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Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 13.
Gin's ​Street Fighting Lessons Learned (Top 5) 1. Frontal wedgies are extremely effective. 2. Girls hit a lot harder the more innocent they look (unless they are alien gorillas). 3. Only morons start fights in the Ninja Bar. Yeah, only morons... 4. Using a bazooka is cheating (but it sure settles things quickly). 5. No one hits harder than Shinpachi's sister Otae when she's riled.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 22.
Kondo's ​Guide to Excellent Leadership 1. Sometimes a stray dog is the most loyal dog. 2. Mind your manners when eating conveyor-belt sushi. 3. Always wash your hands after you do number one or number two. 4. Sometimes the biggest tool isn't the one in the box. 5. Don't lose track when counting sheep.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 4.
Everyone ​desperately attempts to get some R & R this time! Our cute and invincible warrior Kagura spirits a genuine princess out of the confines of her castle to shop for candy, gamble her riches, and fish for kappa (water spirits)--all while dodging a troop of elite police. But rest looks to be in the stars when Kagura wins an outer-space trip for three. Unfortunately, her relaxing vacation with her pals is continually interrupted by dognappers, spaceship hijackers, and giant sand monsters. Fortunately, the Odd Jobs Trio returns home just in time for a soothing summer festival. Until…robots run amuck!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 2.
After ​being repeatedly stalked by the Shinsengumi commander, Isao Kondo, Tae Shimura, Shinpachi's older sister, makes Gintoki have a fake duel against Kondo to stop him. Gintoki breaks Kondo's sword before the duel, and easily wins, capturing the attention of other Shinsengumi members. In other chapters, Kagura adopts an inugami which she names Sadaharu, Odd Jobs look for a woman, whom a dying elder had feelings for, and Gintoki helps a criminal meet his daughter, the idol Tsu "Otsu" Terakado. In another job, the trio searches for their client's daughter, who was kidnapped by the space pirates Harusame. Although they rescue her, Kagura and Shinpachi are at same time kidnapped by Harusame, and Katsura decides to help Gintoki rescue them. Another one-shot, "Shirokuro", ends the volume with its story being focused on a spirits' protector to take care of a voodoo witch.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 10.
Gin's ​"Five Things They Don't Teach You in Samurai School" List 1. Gold can be found in the strangest places (not always up your nose). 2. Talking smack to a blind swordsman is NEVER a good idea. 3. Stomping on giant beetles the size of small cars is both messy and really dangerous. 4. When the scariest thing in your haunted house is one of your customers, just pack up and go home for the day. 5. Just because your date has cat ears doesn't necessarily mean she's an alien.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 3.
Gin's ​"to do" list for this volume: 1. Pick a fight with those Shinsengumi losers 2. Throw out my old SHONEN JUMP magazines 3. Save Shinpachi and Kagara AGAIN 4. Take Kagura's so-called dog for a walk 5. Protect the environment

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 9.
Gin's ​Ho-Hum Weekend To-Do List 1. Stock up on paper napkins and stain remover. 2. Think of a good excuse not to buy Hasegawa a new shirt. 3. Find out what kind of monster would swipe my strawberry milk from the fridge. 4. Get tickets to the game at Edo Dome while it's still standing. 5. Tell Shinpachi, Kondo and Matsudaira they're buying if they want me to go for drinks with them.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 11.
Gin's ​Surefire Dating Tips 1. Chicks with cat ears that you meet online are always hiding something. 2. Riding with a cute girl on the back of your scooter is cool (but watch out for the rocket boost). 3. Never allow partially a blind ninja to take care of your wounds (even if she looks hot in a nurse's uniform). 4. When getting involved in a coup d'etat, remember to bring your umbrella (what's that got to do with dating?!)

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 20.
Gin's ​Advice for Improving Your Manga! 1. Blatantly rip off other Shonen Jump manga. 2. Make sure the gorilla (artist) gets lots of bananas. 3. Add lots of emotional death scenes and sappy dog funerals. 4. Make Yamazaki the main character. 5. Have plenty of nude beach scenes...with Shinpachi!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 14.
Oh, ​Baby, You Make It Hurt So Good A Song for Gin (by Sachan) When you smash the dish that's strapped to my head You're doing it for honor so it's all okay Sandpaper makes lousy toilet tissue (someone said) You can use my picture (but you're gonna pay) Don't fight for Otae (Shinpachi should) Oh, baby, you make it hurt so gooood!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 8.
Do's ​and Don'ts for Daddy-Daughter Day 1. Don't let alien monsters grow exponentially by siphoning energy from space terminals and then eating your daughter 2. Do show your dad you've learned to use your abnormal strength to help others--not hurt them 3. Do respect your daughter's planetary preferences, especially when they're submitted in writing 4. Don't assassinate your daughter's boyfriend

