David Bellamy könyvei a rukkolán

David Bellamy - Poo ​you and the potoroo's loo
Did ​you know you are a prime poo-lluter of our planet? Cats are very poo-ticular and the potoroo’s loo helps the gum tree grow. Birds poo while walking, perching, and (most unfortunately) flying. The people of Nauru are extremely rich thanks to poo! Worm poo is pure organic humus which helps keep the soil clean and fertile. Plankton pwooze feeds the animals of the deep-ocean. Chicken pwoo pollutes the countryside, along with waste from other farm animals. Nature’s ‘bin-men’, moulds, toadstools, bacteria and dung beetles do their best to keep the place clean and the soil replenished with nutrients. Humans have sewage works, but still dump billions of tonnes of unrefined poo into the seas. What a mess, what a waste! One-third of all the world’s productive soils are turning into deserts. They could be diverse farms, with animals living more natural lives, surrounded by forests and wetlands. Then the poo cycle would operate properly. Prof. David Bellamy, botanist, writer and broadcaster, is one of the best known and respected scientists in Britain. His television and radio broadcasts communicate his enthusiasm and concern for the natural world. He is author of some 80 scientific papers, 40 books and has written and presented over 400 television programmes. His vast experience of ecological issues are reflected in this serious but funny book for children.

David Bellamy - David ​Bellamy's Complete Guide to Watercolour Painting
Containing ​more than 300 step-by-step photographs, tips, instructions, and finished paintings, this complete guide provides a comprehensive introduction to watercolor and serves as an essential addition to the reference library of any artist. For those seeking to brush up on their skills or learn new ways of applying traditional techniques, this master class on atmosphere and mood, taught by renowned instructor David Bellamy, includes many excellent demonstrations and instructions on how to paint mountains and crags, rivers, hedgerows, flowers, beaches, harbors, and figures. With surprisingly simple techniques regarding composition, perspective, color, texture, and detail, this is a must-have resource for aspiring and experienced artists alike.