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Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - The ​Billionaire Next Door
Take-no-prisoners ​deal-maker Sean O'Banyon ate Wall Street financiers for lunch. So why was he losing sleep over a fresh-scrubbed nurse in old jeans and a too-big T-shirt? Maybe it was those warm green eyes. Or the way she blushed when he got personal. There was no denying the serious chemistry between them. But sooner or later Lizzie would learn his deep, dark secrets: First, he had trust issues. And second--he'd rather not go into the whole family thing. He didn't do relationships…but amazingly, Lizzie made him want one anyway

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Heart ​of Gold
She ​has a chance to find something more precious than gold, if she's brave enough to trust her heart. . . . Her intense passion for unlocking the secrets of the past is what made Carter Wessex an archeologist. Now she's been given a chance to dig on Farrell Mountain where a doomed party of minutemen lost their lives—as well as the gold they were carrying during the Revolutionary War. Carter refuses to let the mountain's owner, Nick Farrell, rattle her, even though she's all too aware of his sexy yet sardonic presence. Her work on the mountain could be the most significant find of her career . . . if she can pull herself away from the smoldering attraction that is undeniably growing between them. Beneath the steely façade Nick Farrell wears like a well-cut suit, he is a man of hidden tenderness. From his first meeting with Carter, there's an immediate flare—hotter than he has ever experienced before. But no one is more surprised than Nick when his desire for her deepens into something enduring. Now Nick must find a way to convince Carter that the real treasure to be found on Farrell Mountain is a true and lasting love. . .

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Jan Colley - Kristi Gold - Mistress ​- Taken by the Tycoon
"Society ​Girl, Billionaire's Mistress" - She seemed to be the kind of pampered princess that the self-made billionaire Logan O'Brien had vowed to avoid, yet he just couldn't keep away from her. Perhaps it was time to teach Jenna Fordyce a lesson - and take her for his own! "The Billionaire Boss' Mistress - They had shared the most amazing night of passion. But when a corporate acquisition made Lewis Goode her new boss, he knew Madeline would quit rather than have people think that she'd slept her way to the top. So he'd have to use every negotiating tactic he knew to keep her in his boardroom...and in his bedroom. "At the Tycoon's Pleasure" - Take-no-prisoners deal-maker Sean Banyon ate Wall Street financiers for lunch. So why was he losing sleep over a fresh-faced nurse in old jeans and a too-big T-shirt? There was no denying the serious chemistry between them. Sean didn't do relationships...but, amazingly, Lizzie made him want one anyway!

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - The ​player
From ​#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author J.R. WARD Writing as Jessica Bird THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN ALIVE Ruthless might as well be Gray Bennett's middle name. When the renowned Washington, D.C., insider talks, powerful people listen. But Gray hasn't come home to Saranac Lake to play politics. Or play at all. A tragedy has shaken the unshakable Gray Bennett to his hardened core. And so has the most unlikely of women. The mousy redhead who used to run around the Moorehouse B and B-the one he never noticed-is now all fiery hair and lush curves. But sweet Joy Moorehouse is too innocent for a cynic like him. So Gray won't let himself lay a hand on her...until the night he can no longer resist the woman she has become. That's when he discovers a secret that leaves him gasping for breath-and wanting more.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Corazones ​desbocados
Todo ​el mundo piensa que la joven A.J. Sutherland se ha vuelto loca por gastar una pequeña fortuna en un caballo que se ha ganado a pulso la fama de indomable. Pero si alguien tiene el coraje necesario para lograrlo es A.J. Para ello necesitará la ayuda de Devlin McCloud, una auténtica leyenda de los circuitos hípicos con una pierna lesionada y un carácter endemoniado. Su ascendente carrera se vio truncada por un terrible accidente, pero Devlin reconoce a un luchador cuando lo ve y ese caballo es casi tan salvaje como él. Antes de darse cuenta tendrá a un semental intratable en su establo y a una impetuosa amazona con un cuerpo maravilloso durmiendo en su sofá. Lo que comenzó como una simple relación de negocios poco a poco se irá transformando en algo mucho más profundo. Ahora, A. J. y Devlin deberán aprender que en el deporte, igual que en la vida, hace falta entregar el corazón para alzarse con el triunfo.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - An ​Irresistible Bachelor
He ​was a confirmed bachelor—and a gorgeous work of art. For struggling art conservationist Callie Burke, the chance to restore a world-famous painting is the opportunity of a lifetime—one that no one in her right mind would turn down. Call her crazy, but Callie has serious reservations about working with the painting's owner. Warm and sexy, Jack Walker makes no attempt to hide the strong attraction he feels for Callie—even as she tries to keep their relationship professional. Now, cocooned in his studio in Boston, she will either have to learn to ignore the man and concentrate on the masterpiece, or give in to the kind of passion that can never be captured on canvas. Jack Walker is a practical man who runs his life, his empire, and his fortune effortlessly. Yet from the moment he met Callie Burke, he wanted her with all the intensity of a first crush. As he gets to know her, the desire blossoms into something more—and Jack finds that for the first time in his life he is leading with his heart instead of his head. . . .

