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James Smythe - The ​Machine
Haunting ​memories defined him. The machine took them away. She vowed to rebuild him. From the author of The Testimony comes a Frankenstein for the twenty-first century. Beth lives alone on a desolate housing estate near the sea. She came here to rebuild her life following her husband’s return from the war. His memories haunted him but a machine promised salvation. It could record memories, preserving a life that existed before the nightmares. Now the machines are gone. The government declared them too controversial, the side-effects too harmful. But within Beth’s flat is an ever-whirring black box. She knows that memories can be put back, that she can rebuild her husband piece by piece.

James Smythe - The ​Echo
The ​stunning sequel to James Smythe’s critically acclaimed literary sci-fi novel The Explorer. TWENTY YEARS following the disappearance of the infamous Ishiguro – the first manned spacecraft to travel deeper into space than ever before – humanity are setting their sights on the heavens once more. Under the direction of two of the most brilliant minds science has ever seen – that of identical twin brothers Tomas and Mirakel Hyvönen – this space craft has a bold mission: to study what is being called ‘the anomaly’ – a vast blackness of space into which the Ishiguro disappeared. Between them Tomas (on the ground, guiding the mission from the command centre) and Mira (on the ship, with the rest of the hand-picked crew) are leaving nothing to chance. But soon these two scientists are to learn that there are some things in space beyond our understanding. As the anomaly begins to test the limits of Mira’s comprehension – and his sanity – will Tomas be able to save his brother from being lost in space too?

James Smythe - The ​Explorer
A ​tense, claustrophobic and gripping science fiction thriller from the author of The Testimony. When journalist Cormac Easton is selected to document the first manned mission into deep space, he dreams of securing his place in history as one of humanity’s great explorers. But in space, nothing goes according to plan. The crew wake from hypersleep to discover their captain dead in his allegedly fail-proof safety pod. They mourn, and Cormac sends a beautifully written eulogy back to Earth. The word from ground control is unequivocal: no matter what happens, the mission must continue. But as the body count begins to rise, Cormac finds himself alone and spiralling towards his own inevitable death… unless he can do something to stop it.

James Smythe - The ​Testimony
A ​global thriller presenting an apocalyptic vision of a world on the brink of despair and destruction. What would you do if the world was brought to a standstill? If you heard deafening static followed by the words, 'My children. Do not be afraid'? Would you turn to God? Subscribe to the conspiracy theories? Or put your faith in science and a rational explanation? The lives of all twenty-six people in this account are affected by the message. Most because they heard it. Some because they didn't. The Testimony - a gripping story of the world brought to its knees and of its people, confused and afraid.

James Smythe - A ​felfedező
Néhány ​fős expedíció indul a mélyűrbe azzal a céllal, hogy az emberiség megismerje a Naprendszer legtávolabbi pontjait. A legénység tagja Cormac Easton is, akit újságíróként azzal a feladattal bíztak meg, hogy egy blogon dokumentálja az utazás eseményeit. Amikor azonban az űrutazók felébrednek a sztázisból, holtan találják a kapitányukat, és a Földi Irányítástól szigorú utasítást kapnak: bármi történjék is, a küldetést végig kell csinálniuk. A holttestek száma fokozatosan nőni kezd, Cormac pedig magára marad, és egyre elkeseredettebben küzd azért, hogy elkerülje, ami rá vár. James Smythe klausztrofób sci-fije igazi különlegesség a műfaj kedvelőinek.