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Frank Tallis - Darkness ​Rising
The ​Liebermann Papers 4 Vienna 1903. Outside one of the cities most splendid baroque churches the decapitated body of a monk is found. Shortly after, the remains of a municipal councillor are discovered in the grounds of another church - his head also ripped from his body. Both men were rabid anti-semites and suspicions fall on Vienna's close-knit community of Hassidic Jews. In a city riven by racial tensions and extremism, the situation is potentially explosive. Detective Inspector Rheinhardt turns to his trusted friend, the young psychoanalyst Doctor Max Liebermann for assistance. As the investigation progresses, Liebermann is drawn into the world of Jewish mysticism, a world dominated by the rites and secret lore of the Kabbalah. Although he rejects all forms of superstition, he is forced to embrace his own cultural origins - in the old ghetto district of Prague - to understand the meaning and significance of the murders. At the same time, Liebermann's life is in crisis. Political forces conspire against him, resulting in his suspension from the General Hospital, and the object of his romantic desires, the enigmatic Miss Lydgate, is becoming an unhealthy obsession.

Frank Tallis - Hidden ​Minds
The ​concept of the unconscious has staged a comeback. New research, employing brain scans and other techniques, has shown that the unconscious is not only real but indispensable. Hidden Minds traces our enduring fascination with the unconscious and our attempts to tame it through hypnosis, psychoanalysis, subliminal manipulation, lucid dreams, and even the principles of the "quantum mind." Drawing widely on scientific research, art, literature, and philosophy, Frank Tallis shows that an understanding of this "hidden mind" is essential to understanding our true selves. About the Author: Frank Tallis, a clinical psychologist and the author of six books on psychology, obsession, and the mind, as well as two novels, has worked at the Institute of Psychiatry and King's College, London. He won the New London Writers' Award in 2000.

Frank Tallis - The ​Melancholy Countess
Detective ​Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt and Dr. Max Liebermann are back in an eBook short story exclusive. Haunted by the sudden death of her grown son, Countess Zigana Nadazdy-Hauke is as unhappy as she is elegant. But is she miserable enough to drown herself in the bath? That's the conventional wisdom in Vienna. But Rheinhardt and Liebermann have another idea after meeting the poor soul's much younger widower: Oktav Hauke is handsome and dashing, but also callous to the point of pathology, admittedly abusive, in debt up to his ears, and a serial surviving spouse: He's lost two other rich older wives to premature deaths. Now he's the obvious suspect. But can this solution be too simple, as well? After the shocking ending, catch a preview of Frank Tallis' thrilling new novel in the series, "Death and the Maiden"!

Frank Tallis - Mortal ​Mischief
Dr. ​Max Liebermann is a psychoanalyst and disciple of Sigmund Freud. We meet him in 1902, when he is in his late twenties, having just made the acquaintance of Freud. Psychoanalysis is in its very early stages of development, and the air of excitement is palpable. Liebermann regularly attends Wednesday night meetings at Freud’s apartment, Bergasse 19, where a small group of doctors gather - like a secret society - to discuss their revolutionary investigations into the darker side of human nature. Liebermann is an accomplished pianist – and enjoys musical evenings with his friend Oskar Rheinhardt, a fine lyrical baritone, who also happens to be a detective inspector. It is through Rheinhardt that Liebermann becomes involved with police investigations, applying his psychoanalytic knowledge - particularly when suspects are interviewed. Lieberman’s technique, of course, is to allow unconscious processes to betray their misdemeanours ‘through every pore’.

