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Hinako Takanaga - Liberty ​liberty!
From ​the creator of A Capable Man, You will drown in love, and You will fall in love! After fleeing Tokyo, trying to escape a personal crisis, hapless Itaru winds up drunk and passed out on a neighborhood trash heap. His misery is documented by prickly cameraman Kouki, who works for a local cable station, and soon the two end up roommates an co-workers. But whit a company full of quirky characters, including perky winsome cross-dresser, and their own personalites to contend whit, will Itaru and Kouki ever truly understand one another?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 1.
University ​study Tetsuhiro Morinaga has been in love with his homophobic, violent and tyrannical sempai Souichi Tatsumi for more than four years now. Even though he’s told Tatsumi how he feels and even managed to steal a kiss, expecting anything more seems like nothing more than the stuff of dreams... That is until the long-oppressed Morinaga gets his biggest chance ever. Might his unendingly unrequited love finally be returned?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 2.
It’s ​been four long, excruciating years, but Morinaga has finally gotten his homophobic crush Tatsumi in the sack! Their steamy night of passion was nothing short of incredible…so why has it now been two whole months without a single repeat performance?! What lengths will the frustrated Morinaga have to go to for another chance at bliss with this cranky (and violent!) upperclassman? The Tyrant Falls In Love teases and tortures with the story of a brilliant but ill-tempered graduate student and his lovelorn, totally devoted assistant! Morinaga will do just about anything to get testy Tatsumi between the sheets. But Tatsumi fights Morinaga’s advances every step of the way…even when he’s unwillingly surrendering to his kisses! Can this pair of aspiring scientists find the perfect formula for a fiercely fun romance?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 4.
It’s ​been a long and winding road to victory, but Morinaga has just moved in with Tatsumi! Sure, it's only meant to be temporary...and he's got to do all of the cooking...and the cleaning...but these are small sacrifices for the sake of love, right? Too bad Tatsumi is still struggling to keep Morinaga out of his pants! Will he surrender control and let his stubborn heart lead the way?

Hinako Takanaga - Challengers ​2.
Now ​that Tomoe is rooming with Kurokawa, family and friends are pressuring the two young men to "define" their relationship. Can love bloom under such scrutiny?

Hinako Takanaga - Challengers ​1.
Tomoe ​Tatsumi is a freshman attending university in Tokyo. Life couldn't be better: he's living in a really nice apartment for less than most people pay for a single room. This is all thanks to Mitsugu Kurokawa: salary man, landlord, and (hopeful) lover. It is due to Kurokawa's generosity that Tatsumi is able to live in Tokyo on such a tight budget. Kurokawa's intention is clear: to love, honor, and cherish Tatsumi until his dying days! And if big brother Souichi Tatsumi has his way - that day will come sooner than not! For Kurokawa, progress can only be made by "challenging the impossible...." And thus, Takanaga sensei introduces us to her charming romantic comedy, Challengers!

Hinako Takanaga - Challengers ​3.
Love ​at last! Having accepted each other's feelings, Tomoe and Kurokawa are getting ready for the next step. But! Tomoe is having seconds thoughts as the next step involves more than kissing!

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 10.
When ​Morinaga is invited to attend a friend's wedding in his hometown of Fukuoka, he's giddy at the chance to bring Soichi along. After some convincing, they set off on their first romantic trip together! Morinaga is absolutely exhilarated, but Soichi seems to have something on his mind that he can't quite push aside. Could these lingering thoughts seriously dampen the mood of their vacation...?

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 3.
Yuji ​Sagara has enough worries already trying to find a part-time job to pay for college while his mother is in the hospital, so he’s not happy that Takahito Kagami is adding to his troubles. Kagami is an incorrigible flirt, and all the girls on campus are after him, so why would he steal a kiss from Yuji...?

Hinako Takanaga - Challengers ​4.
Businessman ​Kurokawa challenges the impossible by romancing his heterosexual tenant Tatsumi, a naive but idealistic college freshman whose protective older brother has a vendetta against all gays. Tatsumi's brother can't separate them, but another threat looms which can.

