Hideyuki Kikuchi könyvei a rukkolán

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Sötét Teioni Tan
Hideyuki Kikuchi a D a Vámpírvadász írójának egy 1996-os regénye. (FIGYELEM! A könyv teljes egészében japán nyelvű!)

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Misztikus pokol IV: Noroio Hen
Hideyuki Kikuchi a D a vámpírvadász írójának egy 1991-e regénye. (FIGYELEM! A könyv teljesen japánul van.)

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 14.
D ​has crossed over the southern border, into the domain of the cruelest and most evil of the royalty, General Gaskell. On the way, he picks up a "victim" — one of few survivors in the villages-and makes way with her and the Deliverers. Along the way, he is attacked by the Drowned, and fights many more unspeakably horrible enemies. All of this suggests that Gaskell — who was supposed to have been put to death under the light of the sun — is still very much alive. But why?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Yoshitaka Amano - Vampire ​Hunter D Reader's Guide
This ​title goes behind the scenes of 'Vampire Hunter D'. With rare artwork from Yoshitaka Amano and interviews that shed light on the inspirations for the memorable stories, you'll have a front-row seat at the creation of the two animated adventures, and learn new secrets about the novels through detailed summaries.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 22.
Commissioned ​by an ancient vampire to recover the coffin containing the body of the demonic Gilzen, hated even by his own kind, D travels to a frightening mountain landscape perennially shrouded in snow. Within a castle piercing the mountainside, D discovers a group of knights tasked to protect Gilzen at any cost. It's time for D to use all the forces and powers at his command to prevent Gilzen's resurrection!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Yoshitaka ​Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D
Since ​Dark Horse and Digital Manga Publishing started releasing English-language editions of the Vampire Hunter D novels in 2005, hundreds of thousands of new fans have clamored for more of the enigmatic monster-slayer. Following on the heels of the highly successful retrospective Coffin, Dark Horse Books is pleased to present a new collection of paintings, line-art illustrations, and photography by internationally renowned artist and Vampire Hunter D character designer Yoshitaka Amano. This collection also includes a short story, "A Village in Fog" by Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, unavailable elsewhere.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 16.
In ​this chilling adventure, Vampire Hunter D has been dispatched to vanquish the ancient vampiric Noble Count Braujou, guardian of an ancient buried treasure. But when a mysterious object crashes into the earth, destroying half of the northern Frontier, D faces an even more terrifying opponent-the renegade vampire Valcua, the Ultimate Noble! Having been exiled to outer space, Valcua took his entire kingdom of strange and deadly creatures with him, and swore that when the time was right they would return to have their revenge. Unfortunately for D, that time is now...

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 1.
12,090 ​A.D. It is a dark time for the world. Humanity is just crawling out from under three hundred years of domination by the race of vampires known as the Nobility. The war against the vampires has taken its toll; cities lie in ruin, the countryside is fragmented into small villages and fiefdoms that still struggle against nightly raids by the fallen vampires - and the remnants of their genetically manufactured demons and werewolves. Every village wants a Hunter - one of the warriors who have pledged their laser guns and their swords to the eradication of the Nobility. But some Hunters are better than others, and some bring their own kind of danger with them. From creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, one of Japan's leading horror authors with illustrations by renowned Japanese artist, Yoshitaka Amano, best known for his illustrations in Neil Gaiman's Sandman: The Dream Hunters and the Final Fantasy games.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - Vampire ​Hunter D 7.
In ​a fleeting last breath, a beautiful woman on her deathbed hands a strange gemstone to D and asks that he deliver it to her sister in a remote North Sea fishing village. As D cuts across never-ending expanses of Frontier in search of his seaside destination, he is relentlessly attacked by wave after wave of mercenary and monster ...all employed by the man who murdered the young girl. In order to grant a dying wish, D must find a way to keep this priceless jewel out of everyone's covetous reach, and all without sacrificing his own life!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 23.
A ​new female action hero joins the Vampire Hunter D mythos! She might just look like an ordinary—if beautiful—young woman, but Iriya is anything but ordinary! A ruthless warrior clad in red armor, Iriya is a Hunter determined to exterminate the vampires that were once her parents and siblings. Now, half-vampire, half-human D has to decide to offer his assistance, get out of the way, or have a dangerous battle on his hands!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 21.
D ​accompanies a convoy delivering a vampire Noble to face public trial for his crimes against humanity. However, the Noble's enemies have targeted the men and women of the convoy, and they are out for vengeance! Can D bring himself to kill humans in order to protect the Noble under his charge? "Vampire Hunter D is a solid mixture of horror, sci-fi and fantasy." - Otaku USA

