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Cheryl Rainfield - Scars
Fifteen-year-old ​Kendra has scars all up and down her arms which she hides from everyone in her life. Kendra is a cutter and she mutilates her own body in order to escape the emotional scars that ravage her mind and soul. See, Kendra was sexually abused for years – she actually doesn’t recall when it started and stopped, but she knows that she spent a good part of her life being abused and raped by someone close to her family. The problem is, she doesn’t know who the person was who did this to her. And she knows that she must keep his identity a secret, so she doesn’t allow her mind to go there, doesn’t allow her mind to process the identity of this person. But now that she’s in therapy, her therapist is getting dangerously close to pulling the truth out of her. Not only that, but she’s starting to fall in love, and it won’t be long before her love interest sees her scars and realizes the extent of her pain. As she gets closer to the truth of who her abuser was, she has more and more breakdowns as this person begins stalking her, threatening her, and reminding her of her place. Will she find out who he is? And will the healing powers of her therapist and her new girlfriend help her through the pain? Scars sort of reminds me of another YA book I read recently about cutting called Willow (my review). The books are quite different, but I would say that if you read and enjoyed Willow you will most likely appreciate Scars as well. And I haven’t seen this book get too much attention, which is unfortunate as it is a really excellent book for teens and young adults.

Cheryl Rainfield - Hunted
Caitlyn, ​15, a Paranormal, is on the run with her mom, trying to stay one step ahead of the ParaTroopers who would enslave her just like anyone who has powerful psychic abilities. Attempting to have somewhat of a normal life, Caitlyn and her mom hide in plain sight, living in a seedy hotel in a big city, where Caitlyn hopes to blend in by enrolling at the local high school. She secretly fights back against government oppression by blogging about equal rights for all Paras, protecting herself by signing them Teen Para. When she discovers her long ago kidnapped brother Daniel at school she s elated, but is saddened to find he s controlled by the government ParaTroopers as a Para-slave. As Para Cleansing Day nears, increasing numbers of Paras are turned in to the authorities and things grow tenser and more dangerous, especially at school. When a group robs a bank and threatens Normals, the shadow of guilt is cast on Teen Para. A killer, the Para Reaper, secretly goes hunting for Paras to drain the life out of them. Despite everything, Caitlyn befriends a Normal girl, Rachel, who is a Para sympathizer, and falls for a cute classmate, Alex, also a Normal, who always makes her feel so good whenever he s around. But it s not safe for Paras to date Normals, and it would put Caitlyn in grave danger of being discovered. When ParaTroopers crack down at school after several Paras are discovered, Caitlyn finds herself under increasing scrutiny. Fearing for Caitlyn, her mom is anxious to pack up and bolt, but Caitlyn s growing attachments make her reluctant to leave. Will she evade capture, or will she be caught and turned into a Para Slave? And just who is trying to frame her? A tautly written, suspenseful thrill ride, Hunted will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Cheryl Rainfield - Stained
In ​STAINED, Sarah, a teen with body image issues and a port wine stain, gets abducted and must find a way to rescue herself.