Ahn Jean-myung könyvei a rukkolán

Ahn Jean-myung - Seon Eun-hee - Korean ​Grammar in Use - Advanced
『Korean ​Grammar in Use: Advanced』는 영어권 학습자를 위한 효과적인 한국어 문법 교재이다. 한국 대학 기관과 학원에서 가르치고 있는 고급(5~6급) 단계 교재에 등장하는 문법과 의미나 쓰임, 형태가 비슷한 문법들의 차이를 한눈에 정리하였다. 한국어능력시험(TOPIK) 고급에 대비할 수 있도록 TOPIK 유형의 연습 문제도 수록하였다.

Min Jin-young - Ahn Jean-myung - Korean ​Grammar in Use
This ​is the second volume in the Korean Grammar in Use series which is best selling book for the learners of Korean, one of the most effective texts for learning Korean grammar. Along with the first volume, Beginning to Early Intermediate, which covered the major grammar points learned in most introductory (Levels 1 and 2) Korean courses, this Intermediate volume covers the major grammar points learned in intermediate (Levels 3 and 4) Korean courses. Together, they form a full-scale, comprehensive Korean reference grammar. Realizing that most other Korean grammar books target beginning learners only, the authors have answered the needs of intermediate level students who want a more systematic way to focus on grammar. In addition, this series serves as a general Korean reference grammar that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who experience first-hand the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar. Go beyond the basics to 'Intermediate'! -TOPIK Levels 3 & 4 Grammar! Collects the introductory grammar points normally taught in Levels 3 and 4 at most university affiliated and private language institutes. In addition, this volume includes practice pattern exercises to help students prepare for the TOPIK Intermediate level. -Target Grammar Primary and Secondary Meanings At a Glance! Organizes grammar points not as a list that simply must be learned, but as integrated groups of grammar points with similar meanings, usages, and written forms to better illustrate their differences and provide learners with the variousmeanings, restrictions, and other things to keep in mind when learning them. -Dialogues Full of Real-Life Uses of Grammar! Students will learn to make their own dialogues that use the target grammar points in ways most commonly used in real Korean conversation. The dialogues used are not simply sentences constructed for the purpose of illustrating grammar, but rather examples that reflect practical, real-life Korean conversations. -Easy Individualized Use by Both Students and Teachers! Not only can students more easily master a variety of difficult Korean grammar points, instructors can also benefit by having an accessible, easy-to-use reference for explaining such difficult aspects of Korean grammar in class.

Ahn Jean-myung - Lee Kyung-ah - Han Hoo-young - Korean ​Grammar in Use
This ​series is the culmination of educational know-how and systematic grammar organization acquired by the three authors from their experience actually teaching Korean to foreigners in the classroom. In focusing strictly on Korean grammar, this series represents a departure from most current integrated teaching materials, allowing foreign learners to more easily concentrate on grammar in their study of Korean. The authors have included real dialogues and illustrations to make the study of Korean more interesting, especially for those students who have heretofore felt Koran grammar to be difficult. Further, this series equally serves as a general Korean grammar reference that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who regularly experience the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar first-hand.