Frank Tallis - Bécsi ​vér
Bécs, ​1902 A császárváros csillogó felszíne alatt robbanással fenyegető feszültség izzik. Önjelölt világmegváltók és titkos társaságok szervezkednek, erősödik az idegengyűlölet és az antiszemitizmus, a bűnügyi rendőrség pedig megoldhatatlannak tűnő feladat előtt áll: minél gyorsabban kézre keríteni a városban pusztító sorozatgyilkost, aki egyre kegyetlenebb módszerekkel végez látszólag véletlenszerűen kiválasztott áldozataival. Oskar Reinhardt felügyelőnek meggyőződése, hogy beteg elméjű emberrel állnak szemben, ezért a modern kriminalisztika híveként szakértőt von be a nyomozásba: barátját, Max Liebermannt, a fiatal pszichiátert, a híres-hírhedt Freud doktor tanítványát, aki már korábban is segítségére volt egy gyilkossági ügy felderítésében. Az éles eszéről és rendhagyó módszereiről ismert Liebermann az egyetlen, aki képes lehet megérteni a zavart elme működését, és elvezetni a nyomozókat a gyilkoshoz...

Frank Tallis - Vienna ​Blood
The ​Liebermann Papers 2 As 1902 draws to a close, the city is in the grip of a Siberian winter - and a serial killer has embarked upon a campaign of bizarre murders. Vicious mutilation, arcane symbols, and a seemingly random choice of victim are his most distinctive peculiarities. The investigation draws Dr. Max Liebermann into the orbit of Primal Fire – one of the secret societies that will eventually be absorbed into von List’s Armanenschaft. At first, Liebermann struggles to understand the killer’s mind; however, after attending one of Freud’s Wednesday evening gatherings, a conversation with the master provides him with some critical insights ....

Frank Tallis - Hallgass ​a neved
Bécs, ​1903. Az aufkircheni katonaiskola vegytani laboratóriumában holtan találják az intézmény egyik növendékét. A rendőrségi vizsgálat eredménytelenül próbálja meg felderíteni a halál okát - a boncolás során azonban hosszú időn át tartó bántalmazás nyomait fedezik fel a holttesten. Oskar Reinhardt felügyelő a hallgatás áthatolhatatlan falába ütközik: a katonaiskola erőszak uralta, torzult világában sem a növendékek, sem a tanárok nem hajlandók együttműködni a rendőrséggel. Az egyetlen, aki segíthet megérteni és felderíteni ezt a hátborzongató, zavaros ideológiáktól vezérelt, kegyetlen világot, az Reinhardt barátja, Max Liebermann, a fiatal pszichiáter, a híres-hírhedt Freud doktor tanítványa...

Frank Tallis - Gyilkos ​illúziók
A ​Monarchia Krimik sorozat új kötete. Bécs, 1902. Belülről bezárt szobájában holtan találják Charlotte Löwensteint, az ismert médiumot. A fiatal nő halálát kétséget kizáróan pisztolylövés okozta, azonban sem a gyilkos fegyvernek, sem az áldozat életét kioltó golyónak nincs nyoma sehol. Oskar Reinhardt felügyelő megoldhatatlannak tűnő rejtély előtt áll, miközben a városban már természetfeletti erők bosszújáról keringenek a hírek. A modern kriminológia híveként Reinhardt szakértőt von be a nyomozásba: barátját, Max Liebermann pszichiátert, a híres-hírhedt Freud doktor tanítványát. Liebermann lenyűgöző intelligenciájáról és rendhagyó módszereiről ismert, s amint bekapcsolódik a nyomozásba, az máris új irányba fordul... A könyv szerzője, Frank Tallis maga is ismert klinikai pszichológus, egyetemi oktató, számos szakkönyv és tanulmány elismert szerzője, aki tudományos munkássága mellett kikapcsolódásként kezdett történelmi krimiket írni. Könyvei közül a Liebermann-sorozat első kötetét jelenteti most meg a Magistra Kiadó - de a folytatásra sem kell majd sokáig várni!

