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Guy Adams - Notes ​from the Upside Down
Grab ​your Eggos and prepare to enter Hawkins, Indiana – just don't forget your fairy lights If you devoured Stranger Things and you're looking to fill the demogorgon-sized hole in your life, then look no further than Notes From the Upside Down. This fan handbook is here to tell you more about the origins of the show, including the mysterious Montauk Project conspiracy theory, get you clued up on the inspirations behind the characters, and assess the show's DNA. If you've ever wondered why Spielberg is such a huge influence, which Stephen King books you need to read (HINT: pretty much all of them) and how State Trooper David O’Bannon earned his name, then this book is for you. Guy Adams is a superfan and this is his amusing and informative guide to everything you're going to need to know to understand Stranger Things.

Guy Adams - The ​Rules of Modern Policing
'Don't ​move! You're surrounded by armed bastards!' Viewers of "Life on Mars" could be forgiven for thinking that the police force of the 1970s lived by the maxim 'The rules are: there are no rules', yet it turns out that this was not the case. A fascinating historical document has now emerged which shows that there were indeed rules and in 1973 they were recorded on paper by none other than DCI Gene Hunt himself. Divided into ten sections, "The Rules of Modern Policing - 1973 Edition" covers everything from interrogating suspects and undercover operations to driving and dress code. Several of the rules are illustrated with diagrams, and photographs of DCI Hunt himself illustrating the more physical parts of the job: how to hit suspects so you don't leave a mark; how to signal the importance of your arrival by crashing into inanimate objects (cardboard boxes are a perfect example here - lots of noise; no damage to your motor); how to roll over the bonnet of your cortina without making a dick of yourself. Completing the book is an invaluable glossary of police terms, covering everything from blag to lag, and nonce to ponce. An essential reference work for fans of "Life of Mars", "The Rules of Modern Policing" offers a unique insight to seventies' law enforcement that will make you laugh until you cry like the wet little turd you are.

Guy Adams - Gemma Arrowsmith - Matt Fitton - Dan Starkey - Doctor ​Who: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2
Victorian ​London harbours many secrets: alien visitors, strange phenomena and unearthly powers. But a trio of investigators stands ready to delve into such mysteries – the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, her resourceful spouse, Jenny Flint, and their loyal valet, Strax. If an impossible puzzle needs solving, or a grave injustice needs righting, help can be found on Paternoster Row. But even heroes can never escape their past... 2.1 Dining with Death by Dan Starkey When negotiations between two warring alien races are sabotaged, Madame Vastra offers Paternoster Row as neutral ground upon which to continue their diplomacy – and to celebrate the treaty with a feast. While Strax frets about hosting two species with very different dietary needs, Jenny investigates the dissenters who want to halt the peace process. But a deadly plot is brewing, and the diners may not survive the cheese course... 2.2 The Screaming Ceiling by Guy Adams In one of the earliest cases of his illustrious career, Thomas Carnacki heads to the Highlands to embark upon the terrifying investigation of Castle Kraighten. On arrival, he finds that another party of sleuths has been engaged – surely these amateurs of Paternoster Row have nothing to teach the great Ghost Finder? But this is no ordinary haunting. A room in the castle has a mouth in its ceiling. And it screams... 2.3 Spring-Heeled Jack by Gemma Arrowsmith People are being stolen from the streets by a monster. By all accounts, it has burning eyes, breathes blue flames, and can leap the height of a building at a bound. While Vastra and Jenny fend off an over-eager member of the gutter press, Strax dives into dangerous waters. Is this Spring-Heeled Jack of legend, returned to terrorise the capital? Or are there more sinister forces at work?

Guy Adams - Isten ​lehelete
Összezúzott ​holttestet találnak London egyik terén a hóban, amelyhez nem vezet semmiféle lábnyom, mintha csak valahonnan a magasból zuhant volna alá. Egyesek szerint az áldozattal az Isten leheleteként ismert természetfeletti erő végzett. Ahogy a megmagyarázhatatlan, baljós jelenségek egyre szaporodnak, a kikezdhetetlen logikájáról híres Sherlock Holmes csatlakozik az ország legnevesebb okkult elméihez, hogy közösen oldják meg az ügyet. De vajon képesek lesznek-e együtt megállítani a gonoszt? A századforduló közeledtével úgy tűnik, hogy előbb Londont, majd hamarosan az egész világot is hatalmukba kerítik a sötét erők, melyek mindent és mindenkit pusztulással fenyegetnek… _„Ötletesen, okosan megírt mű, a jól ismert Holmes-stílusban._ _Sziporkázóan szellemes, frissítően izgalmas._ _Nem okoz csalódást a klasszikus művek rajongóinak sem.”_ The Daily Rotation _Sherlock Holmes alakját Arthur Conan Doyle teremtette meg 1887-ben. A híres detektív olyan népszerűségre tett szert, hogy a szerző halála után számos író folytatta a kalandok sorát. Önálló regényekből álló sorozatunkkal a magyar olvasók számára is szeretnénk néhányat elérhetővé tenni a legjobb történetek közül._

Guy Adams - The ​Army of Dr. Moreau
Following ​the trail of several corpses seemingly killed by wild animals, Holmes and Watson stumble upon the experiments of Doctor Moreau. Moreau, through vivisection and crude genetic engineering is creating animal hybrids, determined to prove the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin. In his laboratory, hidden among the opium dens of Rotherhithe, Moreau is building an army of 'beast men'. Tired of having his work ignored -- or reviled -- by the British scientific community, Moreau is willing to make the world pay attention using his creatures as a force to gain control of the government. A brand-new adventure for Conan Doyle's intrepid sleuth!

