Anne Collins könyvei a rukkolán

Anne Collins - The ​Cup in the Forest (Penguin Readers)
One ​day Per and Nina are walking in the forest when they find a beautiful old cup with strange words on it. They decide to take it to the museum to find out what it is, but the curator tells them to take it back to the forest. Why should they return the cup back to the forest? What will they do?

Anne Collins - The ​Leopard and the Lighthouse (Penguin Readers)
One ​day a leopard swims across the sea to Sindi. He is hungry and he is looking for food. He runs into an old lighthouse. The people of Sindi do not want the leopard in their lighthouse. But what can they do? How can they catch the leopard?

Anne Collins - British ​Life (Penguin Readers)
Who ​are the British? This book will tell you about their lives, TV programmes, business, family, life, pets – and the food. This is a book about real people and real life in Britain today.

Anne Collins - Island ​for Sale (Penguin Readers)
Duncan ​McTavish and his dog, Jock, live in a castle on a Scottish island. One day Duncan gets an electricity bill for GBP5,000. He doesn't have any money, and he can't pay the bill. There is only one thing he can do - sell his island. What will happen when a famous pop star comes to look at it?