Laura Amy Schlitz könyvei a rukkolán

Laura Amy Schlitz - The ​Night Fairy
You ​don’t have to be a follower of those mysterious winged creatures to love this unique fairy tale from 2009 Newbery Medal-winner Laura Amy Schlitz. The book’s heroine, Flory is certainly not your garden variety fairy. After losing her wings in a run-in with a bat, she must learn to survive among the hungry daylight creatures of the Giantess’s garden. Between pesky squirrels, cagey spiders, and stubborn hummingbirds, Flory's got her work cut out for herself. But, this fearless fairy quickly learns how skills like quick thinking, diplomacy, compassion, and acts of bravery can take her farther than her lost wings ever could. The Night Fairy makes an enchanting read-aloud story, as well as a gem to be treasured in the hands of readers of all ages. From its petite format and shimmering blue interior to Angela Barrett’s exquisite illustrations, every detail of this little volume is perfectly suited to its small, but mighty subject.

Laura Amy Schlitz - Fire ​Spell
A ​BRILLIANT AND BEWITCHING MAGICAL ADVENTURE BY THE _NEW YORK TIMES_ BESTSELLING AUTHOR It is Clara Wintermute's birthday. A puppet master and his two orphan helpers have come to stage a spellbinding show in the vast, lonely Wintermute house. But that night, when the curtains close and darkness falls, Clara disappears. The obvious suspects are Lizze Rose and Parsefall, the two orphans. After all, Clara had everything they didn't: food, luxury, a loving home. But the reality is far more sinister - and the two children may in fact be her only chance of escape. As they begin to unravel the truth, all three are caught up in the deadly struggle between the puppet master and a witch of extraordinary power.