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 8.
The ​picturesque coastal town of Florence was known for millennia as a pleasure resort for the Nobility. As retribution for their decadence, the cruel and beautiful vampire inhabitants were "punished," driven out more than a thousand years ago by a solitary traveler in black. Only one-Baron Meinster-refused to leave, only to be thrown to the waves by the mysterious assassin. Summoned to contemporary Florence by Su-in, sister of a murdered village girl, the enigmatic Vampire Hunter D discovers a vampire curse ravaging the town's human inhabitants. The plague apparently originating, impossibly, from the unforgiving sea-could it be Meinster's Revenge?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 27.
A ​mixed band of travelers from an inn, spared by seeming chance from a bizarre landslide that rushed and receded like a wave, find shelter in an ancient village older even than the most forsaken settlements on the Frontier! Indeed, for fearful rumor has it that once long ago the village was a testing ground of the Sacred Ancestor...that sought to twist the genes of aliens, humans, and Nobles into a new form of life! What was formed here in the distant past seeks to nourish itself on the travelers and rise again. Can D save them and destroy the evil legacy--or is his arrival exactly what the village requires for its nightmare to awaken at last?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - Vampire ​Hunter D 3.
The ​vampire hunter know only as D is now on a race against time - this time, to hunt down a vampire lord who's kidnapped a daughter of a wealthy village elder. D must also contend with a notorious band of bounty hunters also hired to track down the abductor, and hell-bent on eliminating anyone or anything in their way of their bounty. D is faced with obstacles every corner he turns... can he reach the damsel in distress before she becomes one of the undead?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 13.
When ​Vampire Hunter D entered the town of Sedoc it was in search of answers to the meaning of a dying vampire's last words: "Find Muma." But when he meets Mia, the daughter of the local fortuneteller, he learns the mists emanating from a smoking crater on the outskirts of Sedoc have reanimated thousands of corpses, compelling them to crawl from their graves and hurl themselves into the smoking chasm. When D goes to investigate, he finds himself split in two: a second Vampire Hunter D, full of passion and lust and hunger for the company of women, is born!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 2.
"The ​First Rule of Vampires is That the Undead Cannot Walk in the Daylight... or Can They?" The people of the village of Tepes once cowered in fear beneath the shadow of the Nobility manor. But the Nobility moved on, and the castle sat empty, a place whispered of in ghost stories to caution young people to stay away. One day four of the village children vanished. Only three returned, with no memory of what happened or where they went. That was ten years ago. Now, in the year 12,090 A.D., vampires who can walk in the daylight have appeared. Did the disappearance of the children have something to do with the undead's newfound powers? Only the vampire hunter known as D can solve the mystery... but the answer may be more horrible than any can imagine. Dark Horse Books and Digital Manga Publishing are proud to continue presenting the clasic volumes in the Vampire Hunter D series for the first time to English speaking fans everywhere!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 11.
Pale ​Fallen Angels Parts One and Two, the first two novels of Hideyuki Kikuchi's groundbreaking epic four-part Vampire Hunter D tale, are presented here in one affordable omnibus collection! Krauhasen: A mysterious land under the control of Lord Vlad Balarge, a member of the vampire Nobility. When Lord Vlad's son, Baron Byron Balarge, needs to make a long and treacherous journey to faraway Krauhasen, he commissions the help of the infamous Vampire Hunter D, promising a princely sum and a solemn vow-no feasting on any humans for the duration of their journey! Still, D finds his work cut out for him as the duo encounters an ongoing parade of thugs, rogues, and runaways, all with riot and revenge in mind. The pair are joined by the teenage tumbling act, May and Hugh, and the haughty Noblewoman Miska, recently spared death by the stake. But when D discovers the Baron's plans to murder Lord Vlad, he quickly finds his own life in danger.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 20.
In ​a village on the edge of the Frontier, D is among the warriors and mercenaries hired to defend the village from the Black Death, a notorious bandit gang. But the bandits don''t arrive, and the village mayor dismisses the mercenaries. As D leaves the scene, he''s struck by "sunlight syndrome" - the deadly ailment unique to dhampirs! While D is recovering, and his sentient left hand is running the show, D is again called on to help. It seems the Black Death is coming after all...

