Jocelyn Har könyvei a rukkolán

Ryan Ver Berkmoes - Lisa Steer-Guerard - Jocelyn Har - Bali ​& Lombok
Bali ​& Lombok travel guide Shake off the nine to five and get where the living is easy. Easy like sunny surf beaches, zipping around on motorbikes, Mandi Lulur massages and drinking in the sleek bars of Seminyak. Can't you just feel the water at your toes? Not just cheap and convenient, these two islands offer so much more. Grab this informative guide for a tour around Bali & Lombok, with their fiery cuisine, lush jungle and brilliant beaches. Yes, everyone's been to Bali, now find out why. * Detailed information on spas and massage * Dedicated History, Environment and Food & Drink chapters * Info on outdoor activities including surfing, diving, snorkelling and trekking * Architecture section explains Bali's ancient temples and contemporary talking pieces * Dreamy accommodations, from hammocks to high-class