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 1.
Samurai ​Gintoki Sakata works in a freelancer business, Odd Jobs Gin, after Edo was conquered by aliens named Amanto in order to pay the monthly rent from where he lives. In his days, Gintoki is joined by Shinpachi Shimura, a teenager son of a samurai who wants to learn about him, and Kagura, an alien girl who went to Earth to earn money for her poor family, but is unable to return home and threatens Gintoki to let her live with him. While Kagura and Shinpachi live with Gintoki, they meet a terrorist named Kotaro Katsura who participated alongside Gintoki in the war between samurais and aliens, and lost. Odd Jobs is forced to help Katsura escape from the Shinsengumi, a police force working for the Bakufu, after they accidentally perform a terrorist attack. The volume ends with a one-shot from Sorachi named "Dandelion", which explores the work of a pair of exorcists.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 19.
Top ​Five Things to Consider Before Joining the Shinsengumi 1. Your sword might be cursed by the vengeful spirit of an anime otaku. 2. Rivalries and betrayals may lead to a short and painful career. 3. No Shonen Jump manga allowed! 4. You're a nobody unless you can afford the sword with the built-in MP3 player. 5. The black uniforms are killer on a hot summer day!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 21.
Shinpachi’s ​List of Things I Learned During My Summer Vacation 1. Never trust a guy in a turtle suit! 2. Sometimes the age to wisdom ratio isn’t what it should be. 3. If you want to see how a woman will age, look at her mother. 4. Whack-a-Mole is awesome. 5. Parents still don’t understand.

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 12.
Things ​I've Learned While Living with Gin (by Kagura) 1. Buildings get destroyed because they are in the way. 2. If you're going to stalk someone, watch out for pit-traps! 3. People who say Santa doesn't really exist actually want to believe in him. 4. Some people (Shinpachi) are always the butt of the joke. 5. No matter what Gin says, ice cream is a great prize for winning a snowball fight, uh-huh!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 17.
Gin's ​Top 5 List of Things to Look For When Hiring a Maid 1. Alien robot head? Attached! 2. King-sized pooper scooper? Check! 3. Mad scientist to keep mechanical maid army running? Check! 4. Main battle tank gassed up? Check! 5. Extra-manly moustache? Check! What?!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 15.
Otae's ​List of Burning Questions to Ask Gin 1. If Kondo marries a gorilla, does that mean his kids will be chimpanzees? 2. Which is better to use as body armor, shojo or shonen manga? 3. How do you get a horny robot dog off your leg? 4. If I become shogun and order you to kill yourself, will you do it? 5. How much hot pepper do you have to eat to make your hair get frizzy?

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 5.
Yoruzuya ​Trio Will Work for Food 1. Sea Monster extermination 2. Traveling exorcism 3. Convenience-store sitting/motorcycle gang thrashing 4. Rescuing kidnapping victims (willing and unwilling) Special Skills Pachinko, TV shopping, participating in shotgun weddings, and much much more!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 6.
Yoruzuya ​Trio Hunting and Gathering List 1. Zombie bear with mysterious mushroom growing out of head (magic?) 2. Crab chock-full of food poisoning (yum!) 3. Hot nurse in hospital (where we wind up due to #2) 4. Goro, queen of the human-size cockroaches (no comment) 5. 100 ice cream mini-cups (yum!) 6. The truth behind a cult that purports to make your dreams a reality (dream on…)

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 23.
Gin's ​Hot Spring Travel Tips 1. If it looks like a haunted mansion, it probably is 2. Ghosts like hot baths too 3. Skid marks on your briefs are unavoidable 4. Return your rented DVDs before you leave 5. When being chased by angry ghosts you only need to run faster than Shinpachi Final Volume!

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 16.
Top ​5 Things I'll Change When I'm Shogun (by Shinpachi) 1. Mandatory driving classes for Shinsengumi officers 2. Unibrows for everyone! 3. Zero-tolerance policy for cheesy "hard-boiled" dialog 4. Lock up all the pervy architects 5. I get in free to speed-dating parties

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 18.
Hasegawa's ​Top 5 Reasons for Hating Valentine's Day 1. Giant robot space women can't appreciate your earthling sensibilities. 2. You may think your sweet wrestling moves are cool, but women just think you're perverted. 3. Sometimes you wish girls would just fall out of the sky, but it sucks if they land on you! 4. Sure, some call it peeping, but I call it "admiring from a distance (through a telescope)." 5. If you give her chocolate, she'll just get fat (and then fall out of the sky on you).

Sorachi Hideaki - Gin ​Tama 7.
Yoruzuya ​Hit List (Exploding Targets) 1. The Shinsegumi elite police and Gin (innocent bystander) 2. Chief Kondo and Gin's new workplace (during their shift) 3. Human shields named Kondo, Yamazaki, and Gin 4. The special New Year's issue of Shonen Jump magazine and Gin 5. Gin's apartment (more than once) 6. Fireworks and...not Gin.