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - Vampire ​Hunter D 4.
The ​City, a tiny metropolis of a few hundred sheltered citizens floating serenely on a seemingly random course a few feet above the ground, has long been thought safe from the predation of marauding monsters. It seems like a paradise. A paradise shattered when an invasion of apparent vampire threatens the small haven. While the Vampire Hunter known only as “D” struggles to exterminate the scourge, a former denizen of the city, the attractive Lori Knight, and the brash John M. Brasselli Pluto VIII seize control of the city, lurching it onto a new and deadly course. D’s travails are just the beginning.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 19.
When ​a ruthless quartet of robbers leaves a trail of bloody slaughter through a small frontier town, the mayor looks to hire a pair of bounty hunters to bring them to justice. But their path is strewn with peril and supernatural terror - an army of enchanted soldiers swarms the road leading to an abandoned castle! If they want to survive the journey, these hunters must enlist the help of the greatest warrior in the world - the vampire hunter known only as D.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 4.
When ​a floating city becomes the target of a rash of vampire attacks, only one man can restore the oasis. "The City," a tiny metropolis of a few hundred sheltered citizens floating serenely on a seemingly random course a few feet above the ground, has long been thought safe from the predation of marauding monsters. It seemed like a paradise. A paradise shattered when an invasion of apparent vampires threatens the small haven. While the Vampire Hunter known only as "D" struggles to exterminate the scourge, a former denizen of the city, the attractive Raleigh Knight, and the brash John M. Brassalli Pluto VIII seize control of the city lurching it onto a new and deadly course. D's travails are just beginning.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - D, ​a vámpírvadász 4.
Az ​elveszett paradicsom… Végtelen vándorútja során D, a titokzatos vámpírvadász egy idilli, lebegő városba érkezik, melynek utópisztikus társadalma biztonságos magasságban repül az életveszélyes Határvidék felett. Mielőtt a lebegő városba lépne, a vadász megmenti Lorit, egy család utolsó túlélőjét, és közben találkozik a több mint gyanús VIII. Plutóval. D-t a polgármester hívatja magához, hogy munkával bízza meg: lánya nyakán harapásnyomokat találtak, tehát az eddig biztos menedéknek tűnő városban vámpír garázdálkodik. Ahogy egyre több városlakó válik élőhalottá, kiderül, hogy semmi sem az, aminek látszik. A polgármesternek és Lorinak is köze van a rejtélyes eseményekhez, de hogy pontosan mi a szerepük, azt D-nek kell kiderítenie. És VIII. Pluto vajon hogyan illik a képbe? A D, a vámpírvadász negyedik kötetében a tudományos fantasztikum randevúzik a halállal, mutáns szörnyetegek lakomáznak, és ismeretlen vámpírerők ébrednek – ha D meg nem állítja őket. Sok sikert, vámpírvadász!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 26.
In ​the Wild-West wilderness of the Frontier, government official has been tasked with escorting captured servants of the vampire Nobility. Unfortunately their path to the Capital crosses into the territory of the Noble that is their master! As the convoy rushes towards the safety of the civilized city, monsters lie in wait to attack -- but also, with dark and ambiguous reasons of his own, does the half-vampire hunter known only as "D." This will be a road trip that none of them will ever forget, if any of them survive, that is. The latest action-packed future-steampunk adventure from Kikuchi and Amano! "Vampire Hunter D is the bipolar love-child of Mad Max, Hammer horror, and lone cowboy movies, and it WORKS." - Pajiba.com

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 15.
Vampire ​Hunter D takes on his greatest challenge yet! The ruthless vampire Noble General Gaskell commands the loyalty of some of the most infamous and deadly vampires in history, and Gaskell has no patience for D's interference, heroic or not! With the odds stacked against him, D must prevail or perish.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 9.
In ​Sakuri, a young woman is about to be sacrificed to the vampiric Noblewoman who reigns over the village. But before the princess can drain the life from the woman, a young man tries to slay the vampire. He fails and manages to escape, but in doing so incurs the wrath of the entire town. The citizens of Sakuri have entered into a pact with the Undead princess and her monstrous bodyguards. With the ritual offering disrupted, the vampire's armored bodyguards vow to murder the villagers one by one until the would-be hero is captured. When Vampire Hunter D learns of the villagers' bargain he knows he faces several almost impossible challenges - can he rid the town of the parasitic demons that plague it? What if Sakuri's inhabitants don't want to be rescued? And can he uncover the secret that even the vampire Noble is afraid to speak?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 5.
In ​a world where even the smallest and most remote village is being terrorized by the monsters that stalk the night, there is a hamlet, prosperous and peaceful, where mortals and vampires have lived in harmony for years. It is there that seventeen-year-old Sheavil Schmidt has slept, neither waking nor aging, for thirty years since first receiving the vampire's immortal kiss. The mysterious Vampire Hunter D is lured to the tranquil oasis by recurrent dreams of the beautiful, undying girl bathed in an eerie blue light and dancing in a ghostly chateau.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 17.
Vampire ​Hunter D continues his quest to overcome the interstellar evil brought to Earth by the ultimate Noble, the terrifying renegade vampire Valcua! Wielding a sword that can cut through the fabric of space and time, Valcua has a score to settle with the bloodline of humans responsible for his exile. The family has enlisted D to protect them from Valcua's wrath, and the Vampire Hunter might be their only chance at survival.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 3.
"The ​Novel That Inspired the Hit Film Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust." When a desperate village elder learns that his daughter has been abducted by vampire Noble Mayerling, he turns to the mysterious Vampire Hunter D to save her. However, with not just his daughter's life but her very soul in peril, her father also enlists the aid of the notorious Marcus clan, a dangerous and renegade family of Hunters as infamous for killing off the competition as they are for getting their man. D's task becomes ever-more daunting as the fleeing Mayerling bends an entire village to his will, enlisting a horrific cadre of human/monster half-breeds. Powerful as D is, can he prevail against the force of sheer numbers of such diabolical adversaries? DH Press and Digital Manga Publishing are proud to continue presenting the classic novels in the Vampire Hunter D series for the first time to English speaking fans everywhere!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 25.
On ​an isolated island, vampire Nobility run a mysterious laboratory, continuously pumping out a white mist which compels the inhabitants of a nearby fishing village to become the vampire's slaves! When the village tries to retaliate, their fighters never return. The vampire hunter known only as D has been sighted on the island, but how did he come to be there, and whose side is he on, and will any mortals survive the brewing conflict?