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 6.
A ​shy boy gets a chance at love. Final Volume! Satoru Tono is too shy to speak to classmate Keigo Tamiya. Instead he fills his sketchbook with drawings of the boy he likes. But perhaps Keigo has noticed him too...? It is time for college entrance exams and Satoru takes on the challenge. Will he get accepted to the most competitive art school in the country and become a college student alongside Keigo?! And what will happen to their plans of living together after graduation...?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 9.
Just ​when you thought Morinaga got emotionally close and connected to Senpai, Morinaga is called to attend a research camp and has to spend one week away from home. Anxious to fall back in Senpai's arms, he returns to find Senpai interviewing for new assistants. He has no idea how to take all this... what should he do?

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 1.
Too ​shy for love. Satoru is an introvert with a longtime crush on Keigo, a popular boy on the baseball team. But much to his surprise, Keigo comes up to him and asks him out! Satoru is so overcome he can’t respond. Will Satoru be able to get past his shyness, or will he lose his chance with the boy he loves?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 8.
Is ​Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 5.
Morinaga ​has finally achieved the impossible! He’s living under the same roof as the ever-aloof (and totally gorgeous) Tatsumi…but the sad truth is that Tatsumi’s bedroom remains under lock and key! Is this a serious signal that Tatsumi wants nothing to do with his crushed-out housemate? Or will the door swing open just enough to let Morinaga in for a little visit?

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 2.
Too ​shy for love. Satoru and Keigo had plans to go away on vacation together, but Keigo got stuck with mandatory baseball training camp. Shy Satoru has something important to say to Keigo, so he decides to break into the training camp in the middle of the night to see him.

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 3.
Morinaga ​and Tatsumi have a special "once a week" rule that's meant to guarantee some sweet one-on-one time, no matter how busy they get in the lab! So why is Morinaga still fighting tooth-and-nail for proof that Tatsumi wants to be with him? The Tyrant Falls In Love brings even the most stubborn man to his knees in an all-out war for what should be pure pleasure!

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 11.
"I ​always looked at his profile from hre. It's where he shouted at me, and where our eyes would suddenly meet was here. The place where we first kissed. That's right, and on top of that, there's only despair."

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 7.
Is ​Morinaga dreaming? Now that he and the ever-stubborn Tatsumi have made their house a home, it looks like they’re finally a legitimate couple! But will a sudden visit from a troublingly familiar face shatter the illusion and throw everything (and everyone) into chaos?

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 5.
Keigo ​surprises Satoru with a three-day trip to Karuizawa, but when the couple returns home, Satoru’s mother sees them kissing goodbye. Now that his parents know about their relationship, what will happen to Keigo and Satoru’s romance?

Hinako Takanaga - The ​Tyrant Falls In Love 6.
Waiting ​for Tatsumi to return to Japan, Morinaga's sure that his unstable lover's finally changing his ways. But Morinaga's hopes are soon overridden by sheer terror! Tatsumi's brought someone with him - his father! And as Morinaga heads into his first meeting with Tatsumi Sr., he can't quell his worries that the old man's come to tear his life apart!

Hinako Takanaga - Awkward ​Silence 4.
Yuji ​Sagara and Takahito Kagami have been on one date together, but Yuji isn’t prepared to start a relationship with a guy who lives in a completely different world than he does. Takahito is being groomed to take his father’s elite place in politics, and now it’s rumored he’ll even go to university abroad…

Hinako Takanaga - Vázlatok
Nagi ​részmunkaidőben egy képzőművészeti iskolában áll modellt, és egy idő után észreveszi, hogy az egyik diák intenzíven figyeli őt. Kaji elég barátságosnak tűnik, Nagi mégsem meri elárulni neki legféltettebb titkát… Vajon Kaji elfogadja úgy, ahogy van, vagy Naginak ismét csak elutasításban lesz része? A címadó történet esetlen párocskájának humoros kalandjai mellett egy keserédes első szerelem emlékei is megelevenednek előttünk, majd pedig megtudhatjuk, vajon a hullócsillagok tényleg valóra váltják-e az emberek kívánságait, és elhozzák-e az igaz szerelmet…