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Joel Scambray - Hacking ​Exposed Windows
The ​latest Windows security attack and defense strategies "Securing Windows begins with reading this book." -James Costello (CISSP) IT Security Specialist, Honeywell Meet the challenges of Windows security with the exclusive Hacking Exposed "attack-countermeasure" approach. Learn how real-world malicious hackers conduct reconnaissance of targets and then exploit common misconfigurations and software flaws on both clients and servers. See leading-edge exploitation techniques demonstrated, and learn how the latest countermeasures in Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003/2008 can mitigate these attacks. Get practical advice based on the authors' and contributors' many years as security professionals hired to break into the world's largest IT infrastructures. Dramatically improve the security of Microsoft technology deployments of all sizes when you learn to: - Establish business relevance and context for security by highlighting real-world risks - Take a tour of the Windows security architecture from the hacker's perspective, exposing old and new vulnerabilities that can easily be avoided - Understand how hackers use reconnaissance techniques such as footprinting, scanning, banner grabbing, DNS queries, and Google searches to locate vulnerable Windows systems - Learn how information is extracted anonymously from Windows using simple NetBIOS, SMB, MSRPC, SNMP, and Active Directory enumeration techniques - Prevent the latest remote network exploits such as password grinding via WMI and Terminal Server, passive Kerberos logon sniffing, rogue server/man-in-the-middle attacks, and cracking vulnerable services - See up close how professional hackers reverse engineer and develop new Windows exploits - Identify and eliminate rootkits, malware, and stealth software - Fortify SQL Server against external and insider attacks - Harden your clients and users against the latest e-mail phishing, spyware, adware, and Internet Explorer threats - Deploy and configure the latest Windows security countermeasures, including BitLocker, Integrity Levels, User Account Control, the updated Windows Firewall, Group Policy, Vista Service Refactoring/Hardening, SafeSEH, GS, DEP, Patchguard, and Address Space Layout Randomization

Joel Scambray - Vincent Liu - Caleb Sima - Hacking ​Exposed Web Applications 3
The ​latest Web app attacks and countermeasures from world-renowned practitioners Protect your Web applications from malicious attacks by mastering the weapons and thought processes of today's hacker. Written by recognized security practitioners and thought leaders, Hacking Exposed Web Applications, Third Edition is fully updated to cover new infiltration methods and countermeasures. Find out how to reinforce authentication and authorization, plug holes in Firefox and IE, reinforce against injection attacks, and secure Web 2.0 features. Integrating security into the Web development lifecycle (SDL) and into the broader enterprise information security program is also covered in this comprehensive resource. - Get full details on the hacker's footprinting, scanning, and profiling tools, including SHODAN, Maltego, and OWASP DirBuster - See new exploits of popular platforms like Sun Java System Web Server and Oracle WebLogic in operation - Understand how attackers defeat commonly used Web authentication technologies - See how real-world session attacks leak sensitive data and how to fortify your applications - Learn the most devastating methods used in today's hacks, including SQL injection, XSS, XSRF, phishing, and XML injection techniques - Find and fix vulnerabilities in ASP.NET, PHP, and J2EE execution environments - Safety deploy XML, social networking, cloud computing, and Web 2.0 services - Defend against RIA, Ajax, UGC, and browser-based, client-side exploits - Implement scalable threat modeling, code review, application scanning, fuzzing, and security testing procedures

Joel Scambray - Hacking ​Exposed Mobile
Proven ​methodologies, technical rigor, and from-the-trenches experience to countering mobile security exploits—from the bestselling coauthor of the original Hacking Exposed Hacking Exposed Mobile focuses on the security of applications running on mobile devices, specifically mobile phones. This book focuses on Android OS, as well as operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. As businesses rush their mobile products to market and conduct business transactions via mobile devices, vast new security risks, vulnerabilities, and exploits are of great concern. This book addresses all of these issues and provides proven solutions for securing mobile applications. - No other book on hacking rivals the original, bulletproof pedagogy of this book’s clear-cut Hack/Countermeasure approach - Proven strategies for preventing, detecting, and remediating common technology and architecture weaknesses and maintaining tight security controls permanently - Accessible style and format: attacks/countermeasures; risk ratings; case studies; self-assessment tips; check lists; and organizational strategies

