Bernard Smith könyvei a rukkolán

Bernard Smith - David ​Beckham (Penguin Readers)
David ​Beckham, captain of England and famous for his Number 7 shirt at Manchester United, is now playing for LA Galaxy. But when did he start to play football? And why is he now world famous? This is his story.

Bernard Smith - The ​Last Photo (Penguin Readers)
Just ​as Pam is taking a photo of her brother Martin, a man walks in front of her. She's angry that the man ruined her photo. When they are looking at the photos later, her brother thinks the man in the photo is the same person the police are looking for. Can Pam's photo help them find this man?

Bernard Smith - Muhammad ​Ali (Penguin Readers)
Muhammad ​Ali was a famous boxer and a world champion. Today he is fighting for peace in the world. Read and learn from the inspirational story of a great champion.