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Andy Warhol - Fame
The ​legendary sixties New York pop artist Andy Warhol's hilarious and insightful vignettes and aphorisms on the topics of love, fame and beauty.

Andy Warhol - The ​Andy Warhol Diaries
In ​celebration of its 25th anniversary, the bestselling classic is introduced to a new generation-with an added preface by Warhol's diarist and long-time friend, Pat Hackett, contemplating Warhol's lasting cultural impact. This international literary sensation turns the spotlight on one of the most influential and controversial figures in American culture. Filled with shocking observations about the lives, loves, and careers of the rich, famous, and fabulous, Warhol's journal is endlessly fun and fascinating. Spanning the mid-1970s until just a few days before his death in 1987, THE ANDY WARHOL DIARIES is a compendium of the more than twenty thousand pages of the artist's diary that he dictated daily to Pat Hackett. In it, Warhol gives us the ultimate backstage pass to practically everything that went on in the world-both high and low. He hangs out with "everybody": Jackie O ("thinks she's so grand she doesn't even owe it to the public to have another great marriage to somebody big"), Yoko Ono ("We dialed F-U-C-K-Y-O-U and L-O-V-E-Y-O-U to see what happened, we had so much fun"), and "Princess Marina of, I guess, Greece," along with art-world rock stars Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali, and Keith Haring. Warhol had something to say about everyone who crossed his path, whether it was Lou Reed or Liberace, Patti Smith or Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson. A true cultural artifact, THE ANDY WARHOL DIARIES amounts to a portrait of an artist-and an era-unlike any other.

Andy Warhol - Love, Love, Love
Fashion lovers rejoice! These swank little books showcase Andy' Warhol's inimitable pictures and pronouncements on shoes and style -- and make ideal gifts for serious shoppers everywhere.Shoes, Shoes, Shoes collects a closetful of high heels, loafers, mules, boots, and sandals, including iconic images from Warhol's Pop heyday as well as rarely seen early advertising illustrations. Accompanied throughout by witty quotes -- "I decided that being a shoe salesman is a really sexy job", for example -- these forty drawings, watercolors, and prints demonstrate Warhol's special talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Style, Style, Style offers a cavalcade of forty striking fashion images -- slinky dresses, whimsical period costumes, sprightly scarves, ultrachic bijoux, and more, all drawn from Warhol's archives. Sprinkled throughout with the artist's droll quips and playful epigrams, this stylish minibook conjures up all the decadent pleasures of a shopping spree -- at only a fraction of the cost.

Andy Warhol - Pat Hackett - POPism
A ​cultural storm swept through the 1960s - Pop Art, psychedelia, Bob Dylanm underground film-making - and its centre in New York was Andy Warhol. His studio, the Manhattan loft known as the Factory, was the hub of the '60s scene, the place where he created the large canvases of soup cans and cultural icons that defined Pop Art, where everyone from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground to Edie Sedgwick coul be found, where Chelsea Girls and Warhol's other classics were shot and where Warhol himself could observe these extraordinary times. Anecdotal, funny and frank, POPism is the ultimate insider's account of the decade that changed the world. 'Absorbing as the best telephone gossip, funny yet full of insights' Christopher Isherwood

Andy Warhol - Andy ​Warhol filozófiája
1987. ​február 22. vasárnap délután, New York, Manhattan, Soho. Egy kiállítás megnyitóján hallottuk a hírt: Andy Warhol meghalt. A kiállítóterem gyorsan kiürült. Az emberek a telefonhoz rohantak. Művészek, műélvezők, diszkótáncosok, melegek, transzvesztiták, dilinyósók és exhippik, a sikkesek, a nagyon gazdagok, a nagyon nagyon gazdagok, politikusok, írók, zenészek, színészek, a hírnévre vágyók, a híresek, a progresszívek és a regresszívek... fel-alá rohangáltak a városban. Pánik tört ki, vagy valami ahhoz hasonló. Ki mondja ezután, hogy nagyszerű amit csinálunk, ahogy kinézünk. Kinek mutassuk meg magunkat ezután? Összetört a tükör. (Warhol gyakran nevezte magát tükörnek, ahogy mások is őt.) Andy Warhol festőművész (a 20. század nagy ikonfestője), filmkészítő, modell, a Pop Art pápája. És híres ember. Nagyon híres. Jelen van életünkben, ott, ahol nem is sejtenénk. Jelen van a mindennap nézett televíziós show-k képi világában; viselkedésmódja, életszemlélete társaságokban; fordulatai, attitűdje a sikkes magazinok cikkeiben. Képeinek hatása újra és újra megjelenik fiatalabb művészek alkotásaiban. A Pop Art tárgyilagossága kikerülhetetlen. A művészetnek nincs mélysége, minden a felületen van. A művészet ugyanolyan munka, mint bármi más. A szex ugyanolyan munka, mint bármi más. Olyan ez a könyv, mintha a saját lakásodban, az utcádban, a városodban sétálva újra felfedeznéd azokat a dolgokat, amelyeket mindennap látsz. Andy Warhol életfilozófus. Kicsi kicsi kicsi kis humorral.

Andy Warhol - The ​Philosophy of Andy Warhol
'I ​never think that people die. They just go to department stores.' Andy Warhol Andy Warhol - American painter, filmmaker, publisher, actor and major figure in the Pop Art movement - was in many ways a reluctant celebrity. Here, in his autobiography, he spills his secret and muses about love, sex, food, beauty, fame, work, money, success, New York and America and its place in the world. But it is his reflections on himself, his Pennsylvanian childhood and his life among celebrities, from working with Elizabeth Taylor to partying with the Rolling Stones, which give a true insight into the mind of one of the most iconic figures in twentieth-century culture.