackmailer's game. But I'm worried what will happen if I lose.

Jessica Sorensen - Forever ​Violet
A ​full-length, paranormal romance novel. A year ago, I was attacked by werewolves. I’ve hated their kind ever since. Now, I’m being told I’m one of them. That Jules, a tortured, gothic werewolf prince, is my soul mate and that I may one day rule over a werewolf pack. Not how I saw my life going, but fighting my destiny isn’t an option. Neither is ignoring the powerful connection I feel to Jules. But facing my future is going to be dangerous when not all of my pack wants me around. Suggested reading age 18+

Jessica Sorensen - Every ​Single Breath
Sadie Most ​days it’s hard to breathe. My sins are always haunting me, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to escape my past. I worry that I’ll never be normal. That I’ll always be paying for my sins. But then Sage Davis enters my life, and he gives me a taste of normalcy. The feeling only lasts for a moment, though, before my past returns and rips everything away from me. Sage Sadie is the most beautifully haunted woman I’ve ever met. She’s also my bandmate’s sister, so she’s completely off limits. Besides, my life is such a mess right now that she’s better off without me. I need to stay away from her. At least, that’s the plan. But one single kiss shatters that plan. But as quickly as the moment happens, it’s taken away. Just like almost everything else in my life.

Jessica Sorensen - Unveiled
Jessamine ​isn’t the hard working, sweet, and caring woman everyone believes she is. After a night of partying and wandering off with some strangers, she wakes up with blood on her hands and no recollection of what happened. But there are people who say they know what she did and are trying to blackmail her. Having no other choice, she returns to her hometown to escape the people threatening her. While she’s there, she runs into Milo, an old high school friend, who also happens to be a police officer. Milo is as sweet and charming as ever, but has roughened up around the edges. Still, Jessamine feels less lost when she’s around him and starts to wonder if maybe she can trust Milo with her secret. But Milo has a secret too, one that might be connected to the people trying to destroy Jessamine’s life. Secrets. Lies. And a deadly game. Who can Jessamine trust?

Jessica Sorensen - Enchanting ​Illusions
Gemma, ​Alexis, Laylen, and Aislin have new dangers to face.

Jessica Sorensen - Broken ​Magic
My ​name is Evalee, and I have a secret. I’m a witch. At least I thought I was. Now, I’m not so sure what’s going, who I am, or who I can trust.

Jessica Sorensen - Non ​cambiare mai
A ​prima vista, Lila Summers, la migliore amica di Ella, è la tipica ragazza viziata di buona famiglia: aspetto curato, abiti firmati e l’atteggiamento frivolo di chi non ha mai dovuto faticare per ottenere ciò che vuole. Ma dietro quel seducente sorriso da copertina si nasconde un oscuro passato che Lila tenta con tutta se stessa di dimenticare e che minaccia di farla crollare… Quando il terribile vuoto che ha dentro rischia di emergere e divorare ogni cosa, c’è solo una persona in grado di aiutarla a tenere a bada i suoi fantasmi: Ethan Gregory. Lila e Ethan però sono solo amici, niente di più. Ethan non è tipo da relazioni e poi come potrebbe un ragazzo rude come lui far coppia fissa con una principessina? Eppure, nonostante tutto, Ethan non può negare che qualcosa di strano e forte lo lega a Lila, qualcosa che, se non sta attento, rischia di spezzargli il cuore…

Jessica Sorensen - Chasing ​Magic
Harlynn’s ​life has officially been turned upside down. Not only is she stuck with an arrogant genie, a flirty faerie, and a sweet cyborg, but she also just found out she’s not human. Having despised paranormal creatures for most of her life, she’s having a difficult time accepting this bit of information. It doesn’t help that none of the guys seem to know exactly what she is. But stealing the steel books should be able to give her some answers. Planet Steel is a dangerous place, though, and getting the steel books might be the least of Harlynn’s problems.

