Jim Thompson könyvei a rukkolán

Jim Thompson - A ​Swell-Looking Babe
It ​was supposed to be only a temporary job--something to pay the bills until Dusty could get his feet back on the ground and raise enough money for medical school. After all, there's nothing wrong with being a bellboy at a respectable hotel like the Manton--that is, until she came along. Marcia Hillis. The perfect woman. Beautiful. Experienced. Older and wiser. The only woman to ever measure up to that other her--the one whose painful rejection Dusty can't quite put from his mind. But while Dusty has designs on Marcia, Marcia has an agenda of her own. One that threatens to pull the Manton inside-out, use Dusty up for all he's worth and leave him reeling and on the run, the whole world at his heels. A richly-imagined crime narrative of the Oedipal and betrayal, A SWELL-LOOKING BABE is Thompson at his very best--a cornerstone in Thompson's enduring legacy as the Dimestore Dostoyevsky of American fiction.

Jim Thompson - Un ​chouette petit lot
«Elle ​était arrivée à l'hôtel en taxi, peu après minuit. Dusty, le petit chasseur, se précipita à sa rencontre pour lui porter ses bagages. Lorsqu'elle apparut, dans la pleine lumière du hall, il fut si médusé qu'il faillit en lâcher la valise. C'était l'incarnation de ses rêves les plus purs, la Femme personnifiée. Il ne se doutait pas qu'avec elle, c'étaient le vol, la corruption, l'assassinat qui pénétraient dans le palace, sans compter les malices et les malentendus qui, à l'insu du jeune garçon, allaient le mettre à la torture.»

Jim Thompson - Savage ​Night
Is ​Carl Bigelow a fresh-faced college kid looking for a room, or is he a poised hit man tracking down his victim? And if Carl is really two people, what about everyone around him? _Savage Night_ is Thompson at his best, with plot reversals and nightmarish shifts of identity.

Jim Thompson - The ​Killer Inside Me
Lou ​Ford is the deputy sheriff of a small town in Texas. The worst thing most people can say against him is that he's a little slow and a little boring. But, then, most people don't know about the sickness--the sickness that almost got Lou put away when he was younger. The sickness that is about to surface again. An underground classic since its publication in 1952, The Killer Inside Me is the book that made Jim Thompson's name synonymous with the roman noir.

Jim Thompson - South ​of Heaven
In ​the 1920s the worst place you could be was in that part of Texas that some people call "South of Heaven," and the worst thing you could be doing there was laying a gas pipeline, along with six-hundred other hoboes, juice-heads, and jailbirds. But that's exactly what Tommy Burwell was doing, even though he wasn't smart enough to know better. Even though "South of Heaven" is another term for hell. Combining a tale of escalating savagery with a dead-eyed group portrait of men at the edge, Jim Thompson has produced a masterpiece of the American dissolute.

Jim Thompson - The ​Grifters
Roy ​Dillon is young, good-looking and devastatingly charming. He's also a completely amoral con man. Lily, his mother, works for the mob. Moira Langtry, Roy's mistress, is always looking for the main chance, and so is Carol Roberg, the nurse brought in to look after Roy when a bad choice of mark means he has an unfortunate encounter with a baseball bat and a bad case of internal bleeding. Together they make up a perverse quadrangle of love and greed in a coruscating novel of corruption.

Jim Thompson - Pop. ​1280
Nick ​Corey likes being the high sheriff of Potts County. But Nick has a few problems that he needs to deal with: like his loveless marriage, the pimps who torment him, the honest man who is running against him in the upcoming elections and the women who adore him. And it turns out that Nick isn't anything like as amiable, easy-going or as slow as he seems. He's as sly, brutal and corrupt as they come.

Jim Thompson - Wild ​Town
In ​trouble more often than not, guilty of assault, manslaughter, and honorably discharged from the military by the skin of his teeth, David "Bugs" McKenna can't seem to help doing the right thing at the wrong time--or the wrong thing, every chance he gets. But when he drifts his way into Ragtown, Texas, things seem to finally be turning around for Bugs. He gets his first job in years as the hotel detective of the landmark Hanlon Hotel. But now that Bugs owes deputy sheriff Lou Ford a favor, things are likely to get ugly, fast--and odds are, it'll have something to do with the bombshell wife of his Bugs' new employer... In WILD TOWN, Jim Thompson returns to the characters from THE KILLER INSIDE ME that made his reputation, in a virtuoso, multi-character portrait of how one man's life can take a turn for the worse.

Jim Thompson - Nothing ​More Than Murder
Joe ​Wilmot can't stand his wife Elizabeth. But he sure loves her movie theater. It's a modest establishment in a beat-down town--but Joe has the run of the place, and inside its walls, he's king. Without the theater, he'd be sunk. Without his leadership, the theater would close in a heartbeat. If it isn't the life Joe imagined for himself, at the very least, it's livable. Everything changes when Joe falls for the housemaid Carol, and the two can't keep it a secret from Elizabeth. Elizabeth won't leave Joe the theater unless he provides for her...but he's put all his money into the show house. Carol and Joe's only hope is the life insurance policies they've taken out on each other. If one of them were to be presumed dead, they'd have more than enough money to solve all their problems... No one knows murder better than Jim Thompson and in this incisive foray into the dark dealings of the mid-20th century movie industry, he doesn't disappoint, in the riveting story of a love triangle gone horribly wrong, and just how far one man will go to hold on to a desperate dream.

Jim Thompson - Szökésben
Doc ​és gyönyörű felesége talán már nem is emlékszik, mikor lépte át a törvényest a törvénytelentől elválasztó mezsgyét. Egymás után rabolják ki a bankokat, törik fel a legbonyolultabb széfet is - és akkor sem jönnek zavarba, ha valakit börtönből kell megszöktetni. Azt azonban mindketten érzik, nem mehet így a végtelenségig. Kétfelől is leselkedik rájuk a balvégzet: egyik oldalról a nyomozók, a másikról a gengsztertársak. Doc egyszer majdnem rajtaveszt, és börtönbe kerül. Az asszony lenyűgöző érzékiségét latba vetve kihozza a férfit. Ettől a perctől kezdve folyamatos hajszává válik az életük. Az ördögi ügyességgel kitervelt bankrablások, viharos szeretkezések, pisztolypárbajok és az eszeveszett menekülés közepette már csak egyetlen céljuk lehet: valahogy túlélni az egészet...

Jim Thompson - Svindlerek
Roy ​Dillon látszólag kisstílű, de nagyon sikeres svindler. Az anyja, Lilly Dillon a maffiának dolgozik. A szeretője, Moira Langtry a testét gond nélkül bocsátja áruba. Ők hárman olyan háromszöget alkotnak, ahol nem a szerelem (vagy a szeretet) a közös nevező, hanem a kapzsiság, a mohóság és a perverz vágyak. Jim Thompson klasszikus regénye szolgált alapul Stephen Frears 1990-ben készült Svindlerek című filmjéhez, amelynek forgatókönyvét Donald E. Westlake írta. „Ha valaki a pokolba akar kirándulni, olvasson Jim Thompsont.” The New Republic