Emylia Hall könyvei a rukkolán

Emylia Hall - Nyarak ​könyve
Elisabeth ​Lowe váratlanul csomagot kap. Egy albumot, tele réges-régi, Magyarországon készült fényképpel, és egy kísérőlevelet, melyben arról értesítik, hogy édesanyja, akivel több mint egy évtizede megszakított minden kapcsolatot, meghalt. A képek nézegetése felidézi a fájdalmas múltat, amikor a kilencéves kislány a szüleivel a Balatonnál töltött egy hetet, és édesanyja úgy döntött, nem tér vissza a szigetországba. Beth az apjával maradt, de minden nyáron meglátogatta az édesanyját Magyarországon. Éveken át ezek a nyarak tartották benne a lelket, de tizenhat éves korában valami visszafordíthatatlanul megváltozott. Azóta Beth egyszer sem engedte meg magának, hogy azokra a varázslatos nyarakra gondoljon. A csomag érkezése azonban felkavarja a múltat és átrendezi a jelent.

Emylia Hall - The ​Sea Between Us
In ​a remote Cornish cove, on one of the last days of summer, Robyn Swinton is drowning. She is saved - just - by local boy Jago Winters, and it is a moment that will change both of them forever. Over the next seven years, Robyn and Jago's paths lead them in different directions, to city streets and foreign shores. Will the bond forged that day Jago dragged Robyn in from the sea be strong enough to bring them back to one another, or has life already pulled them too far apart?

Emylia Hall - The ​Book of Summers
For ​nine-year-old Beth Lowe, it should have been a magical summer-sun-kissed days lounging in rickety deck chairs, nights gathered around the fire. But what begins as an innocent vacation to Hungary ends with the devastating separation of her parents. Beth and her father return home alone, leaving her mother, Marika, behind. Over the next seven summers, Beth walks a tightrope between worlds, fleeing her quiet home and distant father to bask in the intoxicating Hungarian countryside with Marika. It is during these enthralling summers that Beth comes to life and learns to love. But at sixteen, she uncovers a life-shattering secret, bringing her sacred summers with Marika abruptly to an end. Now, years later, Beth receives a package containing a scrapbook, a haunting record of a time long forgotten. Suddenly, she is swept back to the world she left behind, forced to confront the betrayal that destroyed her-and to search her heart for forgiveness. "So tender and lovely. This is a novel I will keep on my bookshelf forever." - Rebecca Rasmussen, author of The Bird Sisters

Emylia Hall - A ​Heart Bent Out of Shape
For ​Hadley Dunn, life so far has been uneventful - no great loves, no searing losses. But that's before she decides to spend a year studying in the glittering Swiss city of Lausanne, a place that feels alive with promise. Here Hadley meets Kristina, a beautiful but elusive Danish girl, and the two quickly form the strongest of bonds. Yet one November night, as the first snows of winter arrive, tragedy strikes. Hadley, left reeling and guilt-stricken, beings to lean on the only other person to whom she feels close, her American Literature professor Joel Wilson. But as the pair try to uncover the truth of what happened that night, their tentative friendship heads into forbidden territory. And before long a line is irrevocably crossed, everything changes, and two already complicated lives take an even more dangerous course... A Heart Bent Out of Shape is the story of a first love, a terrible tragedy, a snow-filled paradise; a year that will never be forgotten.