Anna Maxted könyvei a rukkolán

Anna Maxted - Műkörömszakadtáig
Egy ​kies estén Natalie elindul, hogy találkozzon barátnője férjével, Simonnal, hogy rendbe tegye öt perce tartó és máris zátonyra futó házasságát. A találkozás túl jól, azazhogy túl rosszul sikerül, és elérkezik a mélypont, ahonnan már csak fölfelé vezet az út.

Anna Maxted - Being ​Committed
Hannah ​thinks you have to be absolutely nuts to want to get married. She's quite content with her life thank you very much - her job as a private investigator (albeit not a very successful one) for Hound Dog investigations, Jason (her boyfriend of ten years standing), and her relationship with her wonderful dad (pity her mum is such a disaster). Besides which, she's tried it once but she and Jack ended up divorced before she was 21: well really, it's a bit much to ask a girl to stay faithful when she's scarcely out of her teens and the world is full of such wonderful men- So when the long-suffering Jason proposes Hannah doesn't think twice about turning him down. But would she have said no quite so quickly had she known that only a month later he'd have gotten engaged to another person? Is she really the emotional retard that Jason thinks she is? Hannah's family is acting like she blew the one fluky chance she had of hooking a permanent man , and maybe - just maybe - there's something in Jason's theory that being committed means first coming to terms with your past.

Anna Maxted - Getting ​Over It
Helen ​Bradshaw, 26, has a lot to get over. A dogsbody job on a women's magazine. An attraction to unsuitable men. Being five foot one. Driving an elderly Toyota. She is about to ditch the infuriating Jasper when she hears the news that will change her life. Her father has collapsed with a massive heart attack. Initially Helen thinks of this as an interruption in her already chaotic lifestyle. But with his death everything starts to fall apart around her - her relationship, her mother, even her cat. Her flatmate Luke has the tact of a traffic warden with toothache, her friend Tina is in love with her new man, her landlord Marcus is in love with himself, and, after the tequila incident, it looks as though Tom the vet will be sticking to Alsatians. Seems like Helen will be dealing with this one herself...

Anna Maxted - Running ​in Heels
"To ​say that Babs has been my closest friend for sixteen years is rather like saying that Einstein was good at sums. We were blood sisters from the age of eleven (before my mother prized the razor out of Babs's hand)." But now Babs, noisy and as fun as a day at the beach, is getting married. And Natalie Miller, twenty-seven, senior press officer for the London Ballet, panics. What happens when your best friend pledges everlasting love to someone else? It doesn't help that Nat is dating a guy named Saul Bowcock. As the confetti flutters, her good-girl veneer cracks, and she falls into an alluringly unsuitable affair that spins her crazily out of control. Nat is on the rebound and allergic to the truth—about Babs's relationship, her boyfriend's ambition, her parents' divorce, and her golden-boy brother's little Australian secret. Her mother's lasagna and her roommate Andy's fuzzy slippers are also monstrous affronts. But what Nat really needs to face is the mirror—and herself . . . . Wickedly witty and refreshingly honest, Running in Heels is a hilarious look at the lies we tell ourselves—and the unwanted truths that only our best friends can tell us.

Anna Maxted - Behaving ​Like Adults
Holly ​runs a dating agency. Up to now she's had no need of her own services, but, convinced her relationship with her fiance Nick has staled, she turfs him out and determines to go in pursuit of hearts-and-flowers romance, true love and the soul-mate she has convinced herself must exist. In the meantime, to get back into practice, she accepts a date with the hugely eligible Stuart. Rich, arrogant and charming, he's not her type at all, but he's her guinea pig. But Stuart rather likes Holly. And he's used to getting his own way. Much to her dismay, Holly finds Stuart won't take no for an answer...Suddenly things don't look so easy. Brimming with warmth, perception and understanding, the new novel from Anna Maxted once again mixes the heart-breaking with the humorous to deliver a page-turning, laugh-out-loud, emotionally satisfying read.