Stuart Mcclure - Joel Scambray - George Kurtz - Hacking ​Exposed 7
The ​latest tactics for thwarting digital attacks “Our new reality is zero-day, APT, and state-sponsored attacks. Today, more than ever, security professionals need to get into the hacker’s mind, methods, and toolbox to successfully deter such relentless assaults. This edition brings readers abreast with the latest attack vectors and arms them for these continually evolving threats.” -Brett Wahlin, CSO, Sony Network Entertainment “Stop taking punches--let’s change the game; it’s time for a paradigm shift in the way we secure our networks, and Hacking Exposed 7 is the playbook for bringing pain to our adversaries.” -Shawn Henry, former Executive Assistant Director, FBI Bolster your system’s security and defeat the tools and tactics of cyber-criminals with expert advice and defense strategies from the world-renowned Hacking Exposed team. Case studies expose the hacker’s latest devious methods and illustrate field-tested remedies. Find out how to block infrastructure hacks, minimize advanced persistent threats, neutralize malicious code, secure web and database applications, and fortify UNIX networks. Hacking Exposed 7: Network Security Secrets & Solutions contains all-new visual maps and a comprehensive “countermeasures cookbook.” - Obstruct APTs and web-based meta-exploits - Defend against UNIX-based root access and buffer overflow hacks - Block SQL injection, spear phishing, and embedded-code attacks - Detect and terminate rootkits, Trojans, bots, worms, and malware - Lock down remote access using smartcards and hardware tokens - Protect 802.11 WLANs with multilayered encryption and gateways - Plug holes in VoIP, social networking, cloud, and Web 2.0 services - Learn about the latest iPhone and Android attacks and how to protect yourself

Stuart Mcclure - Joel Scambray - George Kurtz - Hacking ​Exposed 6
The ​world's bestselling computer security book - fully expanded and updated "Right now you hold in your hand one of the most successful security books ever written. Rather than being a sideline participant, leverage the valuable insights Hacking Exposed 6 provides to help yourself, your company, and your country fight cyber-crime." -From the Foreword by Dave DeWalt, President and CEO, McAfee, Inc. "For security to be successful in any company, you must ‘think evil' and be attuned to your ‘real risk'...Hacking Expose 6 defines both." -Patrick Heim, CISO, Kaiser Permanente "The definitive resource to understanding the hacking mindset and the defenses against it." -Vince Rossi, CEO & President, St. Bernard Software "Identity theft costs billions every year and unless you understand the threat, you will be destined to be a victim of it. Hacking Exposed 6 gives you the tools you need to prevent being a victim." -Bill Loesch, CTO, Guard ID Systems "This book is current, comprehensive, thoughtful, backed by experience, and appropriately free of vendor-bias-prized features for any security practitioner in need of information." -Kip Boyle, CISO, PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company "The Hacking Exposed series has become the definitive reference for security professionals from the moment it was first released, and the 6th edition maintains its place on my bookshelf," -Jeff Moss, Founder of the popular Black Hat Security Conference Meet the formidable demands of security in today's hyperconnected world with expert guidance from the world-renowned Hacking Exposed team. Following the time-tested "attack-countermeasure" philosophy, this 10th anniversary edition has been fully overhauled to cover the latest insidious weapons in the hacker's extensive arsenal. New and updated material: - New chapter on hacking hardware, including lock bumping, access card cloning, RFID hacks, USB U3 exploits, and Bluetooth device hijacking - Updated Windows attacks and countermeasures, including new Vista and Server 2008 vulnerabilities and Metasploit exploits - The latest UNIX Trojan and rootkit techniques and dangling pointer and input validation exploits - New wireless and RFID security tools, including multilayered encryption and gateways - All-new tracerouting and eavesdropping techniques used to target network hardware and Cisco devices - Updated DoS, man-in-the-middle, DNS poisoning, and buffer overflow coverage - VPN and VoIP exploits, including Google and TFTP tricks, SIP flooding, and IPsec hacking - Fully updated chapters on hacking the Internet user, web hacking, and securing code

Stuart Mcclure - Joel Scambray - George Kurtz - Hacking ​Exposed 2
The ​#1 security book on the market just got better! The authors of the first three editions come together to cover the latest hacks and countermeasures. All new coverage of firewalls & wireless content, databases, .NET Server, web services, & more. PLUS, a brand new CD with video of the authors performing their popular one hour training course - "Hacking Exposed Live!"