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - Vampire ​Hunter D 8.
The ​riveting conclusion to the two-volume episode! A mysterious bead and a young woman's dying wish have brought D to the seashore village of Florence--a town that's perpetually stuck in winter. Summer comes to this shore but one week a year and it brings something more than just the warm weather--the sole-surviving Noble comes out of hiding too! That rare bead may hold all the secrets of the Nobility and humans. With such an enticing artifact in his hand (literally!), D is doggedly pursued by the henchmen of the young woman's murderer. These unscrupulous assassins have no qualms using the dead woman's sister as bait to draw out D, but the mysterious Noble has other designs on her. Finally remembering what he has been seeking all these years, the Noble won't let anything get in his way--even a notorious vampire hunter like D!

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Saiko Takaki - D, ​a vámpírvadász 3.
Végre ​megérkezett a világhírű D, a vámpírvadász-regénysorozat mangaadaptációjának oly rég várt harmadik kötete, melynek történetéből a D, a vámpírvadász – Vérszomj című animesiker született. A vámpírvadász, akit egyszerűen csak „D”-ként ismernek, és híres arról, hogy a kard útját járva teljesíti küldetéseit, most újabb vérdíjra pályázik. Ezúttal egy falu gazdag elöljárójának leányát kell megmentenie, akit elrabolt egy vámpírnemes, Mayerling. De mi van, ha egy másik fejvadászcsapat is elvállalta ugyanezt a megbízást? A hírhedt zsoldosklán, a Marcus család feje, Borgoff, a legidősebb fivér pedig nem csak a lány visszaszerzését tűzte ki a törvényt semmibe vevő, kíméletlen martalócokból álló csapata elé. Az ő céljuk maga a pusztítás: mindent megsemmisíteni, ami a pénz megszerzésének útjában áll, beleértve D-t is. De Mayerling talán mégsem egészen az, akinek látszik… Hogy elég időt nyerjen és lerázza üldözőit, illetve elérje titkos úti célját, egy biztos menedéket nyújtó falu felé veszi útját, melyet rettentő képességekkel megáldott, számkivetett mutáns szörnyek laknak. Mi áll az emberrablás hátterében, melynek áldozata, úgy tűnik, mindennél fontosabb számára? Tényleg rablás, vagy talán valamiféle különös leányszöktetés, „vámpír módra”? Lehet, hogy ez a vámpírnemes több annál, mint amit látni enged? D-n áll, hogy kiderítse az események mögött meghúzódó valódi okokat, és az idő egyre fogy. De ha ennyi akadály tornyosul előtte, vajon képes lesz időben odaérni, mielőtt a „szép fogolynő” mindörökre eltűnik? Takaki földöntúli és álomszerű képi világa újabb magaslatokba emeli Kikuchi vízióját a dörzsölt és sztoikus vámpírvadászról ebben a Rómeó és Júlia-jellegű mesében, amely a méltán nagy sikerű D, a vámpírvadász-regénysorozat harmadik kötetéből készült.

Hideyuki Kikuchi - Vampire ​Hunter D 24.
After ​a Frontier village's monitoring station fails, deadly vampire Nobles return to life, swearing vengeance on the descendants of the family that defeated them three hundred years ago. The mayor of the village hires five vampire hunters, including the legendary D, but as the mayor returns from the Capital, he finds that his daughter has been targeted by vicious human enemies! In this brewing three-way battle of life and death, no one's survival is assured...