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Dobbanó ​szívek
A. ​J. Sutherland tudja, mit akar. És felismeri a győztest, ha szembekerül vele… Mindenki azt hiszi, A. J. Sutherlandnek elment az esze, mikor a lány megvásárolja a fékezhetetlen csődört. A lovat eddig egyetlen lovas és idomár sem tudta megszelídíteni. Ha létezik egyáltalán olyan ember, akiben elég spiritusz van, hogy boldoguljon ezzel a pokolfajzattal, akkor az A. J. Egyedül azonban nem képes megküzdeni a feladattal, ezért felkeresi a lovassport legendás alakját, Devlin McCloudot, a sérült lábú és még sérültebb lelkű lovast… Devlin meglátja a lányban a fanatikus harcost – és a ló sem gyönge virágszál… Mire észbe kapna, egy vad csődör költözik be üresen álló istállójába, és egy forrófejű, ám bombázó külsejű lovas foglalja el a kanapéját. Vajon sikerül mindhármuknak épségben eljutni a bajnokságig? A szenvedély, mely felébredt bennük, veszélyezteti az edzést – és ezen a szinten a legkisebb figyelmetlenség sem pusztán amatőr hiba, de akár halálos is lehet… „Nora Roberts rajongói … falni fognak minden remekül megírt oldalt.” – Booklist „Igazán lenyűgöző.” – Huntress Book Reviews

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - The ​Rebel
Nate ​Walker has never shied away from the hard road. Even when it meant leaving behind his family's wealth.and the fiancée who only wanted a rich man. Nothing was going to stop him from opening his own five-star restaurant. And he was on his way - until his car broke down on a dark road in the Adirondacks, leading him right to White Caps Inn.and Frankie Moorehouse. Suddenly Nate has a job he doesn't really need - and an affair that has to end when summer does. Except Frankie has a way about her. She gets under his skin. She even makes him want to do what he never thought he could: stay forever.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Egy ​ellenállhatatlan agglegény
A ​restaurátor Callie Burke új megbízatása, hogy hozzon helyre egy műtárgyat, amely a könyörtelen, gazdag és szexi politikus, Jack Walker tulajdonában van. Amikor Callie-t rábeszélik, hogy a munka elvégzéséhez költözzön Jack hatalmas birtokára, az egyszerű üzleti ajánlat valami sokkal bonyolultabb és szenvedélyesebb dologgá válik.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - His ​Comfort and Joy
Getting ​tangled up in fantasies about some man Joy saw maybe five or six times a year was ridiculous. And it wasn't like Gray ever encouraged her. He remembered her name. But that was as far as it ever got. Well, except in her dreams. In real life, however, the attraction was totally one-sided. Or so she thought. Joy couldn't believe it when her daydreams about Grayson Bennett, political consultant and heartthrob extraordinaire, seemed poised to become reality. When he noticed her--really noticed her. When he gazed at her with the same desire he'd inspired in her for years. But was sweet, small-town Joy a match for arrogant, big-city Gray, ruthless about all things--except opening his heart?

Jessica Steele - Judy Duarte - Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Apák ​napja / Álomvilág / Égből pottyant szakács
Jessica ​Steele: Apák napja Leyne átmenetileg az unokahúga, Pip gyámja lesz. A kislány kihasználja anyja távollétét, és az apjáról kezdi faggatni nagynénjét. Leyne nyomozásba fog, és többszöri próbálkozásra sikerül beszélnie Jack Dangerfielddel, aki tagadja az apaságát, mégis szeretne közel kerülni Piphez. Vagy igazából Leyne-hez? Judy Duarte: Álomvilág Bo Conway keményen dolgozik, megvan, hol fog állni álmai háza, már csak egy hozzá hasonlóan szorgos és elhivatott feleség hiányzik az életéből. A mindig elegáns, későn kelő vagyonos Carly szóba sem jöhetne, de amikor elkezd önkénteskedni az ifjúsági házban, és egyre közelebb kerülnek egymáshoz, kiderül, hogy nagyon is sok bennük a közös… Jessica Bird: Égből pottyant szakács Évszázadok óta Frankie Moorehouse családjának tulajdonában áll a tóparti szálloda, mely régóta veszteséges, és az eladás veszélye fenyegeti. Frankie mégsem képes otthagyni, még egy vonzó és tehetséges New York-i mesterszakács kedvéért sem…

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - An ​Unforgettable Lady
Forced ​into the spotlight by her fabulous wealth, heiress Grace Hall isn't always prepared for the consequences of her standing. When a string of attacks against the city's most prominent women leaves Grace vulnerable, the refined beauty reluctantly hires a bodyguard. Now she finds herself subject to the ironclad will of her new protector. In spite of her frustration, Grace is drawn to John Smith in ways she can't explain. For beneath his tough exterior and dark past, there's an inner core that is tantalizingly seductive..John knows that when you're a professional bodyguard, it needs to be all business. But such conduct makes for a solitary life with few ties and too many good-byes. Grace was supposed to be just another assignment on a long list. Yet there's something about her that gets under his skin. With each passing day, the attraction grows more intense until John is faced with a decision he never thought he'd have to make. Can he give up the only life he's ever known to be with the only woman he's ever love?