Guy Adams - The ​Sherlock Files
Fans ​of Sherlock Holmes will already be familiar with The Great Game -- in which all characters and events in the novels are assumed real and discussed accordingly. BBC hit Sherlock has brought Conan Doyle's legendary detective to a whole new audience and Sherlock: The Casebook is The Great Game for the next generation. This is no ordinary guide. Each case is brought to life on the page and re-examined through Dr Watson's blog, Inspector Lestrade's police reports, newspaper articles about the crimes, Sherlock's detective notes and any other surviving clues from the cases. Interspersed amongst the evidence are exclusive interviews with the stars of the show, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Rupert Graves, writers and co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat and the production team on everything from writing the scripts and bringing the characters to life on screen to set design and production. This is a multi-dimensional companion to Sherlock and a glorious tribute to the world-famous detective.

Guy Adams - The ​Breath of God
The ​nineteenth century is about to draw to a close. In its place will come the twentieth, a century of change, a century of science, a century that will see the superstitions of the past swept away. There are some who are determined to see that never happens. A body is found crushed to death in the London snow. There are no footprints anywhere near it. It is almost as if the man was killed by the air itself. This is the first in a series of attacks that sees a handful of London’s most prominent occultists murdered. While pursuing the case, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves travelling to Scotland to meet with the one person they have been told can help: Aleister Crowley. As dark powers encircle them, Holmes’ rationalist beliefs begin to be questioned. The unbelievable and unholy are on their trail as they gather a group of the most accomplished occult minds in the country: Doctor John Silence, the so-called “Psychic Doctor”; supernatural investigator Thomas Carnacki; runic expert and demonologist, Julian Karswell... But will they be enough? As the century draws to a close it seems London is ready to fall and the infernal abyss is growing wide enough to swallow us all. A brand-new original novel, detailing a thrilling new case for the acclaimed detective Sherlock Holmes.

Guy Adams - Matthew J Elliot - Matt Fitton - Helen Goldwyn - James Goss - Doctor ​Who: The Tenth Doctor Chronicles
Four ​narrated stories set in the Tenth Doctor era The Taste of Death by Helen Goldwyn The Doctor and Rose sample the high-life on resort planet MXQ1, run by the famous Bluestone brothers. It has everything: exotic beaches, luxury accommodation and extravagant dining. Something's cooking in the kitchen, and it's to die for... Backtrack by Matthew J Elliott When the TARDIS crashes in the vortex, Martha and the Doctor find themselves on board the time-ship The Outcome, where the host offers temporal cruises at reasonable prices. But time travellers must never cut corners. Dangerous forces have been unleashed, and Martha finds her medical skills put to the test as she deals with some lethal fall-out. Time is running out, and the clock is ticking towards disaster! Wild Pastures by James Goss Strange things are happening at the Wild Pastures Rest Home. When the Doctor calls on the Nobles to investigate, he doesn't expect Sylvia to be the one to step up. Soon, they're in too deep, and the Doctor and Sylvia will need all their faculties to get out alive. Last Chance by Guy Adams Trying to spare a few creatures from extinction, the Doctor bumps into an old acquaintance on the African plains – Lady Christina de Souza. They are about to find themselves on the endangered list...

Jenny T. Colgan - Jacqueline Rayner - Steve Lyons - Guy Adams - Andrew Lane - Doctor ​Who: The Legends of River Song
‘Hello, ​sweetie!’ Melody Pond, Melody Malone, River Song…She has had many names. Whoever she really is, this archaeologist and time traveller has had more adventures (and got into more trouble) than most people in the universe. And she’s written a lot of it down. Well, when you’re married to a Time Lord (or possibly not), you have to keep track of what you did and when. Especially as it may not actually have happened to both of you yet. These are just a few of River Song’s exploits, extracted from her journals. Sometimes, she is with the Doctor. Sometimes she’s on her own. But wherever and whenever she may be, she is never far from danger and excitement. This is just a tiny portion of her impossible life. But it will reveal more than you’ve ever known about the legend that is River Song.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Guy Adams - Sherlock ​- The Casebook
This ​book is my humble attempt to shine a light on the work of the best and wisest I have ever known. He has, I think it is safe to say, elevated the science of detection into an art form. Having been at his side during some of his most remarkable cases, it has fallen to me to bring his achievements to the attention of the wider public. He is, quite simply, the Mozart of criminal investigation. I would say more, but I am flattered and delighted to say that Sherlock Holmes himself has agreed to write a piece for the cover. John Watson Don’t buy this book. The author has transformed what should have been a series of lectures into a gross and tasteless entertainment. The science of deduction is a branch of human achievement requiring serious analysis and yet here I find it lavishly illustrated, disfigured with humour and infested with gossip. Apparently, this kind of sensationalism is required to engage the interest of the reading public, but it is rather like working an office romance into a paper on quantum physics. Only an idiot would be impressed. Help yourself. Sherlock Holmes

