Doug Nye könyvei a rukkolán

Doug Nye - British ​Cars of the Sixties
It ​was 1970 and Doug Nye was a budding freelance journalist trying to make his way; "British Cars of the Sixties" was his first book. It was very good then and still is so today. Only its audience has got larger. And nearly 40 years later, Nye is one of the most respected motorsports and collector car authorities known to the enthusiast public.This new edition will enable many a collector, actual or potential, to understand precisely what the British motor industry was producing in the vital and turbulent days of the 1960s. From AC to Wolseley, from Bristol to Triumph, this then-current revue is better than gold dust for today's enthusiast. Never have British cars been so popular around the globe; this book is packed with the facts and the stories.