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - From ​The First
All ​Alex could see was her long, thick, copper-colored hair. Pale smooth skin. Lips that were naturally tinted pink. Eyes that were green like sea grass. He stopped himself. His best friend Reese might be dead. But in Alex's mind, Cassandra was still very much the man's wife. Cassandra. The forbidden woman Alex had yearned for from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her six years ago. The woman who'd been married to his best friend--the friend he'd lost to the sea. The woman who was rebuilding his family's bed-and-breakfast...and who just might, in the process, be rebuilding his anguished heart.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Egy ​felejthetetlen hölgy
Grace ​Hall, az előkelő társaság szépséges tagja, a vagyona miatt egy őrült célpontjává válik. A gyilkos Manhattan legbefolyásosabb nőit öldösi. Grace új testőre, John Smith, egy kompromisszumokat nem ismerő, kemény férfi, a legkevésbé sem szeretne beköltözni Grace-hez a tetőtéri luxuslakásba, de nem tud nemet mondani neki. Miközben közli a szabályokat új ügyfelével, dühös szikrák pattognak közöttük, és lángra lobban a vágy. Az éjszakák lassan egyre forróbbakká válnak, a gyilkos egyre nagyobb veszélyt jelent, így Grace-nek és Smithnek választania kell: a szabályokat követik, vagy a szívük parancsát.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Beauty ​and the Black Sheep
The ​force of those eyes Frankie Moorehouse like a gust of wind. But she quickly reminded herself that she had dinner to get ready, the staff of White Caps B&B (such as it was) to motivate. She didn't have the luxury of staring into a stranger's face. Although, jeez, what a face it was. And wasn't it just her luck that the owner of that face, Nate Walker--with his rebel attitude and distaste for authority--was the chef her restaurant desperately needed, and he was staying for the summer.... And...it was a bit too tempting to let this breath of fresh air sweep her off her feet. Because all work and no play had been Frankie's motto for much too long!

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - A ​Man In A Million
As ​far as bad boy Spike Moriarty was concerned, Madeline Maguire defined female perfection. When they'd met, she'd walked up as if she wasn't the most gorgeous thing on the planet and asked to see his tattoos. He--a tough guy who'd make grown men run--had just about passed out. But their connection was definitely one-way…it had to be. Because he could never be the man in a million she was looking for, not with the things he'd done and seen. So for as long as she'd let him, he'd give her whatever she wanted. He'd worry about her walking away when it happened.

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Caroline Anderson - Égből ​pottyant szakács / A baba meg a dada
Jessica ​Bird: Égből pottyant szakács (Eredeti címe: Beauty and the Black Sheep) Frankie panziója a csőd szélére került. Nem elég, hogy az épület komoly felújításra szorul, ráadásul még a konyhafőnök is felmondott a főidény kellős közepén. Mintha csak az ég küldte volna, ekkor állít be hozzá Nate, a mesterszakács, és felajánlja a segítségét. A lány azonban a magányos küzdelem évei alatt megszokta, hogy nem egykönnyen tárja ki a szívét… Caroline Anderson: A baba meg a dada (Eredeti címe: Caring for His Bady) Amikor Harry újra az ajtaja előtt áll, Emily szíve majd kiugrik a helyéből. Régi kedvese ráadásul nem egyedül érkezik, hanem egy árva kisbabát tart a karjában, akit örökbe fogadott. Azzal viszont nem számolt, hogy a gyermek minden percét igénybe fogja venni, és akár akarja, akár nem, a szomszédban lakó Emily segítségére szorul…

Jessica Bird (J. R. Ward) - Leaping ​Hearts
Her ​dreams are within reach— All she has to do is learn to hold on . . . A beautiful young woman with a defiant spirit, A. J. Sutherland spends a small fortune on a horse with a wild reputation, and is forced to sacrifice her position at her family's stables to keep him. She plans to ride the magnificent stallion in the biggest event of the show jumping season—and she knows she can win. But without the backing of Sutherland Stables, A. J. must rely on a stranger to help her: a man who makes her heart pound, her head spin . . . and who just happens to be a legend in equestrian circles. When Devlin McCloud's career was cut short by a tragic accident, he never expected to get back in the ring. But when A. J. asks him to be her trainer, he finds he cannot resist the chance—or his stunning new employer. And what begins as a business arrangement soon becomes something deeper, as Devlin and A. J. learn that even in a sport full of hazards, sometimes the most dangerous thing to risk is one's heart. . .