Alan Watts könyvei a rukkolán

Alan Watts - Mítosz ​és rítus a kereszténységben
Könyvében ​Alan Watts kísérletet tesz a kereszténység misztikus hagyományának felélesztésére, a keresztény mítosz és a katolikus liturgia beillesztésére abba az egyetemes, örök filozófiába, amely valamennyi nagy vallási tradíció közös alapállása.

Alan Watts - Qué ​es el Tao
A ​través de una exposición viva de las ideas y conceptos esenciales del pensamiento taoista, Watts nos invita a vivier el Tao como una práctica personal de liberación y explica el papel que nos corresponde como inidviduos dotados ede libre albedrío en un mundo cuyas pautas cambian continuamente.

Alan Watts - El ​camino del Tao
Inspirado ​en los textos de Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, el libro Koan Zi y el Yi King (I Ching), así como en los estudios de J. Needham, Lin Yutang y A. Waley, entre otros, Alan Watts ha escrito, con su inimitable estilo, un libro destinado a convertirse en el texto occidental básico sobre el taoísmo.

Alan Watts - The ​Supreme Identity
The ​Supreme Identity is one of the more important among the earlier works by Alan Watts. It engages the reader with a rigorous theological discussion which is thought provoking yet mentally taxing. At times he lapses into hair-splitting minutae in examining theological issues, and the result is what the author himself admitted was a "sometimes tortuous argument". However, I would still recommend this one to anyone who wants to go right after the meat of Alan Watts' theology, or for those who wish read stuff from his earlier Christian stage as opposed to his later works, when he dealt almost exclusively with Eastern religion. The Supreme Identity is probably watt's most enlightening work. it will be outright rejected and considered dangerous by probably most religious minded folks but that will only serve to make it more interesting to anyone who is ready for it's message. if you feel that religion in its current form is simply too small minded and practically irrelevant but don't know exactly why, then read this book. watts is not anti-religion by any means. But he courageously and clearly sets forth the truth of the human/divine continuum by elucidating the essence of vedantist realization. he uses clear and plain language with that wry humor that endeared him to so many. In this book, Watts took Oneness to an extreme where good and evil seemed to meet. He was trying to describe the Vedantic idea of Oneness. I realized I preferred to think of the One as Good, not beyond good and evil. It was an idea of God I would not let go of, and it became a turning point in my life. I realized I was of the West, and it was in the West I would find my way of God.

Alan Watts - Cloud-hidden
These ​ruminations, assembled in the form of a journal and here published in paperback for the first time, were written at Alan Watts' retreat in the foothills of Mount Tamalpais, California. Many current themes are discussed, including meditation, nature, established religion, race relations, karma and reincarnation, astrology and tantric yoga, and the nature of ecstasy, but the underlying motif is the art of feeling out and following the watercourse way of nature, known in Chinese as the Tao. Watts suggests a way of contemplative meditation in which we temporarily stop naming and classifying all that we experience, and simply feel it as it is.

Alan Watts - Eastern ​Wisdom, Modern Life
Alan ​Watts introduced millions of Western readers to Zen and other Eastern philosophies, but he’s also recognized as a brilliant commentator on Judeo-Christian traditions as well as a celebrity philosopher who exemplified the ideas — and lifestyle — of the 1960s counterculture. In this compilation of controversial lectures, delivered at American universities throughout the decade, Watts challenges readers to reevaluate Western culture’s most hallowed constructs. Watts treads familiar ground, interpreting Eastern traditions, and also covers new territory, exploring the counterculture’s basis in the ancient tribal and shamanic cultures of Asia, Siberia, and the Americas. In the process, he addresses some of the era’s most important questions: What is the nature of reality? And how does an individual’s relationship to society affect this reality? Filled with his playful, provocative style, the talks show the remarkable scope of a philosopher in his prime, exploring and defining the '60s counterculture as only Alan Watts could.

Alan Watts - The ​Book - On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are
A ​witty attack on the illusion that the self is a separate ego that confronts a universe of alien physical objects.

Alan Watts - The ​Wisdom of Insecurity
In ​this fascinating book, Alan Watts explores man's quest for psychological security, examining our efforts to find spiritual and intellectual certainty in the realms of religion and philosophy. The Wisdom of Insecurity underlines the importance of our search for stability in an age where human life seems particularly vulnerable and uncertain. Watts argues our insecurity is the consequence of trying to be secure and that, ironically, salvation and sanity lie in the recognition that we have no way of saving ourselves.

Alan Watts - A ​bizonytalanság bölcsessége
Elérhetjük-e ​a biztonságot? Kifejezik-e a szavak a valóságot? Megragadható-e az igazság? Mire épít a tudomány és a vallás? Senkit se riasszanak el a filozofikus mélységű kérdések, a szellemes stílusú könyv remek szórakozást ígér.