Guy Adams - Joyride
‘So, ​you can just leap into other people’s bodies? Take them over? And while you’re in control, you can do whatever you want? Brilliant.’ Poppy is a quiet girl, right up until she steals a car and drives it through a shop window. Max is a nice guy, but then he kills his whole family. Just for fun. Amar always seems so happy, so why is he trying to jump to his death from the school roof? Some of the students of Coal Hill School are not themselves. Some of them are dying. Ram has just woken up in a body he doesn't recognise, and if he doesn't figure out why he may well be next.

Guy Adams - Dr. ​Moreau serege
Több ​helyütt is szétmarcangolt holttestekre bukkannak London utcáin és a Temzében. A szörnyű sebekre úgy tűnik nincs más magyarázat: a rémtetteket csakis valamilyen rettenetes fenevadak követhették el. Sherlock Holmest ezúttal bátyja, Mycroft keresi fel, akinek meggyőződése, hogy az áldozatokat névjegynek szánták, és az elkövető nem lehet más, mint Dr. Moreau, az élveboncolás ismert képviselője. A hirhedt tudós sokáig a brit kormánynak dolgozott, de miután kísérletei egyre hevesebb ellenállást váltottak ki, végül leállították munkáját. Ám Mycroft szerint Moreau nem szüntette be a kutatásait, ezért megbízza testvérét, hogy a doktor nyomára bukkanjon, mielőtt az általa teremtett szörnyek végleg elszabadulnak. _Sherlock Holmes alakját Arthur Conan Doyle teremtette meg 1887-ben. A híres detektív olyan népszerűségre tett szert, hogy a szerző halála után számos író folytatta a kalandok sorát. Önálló regényekből álló sorozatunkkal a magyar olvasók számára is szeretnénk néhányat elérhetővé tenni a legjobb történetek közül._

Guy Adams - John Dorney - Matt Fitton - Doctor ​Who: The First Doctor Adventures 1.
1.1 ​The Destination Wars by Matt Fitton The TARDIS arrives in a gleaming utopia in the Space Year 2003. Has the Doctor truly brought Ian and Barbara home, to glimpse their future? The world owes much to its legendary Inventor, and Susan finds herself face to face with the great benefactor. But soon, the time travellers are in a world at war and the Doctor must confront his past. 1.2 The Great White Hurricane by Guy Adams Rival gangs turn streets into battlegrounds, and the Doctor and his friends are caught in the crossfire. They find themselves separated, and lost in the cold. As the hunt for a fugitive turns ever more desperate, a blizzard descends. The snow keeps falling. And soon it will prove as deadly as any weapon...

Guy Adams - James Goss - Scott Handcock - Doctor ​Who: The Lives of Captain Jack
1. ​The Year After I Died by Guy Adams Set in the year 200,101, on an Earth ravaged by the Daleks, Jack struggles to save humanity from its oldest enemy. 2. Wednesdays For Beginners by James Goss Jack and Jackie Tyler must unite to rescue the Powell Estate from a force whose name Jackie can never say. 3. One Enchanted Evening by James Goss Captain Jack and Alonso Frame have only just met. But why did the Doctor want them to be together? 4. Month 25 by Guy Adams He’s the young star of the Time Agency, and his whole life is about to fall apart. But that’s not going to stop him winning.

Guy Adams - The ​House That Jack Built
Jackson ​Leaves - an Edwardian house in Penylan.Built 1906, semi-detached, three storeys, spacious, beautifully presented. Left in good condition to Rob and Julia by Rob's late aunt. It's an ordinary sort of a house. Except for the way the rooms don't stay in the same places. And the strange man that turns up in the airing cupboard. And the apparitions. And the temporal surges that attract the attentions of Torchwood. And the fact that the first owner of Jackson Leaves in 1906 was a Captain Jack Harkness...

Guy Adams - The ​Men Who Sold the World
When ​Oscar Lupe appears 20,000 feet up in the air, his body is frozen solid and free-falling to earth. It shatters on impact. Soon after, a CIA Special Activities Division squad goes rogue with a cargo marked 'Torchwood' that they've been escorting from somewhere called Cardiff. The Agency puts Rex Matheson on the case. As the strange deaths pile up, Rex realises there must be experimental tech out there, but someone is obstructing him at every turn. Rex is the CIA's golden boy - but has he met his match in the evasive Mr Wynter...? Based on the hit science fiction series created by Russell T Davies, The Men Who Sold The World is a prequel to Torchwood: Miracle Day, starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles as Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper, with Mekhi Phifer as Rex Matheson.