Frank Tallis - Love ​Sick
Obsessive ​thoughts, erratic mood swings, insomnia, loss of appetite, recurrent and persistent images and impulses, superstitious or ritualistic compulsions, delusion, the inability to concentrate -- exhibiting just five or six of these symptoms is enough to merit a diagnosis of a major depressive episode. Yet we all subconsciously welcome these symptoms when we allow ourselves to fall in love. In Love Sick, Dr. Frank Tallis, a leading authority on obsessive disorders, considers our experiences and expressions of love, and why the combinations of pleasure and pain, ecstasy and despair, rapture and grief have come to characterize what we mean when we speak of falling in love. Tallis examines why the agony associated with romantic love continues to be such a popular subject for poets, philosophers, songwriters, and scientists, and questions just how healthy our attitudes are and whether there may in fact be more sane, less tortured ways to love. A highly informative exploration of how, throughout time, principally in the West, the symptoms of mental illness have been used to describe the state of being in love, this book offers an eloquent, thought-provoking, and endlessly illuminating look at one of the most important aspects of human behavior.

Frank Tallis - Deadly ​Communion
A ​sexual predator is at large on the streets of Imperial Vienna and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt appeals to his friend, psychoanalyst Dr. Max Liebermann, for assistance. Early signs indicate that the killer is no ordinary 'lust murderer' but an entirely new phenomenon, his particular deviance revealing the darker preoccupations of the age. To understand his behaviour, Liebermann must employ the latest developments in psychoanalysis and make a journey into uncharted regions of the human mind. Alongside the unfolding of this disturbing case, Liebermann must treat his own patients, including a man who claims to have seen his double - the doppelganger of Germanic folklore - an experience believed to be an omen of death. As Liebermann discovers more about this seemingly harmless man, he becomes convinced that his hallucinations are caused by a traumatic memory, buried deep in his unconscious. Could a mysterious dream hold the key? As the investigations proceed, Liebermann and Rheinhardt find themselves drawn into the worlds of art and couture, worlds in which glamorous appearances mask the most sinister secrets.

Frank Tallis - Fatal ​Lies
The ​Liebermann Papers 3 Vienna, 1903. In St. Florian's military school, a rambling edifice set high in the hills of the City's famous woods, a young cadet is found dead - his body lacerated with razor wounds. Once again, Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt calls on his friend - and disciple of Freud - Doctor Max Liebermann, to help him with the investigation. In the closed society of the school, power is everything - and suspicion falls on an elite group of cadets, with a penchant for sadism and dangerous games. When it is discovered that the dead boy was a frequent guest of the deputy headmaster's attractive young wife - other motives for murder suggest themselves. A tangled web of relationships is uncovered, at the heart of which are St. Florian's dark secrets, which Liebermann, using new psychoanalytic tools such as dream interpretation and the ink-blot test, begins to probe. At the same time, a shocking revelation makes it impossible for Liebermann to pursue the object of his affections, the Englishwoman Miss Lydgate, and he finds himself romantically involved with the passionate and elemental Trezska Novak - a mysterious Hungarian concert violinist, gifted with uncannily accurate intuitions. Again, all is not what it seems, and Liebermann is drawn into the perilous world of espionage - and must make choices, the outcome of which will threaten the entire stability of the Habsburg Empire.

Frank Tallis - Szörnyeteg
Bécs, ​1903 A századelő csillogó császárvárosában borzalmas gyilkosságsorozat ügyében nyomoz Oskar Reinhardt felügyelő. Az áldozatok fejét emberfeletti erővel tépték le – s a tudomány nem tud magyarázatot adni, miféle teremtmény bírhat ilyen erővel. Amikor kiderül, hogy az áldozatok az egyre hangosabb antiszemita mozgalmak támogatói voltak, egy leopoldstadti rabbi pedig előre megjósolta szörnyű halálukat, nem telik sok időbe, és a városban suttogni kezdik: a hászid kabbalisták új Gólemet keltettek életre, hogy elpusztítsa a zsidóság ellenségeit. Reinhardt felügyelő, a modern kriminalisztika elkötelezett híve, ezúttal is barátjától, Max Liebermanntól, a fiatal pszichiátertől, a híres-hírhedt Freud doktor tanítványától kér segítséget. Együtt merülnek le a felszínen csillogó város sötét mélységeibe, az ősi legendák világába, hogy megtalálják és megállítsák a várost rettegésben tartó szörnyeteget…