Alan Watts - Out ​of Your Mind
In ​order to come to your senses, Alan Watts often said, you sometimes need to go out of your mind. Out of Your Mind brings readers, for the first time, six of this legendary thinker's most engaging teachings on how to break through the limits of the rational mind and expand your awareness and appreciation of how we can transcend all that is unfolding all around us. Offering answers to generations of spiritual seekers, Alan Watts is the voice for all who search for an understanding of their identity and role in the world. For those both new and familiar with Watts, this book invites us to delve into his favourite pathways out of the trap of conventional awareness: Discover art of the controlled accident what happens when you stop taking your life so seriously and start enjoying it with complete sincerity. Embrace chaos to discover your deepest purpose. How do we come to believe the myth of myself that we are skin-encapsulated egos separate from the world around us and how to transcend that illusion? Find the miracle that occurs when we stop taking life so seriously.

Alan Watts - The ​Way of Zen
The ​Way of Zen begins as a succinct guide through the histories of Buddhism and Taoism leading up to the development of Zen Buddhism, which drew deeply from both traditions. It then goes on to paint a broad but insightful picture of Zen as it was and is practiced, both as a religion and as an element of diverse East Asian arts and disciplines. Watts's narrative clears away the mystery while enhancing the mystique of Zen. Since the first publication of this book in 1957, Zen Buddhism has become firmly established in the West. As Zen has taken root in Western soil, it has incorporated much of the attitude and approach set forth by Watts in The Way of Zen, which remains one of the most important introductory books in Western Zen.

Alan Watts - This ​Is It
In ​six revolutionary essays, philosopher Alan Watts explores the relationship between spiritual experience and ordinary life—and the need for them to coexist within each of us. With essays on “cosmic consciousness” (including Watts’ account of his own ventures into this inward realm); the paradoxes of self-consciousness; LSD and consciousness; and the false opposition of spirit and matter, This Is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience is a truly mind-opening collection.

Alan Watts - Ufo ​Quest
Mára ​már tudományos bizonyosság az ember évezredes sejtése, hogy a Földön kívül is létezik élet. Az egész írott és íratlan történelem folyamán - a barlangrajzoktól a huszadik századig - képten-nyomon találhatók bizonyítékok arra, hogy idegen lények figyelik Földünket. Alan Watts UFO-kutató szerint galaxisunk más részeinek lakói az utóbbi időben azért érdeklődnek irántunk ilyen szokatlan élénkséggel, mert űrrakétáinkkal a technikai fejlődés új szintjére értünk. "Valószínűnek látszik, hogy az állatok a Föld fejlődésének természetes képződményei. A Homo Sapiens nem lenne közöttük, ha nem vetődik el bolygónkra egy idegen tudás, mely betelepítette. A Föld valamennyi teremtménye örök időkig élni itt anélkül, hogy elvágyódna, vagy lehetősége lenne eltávozni máshová. Egyedül csak az ember törekszik a csillagok felé..." Ez a könyv az UFO-k részletes és tudományosan megalapozott kutatásáról ad beszámolót. Alan Watts sokoldalúan, főként műszaki, fizikai és kémiai szempontból vizsgálja az ufó-jelenségeket, az eredeti "repülő csészealjak"-tól a legújabb megnyilvánulásokig, mint amilyenek a gabonakörök Soha eddig még felelős politikus vagy tudós nem foglalt olyan határozottan állást a földönkívüli élet lehetőségeit illetően, mint a közelmúltban Bill Clinton, az USA elnöke egy Marsról származó kőzet biológiai elemzése után. Már túl sok a bizonyíték ahhoz, hogy egyetlen kézlegyintéssel elintézhetnék a dolgot, mégis sokan nem képesek megbirkózni a nyugtalanító ténnyel, hogy az idegenek rendszeresen látogatnak bennünket űrjárműveikkel.

Alan Watts - La ​sabiduría de la inseguridad
Lúcida ​proposición de revisar todo el pensamiento corriente acerca del estado actual del hombre, recordando siempre que estar en el presente es estar en la cresta de una ola rompiente.

Alan Watts - A ​könyv
A ​Könyvben nyoma sincs a szakavatott tudós száraz, kevesek számára elérhető intellektualizmusának, de a mindent összemosó felszínességnek sem – inkább a tábortűz mellett iszogató, inkognitóban utazó filozófus, pimasz zen szerzetes találó beszólásainak, rabul ejtő történeteinek lehetünk mi is a részesei. Alan Watts ugyanolyan játékossággal húzza ki alólunk a tudományos gondolkodás merev redukcionizmusában gyökerező világnézetünket, mint amilyen vérlázítóan egyszerű, szemtelenül találó képekkel világít rá a keleti tanokat gyakorló nyugati „spirituális haladók” kulcs-kép(zet)eiben rejlő, keleti misztikával kapcsolatos képtelenségekre, hogy ezzel utat nyisson egy nagyobb egyéni kockázattal járó, de termékenyebb szellemi és spirituális kalandnak.

Alan Watts - The ​Joyous Cosmology
The ​Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can facilitate “when accompanied with sustained philosophical reflection by a person who is in search, not of kicks, but of understanding.” More than an artifact, it is both a riveting memoir of Watts’s personal experiments and a profound meditation on our perennial questions about the nature of existence and the existence of the sacred.

Alan Watts - Tao: ​Az áramlás útja
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