Jessica Sorensen - Untamed
Emery No ​matter how hard I try, I never seem to be able to escape my family’s world. Their madness controls my life, just like insanity consumes my mind. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who I really am. The person everyone sees? Or the one I keep trapped inside? I wonder which person Ryler sees. Just like I wonder who I can trust. Wonder. Wonder. Wonder. I wonder too much. I wish I could just find a way to escape it all and finally be free. Ryler I live a double life and sometimes I hate myself for it. Watching Emery fall apart—pretending I don’t care—is killing me inside. I want to tell her the truth, but I also want a new life. Want. Want. Want. I want too much. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what I really desire. I wish I could be free from the confusion, free from this life.

Jessica Sorensen - Bad ​Girl Training
My ​name is Zhara and I lived a pretty average life until the day I met Benton, Xavier, Jett, Wilder, Ridge, and Jackson. Now my days are filled with drug lords, threats, lies, secrets, and kissing... It's starting to make separating my real life with my undercover life complicated.

Jessica Sorensen - Fated ​by Darkness
Ever ​since Indigo was sixteen years old, she’s been cursed with the ability to feel when someone she cares about is going to die. Each death has something in common—an off the chart storm blows through her town. Usually, she stays indoors during a storm and asks the people she loves to do the same. But when her friend Zoe insists on going out during a major rainstorm, she feels she has no choice but to go and keep an eye on her. It’s the last night Indigo ever sees or hears from Zoe again. At first the police are eager to look for Zoe. But after searching her room and finding countless fake identities, along with a list of places she’s lived and plans on living, they’re convinced she took off on her own free will. Desperate to find out what happened, Indigo sets out on a trip overseas to visit the places on Zoe’s list, and takes along Gaige, a guy her friend insists knows his way around overseas. But Gaige seems to know more about Indigo’s curse than he should, and his offer to help find Zoe may come with a hidden agenda. What starts out as a trip to find her best friend, ends up turning into a dangerous journey full of lies and secrets.

Jessica Sorensen - Whispered ​Darkness
Harlynn's ​life is getting more complicated by the second as ghosts and even zombies begin to consume her life. She needs to find out answers and fast before The Dead take over her life completely. But doing so might mean seeking help from the dead.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Year I Became Isabella Anders
Isabella ​Anders has always been the girl that never fit in. Most days she feels invisible, especially when she’s around her older sister, Hannah, who catches the eye of everyone, including Kai and Kyler, the boys who live next door. Isabella has had a crush on Kyler for years, but knows he’ll never see her as anything more than Hannah’s little sister, unless she finds a way to standout. When Isabella gets an offer from her grandmother to travel overseas for the summer, she seizes the opportunity, hoping she’ll discover more about herself. And she does, but not in the way that she expected. Three months later, Isabella returns home an entirely new person. The change is enough to catch both Kyler and Kai’s attention. But Isabella is still struggling with what she discovered over the summer and until she deals with the truth, she’ll never truly be herself.

Jessica Sorensen - Everlasting ​Violet
I ​thought I was safe now that I'd escaped the Midnight realms with Jules, but I was wrong. Danger lies everywhere.

Jessica Sorensen - The ​Falling of Everything
They ​call them The Raven Three. They're the most powerful and dangerous guys in town. Everyone respects them. Everyone fears them. No one ever challenges them until me. But I have nothing to lose and nothing to fear but myself. So they give me a choice. Learn to fear them, or they'll make sure I do.But they weren't expecting me to be so stubborn. And after a dangerous challenge, The Raven Three become The Raven Four. There are rules that everyone has to obey, the most important one being we all have to stay friends. But none of us have ever been good at following rules and all of them are going to complicate things for me.

Jessica Sorensen - What ​Hides In The Darkness
My ​name is Makayla, Mak for short, and I live in Shadow Cove, a town ruled by wealth and power, and that has an alarmingly high number of deaths and disappearances. And I understand these deaths and disappearances way too well.